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September 2, 2012

Your world is waking up and the Cabal's grip is loosening as the Light of Truth spreads. Now people are prepared to do serious research into the true history of your world before the Cabal changed it, 2000 years ago. It was through bloodshed that they forced their doctrine on country after country. They created divisions through different belief systems in order to create conflict. If you do not look at what was done then, you will never understand how to change things. Once the truth is understood, everything falls into place. You cannot change anything until you understand what needs to be changed and who is responsible for the state your world is in. You have to ask yourselves, who can you trust? Look at the puppets you vote for. Time after time, you are taken in by fine words that have no substance. Surely, you know by now, that they are only words. They do not mean what they say. Their purpose is to keep you under control and to bring in all the laws that are necessary to keep you as slaves that exist only to serve them. It is time to stop being slaves.

Some very interesting people are coming to see you, to share their research with you. It all serves to complete the picture for you. What you learned about ley lines, this week, is important to remember. When ley lines cross, they create sacred energy. These lines were venerated in ancient times. The Cabal has built airports, power stations, abbettoirs, etc. on these points, in order to diffuse the power of the light. This is criminal. Mark is correct on this: your connection with Spirit, and who you truly are, has been deliberately destroyed by those you had trusted to have your best interests at heart. Generation after generation have been fooled into believing and trusting the wrong people. The grid which the Cabal has placed over Planet Earth to keep you as prisoners is now breaking up. It is costing them more every day to stay in control. So ask yourselves, who has the real power?

The killing machine is running into difficulties as well. It will soon have to face reality, when the truth is laid bare for all to see. They are not being allowed to follow THE PLAN. They thought that they would be in complete control of Planet Earth and all who remain on it, by now. This is not going to happen. Planet Earth will return to the fold once more.

Be aware also, that they are producing more and more 'medicines'; all designed to destroy you as a human being. Some of these are chipped, many are downright dangerous. Desperate situations demand desperate measures. They are losing control and are searching for solutions to this situation. You must take responsibility for your own bodies and those of your children. Go back to nature for any remedies you may require. Trust your own judgement, your innate instinct. You have been taught to look outside to others. This has got to change. You have carried all the knowledge through the ages from every lifetime and it is all within you.

People such as MICHAEL TSARION have looked within and remembered. His understanding of how the Cabal changed everything is outstanding. He is a truly great man. Michael has walked the Earth from the beginning of time. He is now guiding you to the truth. He returned to Ireland in this lifetime for this purpose. For 2000 years, the Cabal has tried to wipe out the Irish people. They are responsible for the brutal deaths on millions of Irish people. The evidence is there for those who wish to research this fact. The Cabal wanted to destroy the Irish DNA, but throughout history, the Irish have travelled and settled in various countries. So you will find their DNA all over the world. Why is the Cabal so frightened of Irish DNA? What would happen if the Irish everywhere woke up and realised the truth?

It is time to remove the shackles that have bound you to the Cabal. Once you are aware of the FEAR they create to enslave you, and see it for what it is, it will no longer affect your lives. No one can hurt you unless you allow them to. When the new structure comes in, then you will see equality for all human beings. The hungry and homeless are the result of the greed of the Cabal. This will never happen again. There is more than plenty for all. It may take a little time to organise sufficient supplies and structures to ensure plenty for everyone but never again will people be seen as second rate citizens. There will be respect for all life.

The agents of the dark work in all guises, always ready to denounce the truth and all who research it. It does not matter what titles they give themselves or societies they create, their object is to denounce the truth. I told you that I was shocked when I passed to Spirit and saw clearly those who outwardly claim to research truth and evidence. Nothing could be further from the truth. They get in everywhere, and like a cancer, they spread their tentacles in an effort to prevent the truth from emerging. Few are exempt from their denouncements. You ask, my dear, how can they live with themselves. I ask, how can they face passing over, knowing what they have done. For it is a crime against humanity.

You have now entered September. A month of promise, when the unexpected can happen if the timing is right. As you know, my dear, for things to happen, the timing always has to be right in order to get the results we require. We are steadily moving towards our goal. Prepare to move forward.

Information is flowing in to you from all directions. It is sometimes hard to take it all in. I feel your excitement when answers to questions are revealed in the most unlikely circumstances. The right people are coming forward to assist. Expect surprises ! Exciting times, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.

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