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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - August 12, 2018

Humanity stood together as one, last week, in meditation for its very survival. The energy produced by this was beautiful to observe. People stopped being victims of the Cabal and proved that they are ready and able to take back their power. The Cabal, with its false history and religions, finds itself exposed. It will soon be at your mercy. It is losing ground fast and its days are numbered.

It is said that the Pope is in fear of being assassinated in Ireland; well that would be poetic justice, would it not! THE VATICAN HAS THE BLOOD OF MILLIONS OF IRISH SOULS ON ITS CONSCIENCE, AND HE IS FULLY AWARE OF IT. THE IRISH HOLOCAUST WAS ORGANISED AND EXECUTED BY THE VATICAN.

Only the feeble minded and ignorant who still believe in hell fire and damnation would welcome him. His days are numbered and he knows it. The world can no longer turn a blind eye to the mass killing of innocent children that goes on in the Vatican. The truth is out and it cannot be hidden ever again. All that is evil is being exposed.
Mr Trump was persuaded to seek out and expose all that is evil and corrupt. He is doing a great job. The Cabal uses its lackeys to denounce everything he does. DO THEY NOT REALISE THAT THIS EXPOSES THEM AS THE EVIL CABAL. Look at them, they are in fear of him. They have had it all their own way for so long but now they are running scared and their game is up. Humanity can see them for what they are. People see clearly how the Cabal has suppressed and controlled them and made their lives on earth a struggle to survive. All that the Cabal hid from humanity will be exposed. This must happen. Humanity will make its own decisions as to how to proceed into a new age of enlightenment.

The truth will set you free. Once the brakes are off and you can explore your true history, you will free yourselves from the shackles of religion, and from the lies told to you in order to create fear so that their control was guaranteed. Throughout the ages, the men in black were always there to ensure you remained in their control. They collected money from you, even as you lay dying of hunger. In Ireland this was called "Peter's Pence". It was a crime against humanity.

Look at the treasures in the Vatican. They were acquired by forcing the poor to hand over what little they had. Even though the Vatican created the holocaust in Ireland, the priests collected from the dying. I have stated many times, and it is worth reminding you, that the Irish are the most sinned against race on Earth. Sadly, some of the Irish are still on their knees to Rome. Pray that some day soon, they will open their eyes and see the light of God's love, instead of hell fire and damnation which does not exist.

I answered all the questions regarding these subjects [on tape] when I died and went to the afterlife. Remember, I told you that "Death is the most beautiful experience. You quickly pass from one state of being to another. All those you have loved and admired are there to greet you." Religion has made death something to fear. I assure you, it is not !

The Cabal is fast losing ground. Their control is slipping through their fingers. Prepare for this transition, do not be found wanting. This is a huge step for humanity; one you must prepare for. You need people like Mr Trump to come forward and lead the way. You do not want political parties to control you. They will not be necessary. People power will become the norm. It will take a while to get things up and ready for action. You have a lot to learn and prepare for. See it as an exciting step forward into a future without war, poverty, or religion. Love will replace fear. The Men in Black who peddle fear will become a distant memory of the dark days.

You will be shocked when you learn what the Cabal did to you in order to take control of you. You think you make decisions. But no, you do not. Decisions are forced upon you by circumstances. It is only when you free yourselves from religion and politics that you'll be able to make your own decisions. Some of you made decisions on certain actions before you returned to the Earth. You are bound by these decisions, no matter how difficult the consequences. Though the obstacles that are put in the way may seem insurmountable, you must trust that a way will be found.

My dear, what you endured this week has exhausted you. The Cabal will not give up easily, even though they are on a downward journey, losing power every day. Your health is suffering. This alone makes life difficult to cope with. You need a break urgently. Please be kind to yourself.
Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica
Thank you, Teresa, for the lovely card. It is so kind of you.

News about Dave
He is in court again on the 15 August. Please pray that the truth, and only the truth, is discussed in court. He thanks you for your continued support.

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