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SaLuSa, December 31, 2010

What a most extraordinary year you are about to put behind you, one full of promise that has not quite materialised as you would have hoped. Yet for all that you progressively approach the inevitable changes, that are beginning to become necessary to counteract the collapse of your society. They cannot come too soon as so much is now in place waiting for the opportunity to emerge. However, for whatever experiences remain that you must first go through, the way out will soon become apparent and it will galvanise many people into action. Even those who do not fully understand the importance of these coming times will begin to feel that changes are imminent. More importantly they will realise that they are necessary to move you into a more stable period, that will allow the people motivated by the Light to emerge. You will need firm leadership, and those who will step forward have already been identified. By virtue of their known sympathies and desire for change, they will be seen as honest and trustworthy people. They will have no problem in gathering around them souls of a similar nature that are also enlightened.

Our presence in your skies continues to attract attention, and it is more difficult than ever for those who deny us to turn away from the truth. Disclosure will in some ways be something of an anti-climax, as you have become used to seeing us in your skies. What will stimulate your interest is the questions that are raised as to why such a cover-up continued for so long. One thing will lead to another and the truth will gradually come out. It will both surprise and shock people when they learn that contact with extraterrestrials has been taking place for many, many years. One revelation after another will fill your media, who will no longer be under the restraints that forced them to deny or ridicule us and our spacecraft for so long.

It will soon be obvious that we come to help you cope with the changes, and bring us all together so that we can go forward in unity. The true facts will be made known to you regarding Ascension, and each soul will have every opportunity to join you on this journey. Those who choose otherwise will also be made aware of what the future holds for them. In the Creator’s Kingdom all souls are given the same love and equal opportunity to evolve. There are no preferences given as progress is down to your own efforts and by your own choice. At times you may not feel very special but we assure you that you are greatly thought of, and loved for your courage in offering to experience duality in the lower vibrations. In so doing you are carrying out a great service to others who will at some time in the future benefit from it. Other souls can experience through you, and will not need to enter duality themselves.

So what of 2011 you may ask, and we can tell you that by the end of the year we will be working together. Our allies will have moved into the open, and there will be organised groups that work to the plans to return your freedom. With it will come opportunities to involve more of you in the restoration of Earth, and help those who find themselves at the centre of many physical changes. Landings of our craft and open contact will begin to take place, but it will be done with care not to overwhelm you or disturb those who find it difficult to accept us. As you must realise, there is a lot to do to first establish a suitable framework around which you can handle the problem, arising from the collapse of most of which has become part of your life.

You will hear more about those souls that reside in the Inner Earth, that you know as the Agarthans. Before the demise of Lemuria they were the ones that left their land, and continued their evolution by moving to the Inner Earth. They are at a stage where they have moved into a higher level of consciousness, and will be part of open contact when it is safe to do so. They have much to offer and will assist in your final preparations for Ascension. Along with our presence you will not lack for anything at all, that is necessary to ensure your journey is completed according to your needs. The switch from the old systems on Earth will be made as painless as possible, but unavoidably there will be many of you at the heart of the changes. You will only leave the Earth before Ascension if it is already within your plan, so it is necessary that you understand each soul has chosen its path to the next stage of its evolution.

To those who are only recently learning of what the future holds, it is going to require a calm approach to the changes. It would be easy to become confused if not fearful, and we wish you to know that we are well aware of what our responsibilities are to those people. Communication is high upon our list and we will make sure that our broadcasts go worldwide, and keep everyone well informed of what is needed and how those needs are addressed. It is the speed of change that will dazzle you, as everything is ready for a whole succession of changes once the new governments are in place. Politics will go through a cleansing so that the oaths to the people are kept, and that those chosen for such positions are spiritually motivated to serve you. There will be no more corruption and all dealings will be seen to openly take place and those concerned accountable to the people. It will be a government for the people and of the people that will return to the Constitution, and ensure your freedom and sovereignty.

The relief at your release from the dark Ones and their aims for total control will soon move into a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness. You will experience a new era of cooperation, and trust those who are charged with taking you into the last stages of a successful Ascension. Trust is something that has been missing for eons of time, as you have repeatedly been lied to and slowly had your rights taken away from you. Believe us that they will be fully restored, and you will be treated as one revered and loved. We are not mercenaries or come to take over you and the Earth, and it is quite the opposite as we have protected you against those marauding Beings that have had such intentions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you with complete certainty that 2011 will be an historic year, that will along with 2012 be remembered for many years to come. Go about your final days knowing that the Galactic Federation is part of an enormous organisation of Light, and will ensure your safety.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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