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Montague Keen - June 12, 2016

Progress is being made, my friends. You see this reflected in the faces of your politicians, who try unsuccessfully to hold you in the lower vibrations. They fight for their own existence. They do not care one jot about you. Drawing you into their arguments is the only way left for them to have control over you. Step back and let them get on with the charade. You have more important things to do with your lives.

Remove all the old belief systems that no longer serve you and welcome the light into your lives. Remove every last vestige of negativity from your life. Your new life is beckoning you forward. Let go of everything that held you in domination and control. Your higher self is emerging. It is time to shed all the old codes that held you hostage to the corrupt regimes. Share your experiences as you emerge out of the darkness into the light of full consciousness. You must ignore the past and all that held you trapped in a FALSE REALITY. Religion cannot serve the awakened being of light. All the old problems: religion, politics, and everything that held you captive, must be removed. You must no longer buy into their mind games.

You will feel yourself opening up, expanding to who you truly are. There is NOTHING that those in control of your world can do to hold you back. They do know that this is a fact but it will not stop them trying. Life was all an illusion created by the Cabal to hold you in captivity. Rise above their evil games. You have chosen to go forward into the light. Remove the FEAR that the Cabal used to hold you hostage. Reconnect with your Creator. Do not do as religion has taught you, to look outside of yourself. You will find that the Creator/Source is within each and every one of you. Open up to it. It is a question of opening up to who and what you are, and removing all false doctrines that were imposed on you by Church and State. Connect directly to Source and remove all the middle men of religion, who have seduced you into believing their false doctrines.

At the moment, the Cabal is trying to buy itself a little more time, though they know that they have lost the battle. They will still try to cling on. Do not lower yourselves by wanting to take revenge on them. This would bring your own vibration down, so this must be avoided. You will quickly rebuild your world with justice and peace for all. The energy of the Sun will dilute the negative energy. You will experience many changes in the next few months. Welcome them, for these are signs which will show you that progress is being made. You are emerging from the chrysalis to become all that you are and ever can be. You have waited centuries for this moment. Savour every second of it, for it is indeed a joyous experience.

Your negative TV and newspapers are doing everything they can to hold you in darkness. Laugh at their pitiful attempt to hold you in fear and remember where their LIES come from. Your efforts have paid off. The more you open to the light, the more ground the Cabal loses. Now they cannot hold on any longer. GAME OVER !

Be excited, for your future looks good. Apart from some teething problems, it should be plain sailing. Everything will slot into place without too many problems. Trust that what is happening is what is intended to happen. Do not waste your valuable energy arguing about what the Cabal is doing to the Earth and humanity, for this holds you within it. Remove it from your minds and they will no longer have the energy to produce the chemtrails, etcetera. By using your precious energy to talk and argue about such things, you are giving them energy. All you must do now is to IGNORE what the Cabal is doing to you, and you will see that it loses the energy to do it. YOU are in control. So ignore them. Concentrate on higher things, such as moving forward to create a world where PEACE is the norm. Ignore the Cabal and it will go away.

Visit the sacred places in your world and experience the sacred energy as it increases on all levels. Take an active part in this great change; this shift, and all that it will bring forth for mankind. This is HISTORY in the making. ENJOY !

Veronica, my dear, you show courage and strength in your determination to stand up for those who find themselves trapped in a dark plan that will not succeed. TRUTH will triumph.

Take care, my dear. Your adoring, Monty.

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