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Montague Keen - April 10, 2016

What you and M uncovered over the last two weeks is of the greatest importance to the release of humanity from the domination that has made life on Earth such a struggle from birth to death. They even tried to create FEAR of dying by INVENTING the notion of HELL, PURGATORY and LIMBO, all a FIGMENT OF THE DARK IMAGINATION of the VATICAN.

What V R C and M did yesterday will go a long way to releasing the grip of the Cabal. My dear, your 17-hour day, yesterday, is already paying dividends. You see people on the streets demanding the TRUTH. They are refusing to be fobbed off with the usual rhetoric one moment longer. Such times demand great courage and determination to free humanity from the corrupt hierarchy, no matter what cloak they wear.

You can see for yourselves how the SCHUMAN RESONANCE measures the success of your endeavours. Seeing your determination yesterday to climb to the top of that steep hill to THE PENSHAW MONUMENT, SO THAT YOU COULD PERFORM ANDREW BARTZIS REVOCATIONS ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY ON THAT DARK MONUMENT TO FREEMASONRY, should be an inspiration to others to do likewise, as it is most effective. When you all come together to do this, I can tell you that you will be amazed at how powerful you are and what you can achieve.

Penshaw Monument, Sunderland, North East England

Penshaw Monument, Sunderland, North East England

I loved the ceremony you did to release Ireland from domination and control. This will release, in turn, every country in your world. I implore the Irish people to take back control of your country. You must remove all the EVIL CONTROL of the VATICAN that has made scared, penniless slaves of you, to keep you so busy trying to survive, that you did not have a moment to look at what the Vatican took from you, and to see how CRUEL they were to you.

Veronica still has nightmares when she remembers seeing the CRUELTY of the Vatican to poor helpless orphans. She used to see those poor little boys being marched in line from the ORPHANAGE in TRALEE to MASS. In the wind and rain, those poor innocent children were marched BAREFOOT to mass. The "CHRISTIAN BROTHER" used his LEATHER STRAP to hit those thin bare legs. This was the face of the Vatican in Ireland when my wife was young. The HORROR of what was done to those children has lived with her all of her life. That was the TRUE FACE OF THE VATICAN IN IRELAND. VERONICA COULD NEVER RESPECT THE VATICAN. SHE ALWAYS SAW THEM FOR WHAT THEY WERE.

Every day, as the power of the Cabal diminishes, you will see them exposed in their true colours. This has to happen. Truth must be exposed and faced. You have to see what this corruption has done to your world and how people have suffered as a result of it. Now you must come together, to create a world where all human beings are respected and war will cease. When you awaken to how you have been used to serve the Cabal to fight wars to keep them on Earth and in control, you will refuse to be part of their plan.

Veronica's legs are aching as a result of all the climbing and walking she did on your behalf yesterday. She will share with you what she and her friends did, in an attempt to free humanity. I thank R C and M for taking part in this unique exercise. They will learn in time how successful it was. The human resonance was raised enormously because of it.

My dear, we on this side of life are so proud of you. We now ask that you get some rest. The last few days have taken their toll.

We send you much love. Always, your adoring, Monty.

The Penshaw Monument, Hougton-le-Spring

Penshaw Monument Photographs

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