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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 29, 2021

Mike Quinsey

Matters have reached rock bottom on Earth, and out of the chaos shall come a new way forwards that will recognise the end of many old ways that still persist. You must move on and set up the Earth so that it can receive your help to manifest the new ways of life that will introduce many advances that have been held in check. It is because you passed the marker in 2012 that you signalled your readiness to take a great step forwards. As a result much of what you have taken for granted and has been part of your daily lives, will no longer serve you as you are now on a new path that will bring many improvements in your daily life. Indeed, changes will come very quickly and many are ready when the appropriate time arrives. After all you have been through you are due many pleasant surprises.

The most welcome surprises will come from your open contact with your brothers and sisters from other planets. Those who are already in your solar system are the Pleiadians who feel a greater responsibility for your advancement. They are very much like you in appearance and are so advanced they can travel instantly to your system through their power of thought. They have much to offer to help you evolve that literally nothing is beyond their abilities. However, you will need to show that you are ready to live in cooperation and peace before they will openly meet you.

You have so much to look forward to so look for every opportunity to create a peaceful world where every soul is treated with love and respect. There is much to do to create the ideal society but with loving intent and help you can achieve it. The sabre rattling that the bigger countries use serves no purpose except to delay a peaceful outcome. Put away your weapons of destruction and seek alliances with all other countries and create the trust that is sadly lacking at present. When you work together you will be surprised as to how quickly things will get done. We will do our utmost to help you achieve the best outcome.

Meantime look upon others with sympathy and willingness to treat all as One, because there is a need to bring people together. Living standards are so primitive in some countries that steps must be taken to lift them up. When you show the intention to do so, you effectively allow us to give you a hand. Whether you decide to treat all as One will depend to what degree we can offer our help. Somewhere down the line you will have to take positive action and the sooner the better. As always there are helpers that are both on and off Earth that try their best to point you in the right direction. You always have help if only you would accept it.

Time marches on and changes are rapidly occurring so that some advancements are made that will help you overcome present problems. If necessary we “arrange” matters so that you are faced with the answers you seek. We do much more than you would realise and we currently help with clearing up your sea pollution problems. Sea life has been at risk for a long time and progressively gets worse. You have so much to do as you have ignored the problems and still do so, it is no good paying lip service to them when adequate action is necessary and you know it to be so.

If you see ahead you would find the promise of new exciting projects along with a leap into the future. You can hardly visualise what lies ahead and all advancements are intended to make life more acceptable. In the past it has been arranged to give you the experiences you needed to evolve and clear karma. Wars have been necessary to clear it and give lessons to those who need help to overcome it. It is a sad affair brought on through a lack of understanding, but it is an object lesson on the results of lack of understanding of the Oneness of Humankind. Life is sacred and should be treated as such and much of the karma involved is where you have an experience that highlights the result of actions you have previously taken.

How much easier life would be if everyone treated each other with love and consideration, and it will come and already there is a tendency for more kindness to enter your lives. Not for the first time we also mention that the vibrations continue to rise up and that alone will lead to people becoming kind and considerate to each other. The last Age was barbaric and the sooner it is put behind you the better things will become. At heart you are all loving beings but have lost your identity through many horrendous experiences. Think kindly of each other and remember that in essence you are all the same and simply having an experience to help you evolve.

We know that some souls are reluctant to believe the truth, but as beings with eternal life it follows that each life expands your understanding of how things work. You may make mistakes but always have another opportunity to put it right, and more highly experienced souls are on hand to assist you. Understand that you are never being punished for your actions but have to accept the consequences of your actions. It may sound as if only the negative actions are addressed, but kindness is also rewarded. So always do your best and help a fellow soul in need, and at the same time you will be helping your own evolution.

You can look around and wonder how it is possible to organise a karmic event that may involve several people but it happens time and time again. People can clear their karma through it, but understand that it is set up especially for them and all persons involved gain from the experience. Mike Quinsey can relate to one of his experiences as an example of what can be done when he was helped to avoid a nasty accident. “I was decorating a ceiling standing on a chair that also had a large paint pot on it. I leaned over the back of the chair to reach a bit further and over did it, I fell over the back of the chair and realised I was gently being put down still holding the paint brush in my hand, amazingly the chair did not fall forwards and the paint tin was still in place. Not a drop of paint went onto the carpet so I avoided what could have been a nasty experience, undoubtedly with severe injuries to me”.

Dear Ones there is no limit to what the higher forces can do, you would call them miracles and on another occasion I was saved from being run over. I would like to think it was good karma for the work I was doing for Spirit. You must have heard the expression “what you do unto others shall be done unto you” So one good turn does deserve another. So keep the Light flowing and do good wherever you can.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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