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October 3, 2010

Though you may not realise it just now, last week was important, you took our work forward to the next level. It's essential that you discussed face to face with David Icke and Mike Lambert the plans that we have for the future. Your visit to Mike's Clinic, (The Shen Clinic) was to open your eyes as to what can be done without the use of Drug-based Medicine. It is our intention to bring all these people to your attention so that when we have our Foundation Building, they will become part of our plans.

As we warned you the Dark Cabal would try to create FEAR and PANIC so as to put greater restrictions on all of you. Always remember they will not hesitate to create situations where many will be killed to further their agenda. They do not know how to deal with the AWAKENING of Humanity to their SECRET CONTROL of your world. Your information is correct, they will meet in Vienna soon to discuss how to re-assert their CONTROL. They intend to fight and fight hard, they have had it all their own way for so long, they thought it would go on forever. Your Planet will proceed out of this Dark Period of Control.

You have nothing to loose except the shackles of Control that made prisoners of all of you. Open your eyes to what is really going on, research it for yourself, trust me, its all there, you will be shocked when you see how controlled you have been, how contrived so much has been so that you foolishly believed you had choices when in fact you are all slaves, all of you to those who hold the Power. Listen to David Icke and Michael Tsarion and all those who are in the Light and whose only wish is to guide you to the Light. David is speaking in many parts of the world, do take the opportunity to hear what he has to say, he works tirelessly to help create a better world for all the people of the world.

We in Spirit have such wonderful plans for the future of Mankind. When the TRUTH is out there for all to see, and the controllers are exposed, when INFINITE LOVE is the only TRUTH, thus exposing the Dreamworld you believe is real. You have been taught from cradle to grave to accept this control, to accept that some people are better than you, to believe History that is far from the Truth. All that you were taught was true is fabricated to create the world of Control and Slavery you now find yourselves in, absolutely everything has been controlled and engineered so as to create the Illusion you believe is real. It is time for them to step aside and for Mankind to step forward to the real World that awaits him. Do not give in to the Fear of Attack that they are forecasting, they alone will attack to try to retain their power.

So sorry my dear, you had a stressful journey back from The Isle of Wight, the boat being cancelled was a problem making you late getting home to write with me. Remember time does not exist in the world of Spirit, I am always there, it is not set in stone that we write at 3pm, people will understand. The right people are at your side and will be there for you. As I have always assured you we will succeed, it is time to go forward into the Light.

You have achieved much, now relax as we prepare to take it to the next level. Know that I am always at your side guiding you. I am so proud to be your Husband, your adoring, Monty.

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