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May 9, 2010

Last week brought one or two real surprises for you, I shared your excitement when David Icke's book arrived, you found so much of what I have told you over the 6 years since my passing, all beautifully explained and laid out so that there is no way one can misunderstand what is being said. This book is the greatest Eye Opener possible as one is left in no doubt just how corrupt your World is. I, Montague Keen am happy to put my name to this. I tell you now that he will produce yet another great book in the near future. I did tell you my dear that the TRUTH is coming out, it cannot be stopped.

Soon there will be a seismic shift in the Earth Plates that will affect the World as you know it. I have shown you the parts that will sink forever, many will be lost in this but it is their time to return to Spirit, they have completed their time on Earth. This of course will cause many Earthquakes, Sumani's, and Volcano's to erupt it will cause much confusion and distress. Never forget that it is part of the Divine Plan to rid your World of the Corrupt and to take you forward to a beautiful World of Peace and Harmony that in the circumstances is hard to envisage right now when all around you seem to be in turmoil. Place your trust in the Divine and go forward with courage knowing that you are all part of the Divine Plan to a World without War, where Peace reigns supreme. Here in the World of Spirit there is no Religion, No Rich, no Poor, no man-made divisions to create conflict.

Wake up to the fact that you are totally controlled, your food, your water contaminated, your medicines dangerous, the very air you breathe is not clean. Through dangerous scientific so called "Advances" your Ozone Layer has been damaged. Just think my dear Weapons of Mass Destruction will be a thing of the past, future generations will find it hard to believe that Man stooped so low that he allowed himself to believe all the propaganda that was force-fed to him. Each one of you was chosen to play a part in taking the Earth forward. People of the Light unite, reconnect with who you truly are. My dear wife has found a DVD that helps people re connect with their Soul, I assure you no Religion is involved, it is called "The Wish with Angela Donovan" I have asked many times that you take back your Power, see this as an aid to achieve this.

As the Earth moves forward, I am sure that many of you have noticed that it had speeded up and have experienced unexplained tiredness, this is due to the changes your bodies are going through. The World of Spirit comes closer, you my dear are aware of this, when the circle of Light is complete then through the many Portals we will create around the World you will both see and speak with us in Spirit. The Portals will become places of Pilgrimage for all. Veronica my dear, this is our legacy to the World. Other Planets will visit openly, the Universe will unite once more. Fear will be but a bad memory, Love will replace it , once more you will become aware of what a beautiful Planet Earth is and what a privilege it is to visit it, to damage any part of it will become anathema to all. Our Plans are great my dear, we will achieve each and every one of them.

You have been given very important information, this you must keep to yourself for now. You and I have been involved many times throughout the history of the Earth, we have worked together to fulfil the prophecies. I remembered much of this in my last year on Earth, it was very exciting for me, some I shared with you and we re-lived great moments of past lives. Our last incarnation proved to be fraught with difficulties until we found each other once more. Since my Passing you have faced Evil beyond description, far more than most could cope with, your love and devotion to me gave you the strength to go forward to complete our plans to create a better World for all. To those who have supported you, I extend my grateful thanks.

My dear you have had a very busy week, interesting people coming forward to work with you. You need to rest, you push yourself too much. Yes I was guilty of this too, our work is exciting, it takes over your life, but while still in a body you need to rest, please my dear, do this for me.

Another exciting week awaits you. We in Spirit are with you every step of the way. I am forever at your side, surrounding you with my love, I am your adoring Husband , Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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