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February 5, 2012

I enjoyed our little gathering last evening. It is good to be able to communicate with you and our friends. I am still such a big part of your life, my dear. People do not die when they live on in the hearts of those who have loved them. My birthday cake, though it was a little premature, was lovely and enjoyed by all.

I was happy to be the bearer of good news. As I explained, it's the great chessboard of life and all the pieces are being moved into position. We are progressing - do not allow yourselves to be fooled by the propaganda that wants you to believe that all is doom and gloom and that wars are inevitable. Nothing is further from the truth. Soon, events will happen that will leave you in no doubt. Those who have roles to play in this, know who they are, and what is expected of them. When the time for action arrives, they must drop everything and go to wherever they are needed. Consider yourselves "on call". So be prepared, in advance. As I told you, last evening, you are all on Amber Alert - be prepared, passports in order.

You were both alarmed and surprised when I talked of your visit to Africa. You were not expecting this. You will understand its importance when we reveal more information on it. When we, on this side of life, do what must be done, the floodgates will open and all mankind will come together as one. Do not give a second thought to the fear that is transmitted on your televisions: it is false. It is whipped up to control you. Look to the future. You will receive what you expect. You create your own reality.

All that was hidden will be available to everyone. Wealth will not buy you privilege. A whole new way of life will open up for everyone. Yes, we are aware that many are impatient that things did not happen in their timing. They must understand that the timing must be right, not just for your world, but the whole universe. This is a big project. You must also consider that the Cabal are working day and night to try to prevent this Awakening. They are instigating wars all over the place, not to mention the incursions into "friendly countries", killing innocent people and causing mayhem: all to try to buy themselves time and cause fear. But we cannot and will not be stopped.

It is foolish to cling to old beliefs and control systems. Those will not help you to return to the Light. Explore the truth for yourself. You, alone, are responsible for your life. Freewill was given to all men. When your mind is free, it opens up so much for you. It is only then that you can see clearly all that has destroyed your world. The zombies just repeat what they are told without ever checking its validity, you see them every day on your TV screens. They are not paid to think - so they don't - robots would do just as good a job. To get at the real truth, one has to delve right back into the past to ancient times. Your world is much older than you have been told. I observe those who have listened and are researching ancient Ireland. How exciting, interesting and liberating they are finding it. It has opened up the world as it once was, how it should be today, and what it will return to. When all the mind control is exposed and removed, the Cabal will be laid bare before you. They will plead for your mercy. They have been responsible for the destruction of all that was good in your world. Remember, it is your silence that gives them permission to continue their Reign of Terror from country to country with such flimsy excuses that even a child of 3 years would have difficulty in believing.

It's up to you when it stops; when you do the right thing and say, "No . . . not in my name. I will not kill for you! You have no right to dictate to others when you are so corrupt yourselves." This is when the killing stops, when enough of you say NO. It's time to take control of your own destiny. We are helping as much as we are allowed to but we cannot interfere with your free will.

Chaos reigns in the banking world as they desperately cling on to what they have got. It's each man for himself, there is no honour in banking. They show no hesitation in destroying each other: to them, wealth is the oxygen of life. They ruthlessly destroy countries to gain complete control of mankind. Banking is based on lies and deceit. People are only just waking up to this. Everything is rigged to show what they want it to show. They are, after all, good with figures.

There is a time in every man's life when he cannot hide behind religion or nationality, and he must answer for himself. This time is at hand. You have been given so much to think about, my dear, over the last few years. You have faced opposition from those who are not yet awake. Our love and trust in each other has enabled us to carry out what we were entrusted to carry out. We will complete it.

My love surrounds you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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