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SaLuSa, March 30, 2009

As events on Earth continue to move on, you are seeing numerous pathways opening up. Not all will fully manifest, but those destined to run along side each other are the last attempts of the dark forces to pursue their plan, and the emerging Light that is being established in many different ways. A multitude of different movements are rising up all around the world, and they are anticipating the need for more local control. Communities are identifying their own needs and often going back to basics to ensure their survival. This is introducing people to simple ways that will help overcome the looming problems. Being aware of your general needs has galvanised groups into preparing for the worst scenario, which is anticipated until a new world approach is seen to come into being. We mention this not to instil fear, but to inform you that there are people who are resilient and imaginative when it comes to preparing for unusual events. It is unlikely that they will reach extremes, except in some areas where people are more isolated.

Some of you identify with the day-to-day happenings being unable to see the greater picture. Others hold their visions of another path that leads you out of the chaos, into a new era of happiness and freedom from oppression. It is the latter who are birthing a new future for Humankind, one that leads to Ascension. With that achievement will come a totally new experience in the dimensions where all is in balance. From thereon the absolute beauty and harmony of the higher spheres is yours to experience, reaching into those that comprise of pure Light. The effort you put in now to release yourself from the tentacles of the dark forces, is more than worth it as what awaits you is beyond words. Once you have found the pathway to the Light you find inner strength to be in the world, as an observer but not as one who is affected by what goes on around them. You are in fact the Wayshowers able to lead others into the Light. Many seek the Light yet know not where it is or how to find it, and by your example you are showing the way.

Because of the recession many are now finding themselves with more time on their hands, as an opportunity to follow desires they hold to help others. This is where people can use any latent skills for the good of all. It will help negate the helplessness that many will experience. In spite of your experiences, it is as well that you avoid seeking retribution and put your energies to positive use. Start groups or join existing ones that are directing people onto a new pathway, rather than try to resurrect the old one. You have the opportunity to manifest new ideas, and leave the old now unworkable ones behind. Changes are all around you and no doubt it is confusing, but you can shape your future now by laying down the foundation that will return to you your freedom and sovereignty.

You may ask where do we of the Galactic Federation stand whilst all of this is happening. Dear Ones, we are as active as ever if not more so as we support our allies on Earth. Our role is one as your protectors as far as karmic law allows. The dark forces intend to create as much havoc as possible, and we intend to prevent it throwing the Earth out of balance. Have no fear, they cannot always get their own way, and in fact they are themselves confused and worried about their loss of power. They are aware that the people have suddenly awakened to what has been happening for Millennia of time. They never thought to see you as successful in regaining your power, and they face worrying times. Politically they are not the same force, and their criminal acts are soon to be called to account. Once the truth really starts to reach your ears, you will become as one in demanding far-reaching changes. This will be a time of great opportunity to instigate new ways of governance, and ones that more truly reflect the wishes of the people. These will come into being and are necessary to pave the way for establishing an unassailable path to Ascension.

As you must know by now we are not here in great numbers by chance, and it is to fulfil the Creator’s Plan for this Universe. Nothing can prevent it manifesting in Ascension, and you should take heart from knowing that whatever happens in your personal lives, you will make it if it is your intent. In the midst of the changes your perception is clouded, and events moving in a linear time line are quite different to ours. We see you as you might say, home and dried, and this is why we can be so positive about the outcome of this present period. We know that many of you source your Internet for confirmation of the various messages that come from your Space friends. They may not read word for word, but there will always be an underlying truth that comes through to you. Where they are positively different, you must intuitively make up your mind as to whether they come from a reliable source. Also remember, that the dark will use any pretext to put out disinformation, and at times it can be quite persuasive.

Mother Earth has been your home for a long time, and served you well acquiescing to your demands upon her, providing you with all you have needed to survive. Yet at times she has been severely maltreated, and little consideration given to her needs. It is why she must now look to you to put right the damage that has been caused, and the pollution that has poisoned the Earth. You cannot escape your responsibility in this connection but we are allowed to assist you, and you already know it is part of our plans. It pleases us immensely that there are those amongst you who recognise the problems. Not only that, they have given their time and knowledge to find ways to make reparation, and are motivated by their love for Mother Earth. These are the ones that are inspired by Higher Beings, and are intuitively guided to find the solutions. Often these are most advanced and similar to our technology, but the dark forces prevent them as far as possible from being used.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like many on board our craft can observe everything that is happening on Earth. This no longer sounds so improbable to you, as your major powers have also developed similar technology. Regretfully it is used for ulterior motives, and like many discoveries is held from public knowledge and used for the advantage of the controlling global forces. With First Contact we shall ensure that every possible advancement is made available to you. Wonderful times will follow your present trials and tribulations, and we shall work together in unison and love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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