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Montague Keen - February 1, 2015

You are now seeing the results of the ley line project which my dear wife began on the 2 February 2014. You are seeing the masks coming down and the cabal being exposed. Their false flag operations are no longer believed, for they cannot create fear and alarm in the awakened.

However, there are still some areas that require special effort to release the trapped energy. I ask that you concentrate your attention on the release of the ley line energy in Spain, paying special attention to Gibraltar and the ley lines which connect through the sea to Rome. I ask that special effort is put into releasing this energy for the light, so that humanity awakens to its full potential. This will remove you from the control programme that you were born into. You are only just beginning to see it.

This is all part of the awakening process. You have been suppressed for centuries and you have been taught to accept this situation without question. How many times have you heard that "this is how it is". Well, not any more. You are remembering that you are powerful beings of light and you have a voice.

The fate of Planet Earth is in your hands. Open up to the light and remove all that is corrupt and evil. Release the past and embrace the future: a future that you will create. A future where everyone lives in peace and breathes fresh air; where everyone can eat food which is fit for human consumption and drink water that is pure and free of all chemicals.

When they want to exert control over you, they just add extra fluoride. This is being done to the people of Ireland, as they fear the awakening of the Irish. So the European Union has ordered extra fluoride to be added to Irish water.

First, it was the Vatican which tried to destroy them. POPE ADRIAN GAVE IRELAND AND HER PEOPLE AS SLAVES TO THE BRITISH CROWN ON THE CONDITION THAT THE IRISH NEVER FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE. The Vatican sent the so-called St Patrick, to destroy any evidence of Ireland's history and to "convert" the Irish. Their history and language were stolen and it is still being used by the usurpers. The Vatican arranged and controlled what you were told was a famine. It was a Holocaust, organised and controlled by the Jesuits. The banks stepped in to destroy and exert control over the people and the country.

Just ask yourselves one question . . . WHY ? You'll be very surprised at the answer you'll find. It will explain so much that does not make sense today. You have been lied to, and your history is not at all what you have been told. This applies to every country.

Those who are on Earth, but who are not of Earth, have used every form of control to keep you in the dark. Every trick they could employ has been used. Now, they are doing all in their power to hold you in darkness for as long as possible. They have technology that you could not even dream of. But it is all worthless to them when a sufficient number of you awaken and say NO to their brutal control.

You have made great progress but still have a way to go. You have done enough to ensure that the cabal fears you. They did not think that you were intelligent enough to see through their plans. The damage they have done to the planet will have to be rectified and you will have assistance to restore it.

Understand that everything on Earth is contaminated, so that humans are under control and serve the controllers. Now, for the first time, you are taking back that control. You are refusing to be as sheep any more, grateful for the few crumbs that fall from the master's table.

You have come a long way since I was on Earth. I lived through all the terrible propaganda after World War II. Now, you know the truth about war, and why war is continually waged all over the world. It culls the population and keeps you in fear, as well as making lots of money for the bankers. War is a business; it always was, and it always will be. You do not fight for God and country; you fight for the greed of the bankers. They do not respect you. You are just cannon fodder, blinded by propaganda.

I ask, once again, that you put your energy into calling for the release of one who is being held in the United States. Details cannot be given, but trust that if it were not of the greatest importance, you would not be asked to help. All of mankind will benefit when his release occurs. Horrendous technology is being used on this innocent man. The cabal shows no mercy, so please help. Together, we can release him. He has an important mission to fulfill. This is why they took him.

Those who expose the truth are going through a tough time. Constant attacks are difficult to cope with. Your frequencies are being attacked and stolen whenever possible. Your souls are being split and stolen also. You are only beginning to learn what you are up against. These weapons are not visible; they are silent, but effective. Protect yourselves at all times. Do not take risks. Your enemies are everywhere and they have had years of practice.

You are winning the battle, trust me. They will not admit defeat until the last possible moment. Some of them have left the Earth already. They have accepted that they cannot defeat the 99%. Now, there is a lockdown on Earth, so they are unable to escape. They are scared of the outcome, and many will plead for mercy. Others will dissolve or ignite, depending on their origins.

Believe in yourselves for you have achieved a lot. You are finding your power and using it for the benefit of humanity. Share your research and help others to awaken whenever possible. See yourselves as The Army of Light, restoring peace and harmony for all.

My dear, I know you are suffering. A lot is being asked of you. But we will succeed. Our Centres will happen when enough people understand their importance and support them. Have patience, my dear. All will happen in good time. Considering what are working against, you have achieved a lot.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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