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Montague Keen - January 8, 2017

Everything is in turmoil. The LIES become more outrageous every hour of every day. The struggle for power is concentrated in America. All of humanity must send good energy to the people of America for their protection as the voices of evil fight for control. This is for REAL. It affects every last one of you.

Nuclear war would destroy life on Earth as you have known it. Use the power of your minds to overthrow the evil control that is endeavouring to take complete control of America. The Cabal, never for even one moment, expected their chosen puppet Hillary Clinton, to lose the election. Her failure to become President was your triumph, good over evil. It was sad to see that so many were taken in by her propaganda. You have had a lucky escape. In fact, the whole world has had a lucky escape.

Humans are at their weakest. Your bodies are struggling to cope with the onslaught of poison delivered to you through your water, food, and air. As for the drug companies and what they produce, it is a wonder that man has survived this far. You are up against an evil so great that has been planning this takeover for 2000 years. The Cabal suffered the shock of BREXIT in the UK, which was totally unexpected. They believed that they were invincible. You, on the other hand, are awakening to the corrupt rules by which you were forced to exist, though I cannot say, live. It has been a long time since man was free to live life on Earth. Now the Cabal wants America for itself alone. It does not want the American people, but only those necessary to serve them. It is crucial that you do not buy into the propaganda that the Cabal-owned media feed you. They will tell you whatever lie is necessary in order to make you fearful. They will do whatever they consider necessary to achieve their Great Plan to take over your world. You have to be strong. Ensure you have the facts before making any decisions that will detrimentally affect humanity. Each and every one of you must take responsibility for the decisions you make.

America is on the precipice. What happens there affects the whole of humanity. Support America, as your energy, your prayers, and your support, will help them to overcome this takeover. So many Americans have no idea what is happening in their country. They are deliberately kept ignorant of the reality of what is going on all around them. They took on trust, America's reasons for creating war, over and over again, and the killing of humanity which this entails. You remained silent as America became the killing machine of the world. Did you really approve of this? Did you remain silent and adopt the Not In My Back Yard attitude, as you closed your eyes to the killing that was done in your name? Now you see the FEMA camps all over your country, ready to deal with you, should you dare to disobey them. You cannot keep quiet and ignore what is being done right in front of your noses. Your silence has allowed your country to be taken over. You bought into the American Dream that now has become a nightmare of gigantic proportions which will bring down with it many other countries. Turn off your television, talk to your fellow man, learn what is actually happening and deal with it. This is not a game.

Many will leave the Earth as they have completed their work. Others will leave because they may hinder what must be done. Be very careful what you accept as truth. The history you learned was total fabrication. This fact alone has kept you in the dark and under control. As for religions and the lies they purvey; they have been a noose around the neck of humanity for too long. Only the Buddhists got it remotely right. All religions answer to Rome, THE SEAT OF ALL EVIL.

It is your choice to be on Earth at this time, to rescue it from the evil forces of control that had taken it over. The controllers wear a smile on their faces as they destroy you and all that you hold dear. They need the energy of your suffering. The truth must be faced. This is crunch time.

My dear wife is trying to help a young man in America who has an important role to play. He has been locked up without charge, held in the most terrible circumstances in a jail in America for nearly 9 months. He returned to Earth on a mission to restore peace and justice. But an illuminati operative found him and used mind control on him. They could not kill him, so they found a way to get him locked up. He needs your prayers to help free him, and to give him the strength to cope with what is being done to him. He returned to Earth to assist humanity, but now he needs humanity to help him. There are many more like him, held in this corrupt system, and not just in America. The extent of the corruption knows no bounds.

Coming together, will give you the strength to refuse to be part of the takeover of the Earth. All the corruption, and the corrupt ones themselves, are being exposed. There is no hiding place left for them. This is their final stand. Bid them goodbye, as soon their evil rule is at an end.

My dear, a way will be found to facilitate our plans.

I miss you too, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.

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