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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - February 4, 2018

We in spirit are endeavouring to systematically remove the dark control from the Earth. I can tell you that it is progressing nicely. Many of you are aware of this. We need your energy and your willingness to assist in this process. Within a couple of months you will see it happening. Dave is part of this transformation. This is the TRUE REASON he is in jail. Know that you are making progress. Your desire for peace and protection for humanity will produce the energy necessary for it to happen. The 3-dimensional world is being removed even as we write. Many things are in progress. THE TIME IS NOW.

We cannot disclose our plans. Trust us, work with us, and all that is dark and anti-human will be removed. I promised you that those who infiltrated the Earth, the Annunaki, would one day be removed. Their plans to destroy humanity will NEVER BE FULFILLED.

The next few weeks are important as we do not use time in the afterlife. It is sometimes difficult to gauge when things will happen. You cannot be told about the work my wife is doing. It would not be safe. She has to complete the work that she is doing on Earth for the one in jail. Work together, as your combined energy will bring about the changes more quickly.

We, in the world of spirit, wish to thank those of you who took the trouble to reach out to Dave. It made him feel part of the human race once again. You will never understand how much your letters and cards mean to him. He thanks you from the bottom of his heart. One day soon he will be able to thank you in person.

Note from Veronica: Dave loves the Six Nation Rugby. He used to play rugby himself. Please write to him about it.

Those who control everything behind the scenes are being exposed every day. They need to kill, to drain the blood of babies, and to drink that blood in order to survive on Earth. Protect your babies and your children, as they are seen as food to the parasites. Explore the number of children who have gone missing without trace. Then you will realise the extent of this evil practice. These figures must be published. The police say that they do not keep a record of these figures; what is that telling you. However, they can tell you the details of all stolen cars. By preventing the figures being made public, they are colluding in this vile practice.

Message from Veronica

I had to stop writing with Monty as so many phone calls kept coming in with information that had to be acted on immediately. It has been a week like no other. Very stressful. I hope to continue with Monty tomorrow.
Please watch the following videos as they will explain so much.

Rothschild Genocide: Innovating the Population to Zero (Stop the Crime.net)

Qanon Conjecture 2.9.18. It’s about to happen? Alt Narrative Proposal. Who was arrested?

Please ensure that Dave McCann gets justice. Let’s show the corrupt justice system in America that we are watching them. We can do this by sending cards or letters to Dave. The authorities in the jail read all correspondence, they take note of everything. Dave is one of us, and we are supporting him. We can ensure that the absolute truth about the set-up to trap him will be exposed. If he was not important to humanity, the Cabal would not have bothered to go to such lengths to lock him up.

Dave McCann,
MJ 03 A Pod 11,
Booking Number 1621184,
Prisoner ID 7076771,
P.O. Box 872,
Fresno, California, 93712, USA.

I have Dave's permission to ask you to help him. He is deeply grateful to you for reaching out to him. He is trapped in America without friends or family, no visitors at all.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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Veronica Keen

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