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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 29, 2023

Mike Quinsey

Without doubt you are going through a very trying period, and as yet there is little to show where it is all leading to. There are preparations for a major change that will ultimately take you out of the lower dimensions to one that has no links to your present one. It is a normal advancement when you have overcome all of the challenges that have been encountered on your journey. You will have done the hard bit in moving beyond the pull of the lower vibrations that have stopped you from rising up. There is still work to do and you are on the way to a life of joy and great satisfaction.

Meanwhile keep calm and know that all will ultimately be well as planned and to your liking. You have waited a very long time to reach this stage in your evolution, so see beyond the difficulties you are presently encountering. Everything seems to be going against you, but that is because your understanding of what is happening is limited. Have faith because the path to your success has already been written. The higher vibrations will soon start to change the path you are taking, and you will realise that the dark Ones are being left behind to experience the conditions and consequences that they have brought about. In a freewill situation you are creating your own future, but nevertheless you are guided to ensure the best outcome, you could make it easy or difficult but should still reach your goal.

It is being noticed that the truth about ET’s and their craft is being brought into the open, as it is now obvious that it is impossible to keep the cover-up going. Now you are seeing so many more craft in your skies that are not to be confused with those that are being used by your own military forces, and have been for a very long time. This will ultimately lead to ET’s openly landing on your planet, but in a controlled way so that people can get used to their presence. This will bring with it a great leap forward that will take you to a higher level and speed up your evolution.

You have been held in a time lock in many ways but soon the way will open up for your quicker advancement. But it cannot all come at once and will carefully take place in a way that allows you to adapt to the changes that will be inevitable. You have been held back for a very long time and had to live with the consequences, when life could have been made so much easier for everyone. Some things will be difficult to grasp or understand but all will be explained so as to lessen the surprise or even shock, but overall for your upliftment and advancement.

Like you we have been waiting for an opportunity to move ahead and make your lives so much easier. However, we must take things in our stride so as not to overwhelm you, and that is why we can be so open as to what the future holds for you all. For the time being matters must develop slowly so as to allow you to get used to the changes that will be introduced. Needless to say we shall be able to work with you and ensure progress is made in a sensible and appropriate manner. We have no desire to rush things and changes will take place in an orderly way. There is much work to do to clear up the mess you are in and create a setting in preparation for them.

We hope that knowing your future is assured will help you deal with the many problems you face. As you must by now be aware you have to put matters right where they have been caused by your actions, but we will help you in one way or another. In many ways we have helped you along although you would not have been aware of our actions, and so it will continue. We are one with you all and through our own experiences are well equipped to help you progress.

Coming back to what you consider normal for the present time shows that you have lost your way even assuming that you actually knew what you were aiming for, as you do not seem to have much sense of direction. As we have often mentioned, free energy would solve so many problems and it is readily available and you have been given an outline of what is needed to put it into use. It will have to come sooner or later to advance Humanity in preparation of an active New Age.

Meantime so many problems are unanswered and seem to be too big and overwhelming for you. Our desire is to help you but the first move must come from you and then we can offer it. There are many wise and willing people in authority who could direct your activities for the better, but will they listen to reason. Oh yes, we do try to influence their thinking and then it is up to them to take the necessary action to get the changes underway that will lead to a new way of doing things, that are less costly and totally adequate.

Eventually the options for your future will be clear, and the right people will be in charge who see the whole scenario and can go forwards with confidence. As more of you think ahead you will be adding your energy to the positive thoughts of what is suitable and necessary to do so. The younger generations have no hang up about change and can clearly see what is needed but require support. A breakthrough will come and the sooner the better as too much time has been lost already. Time is not on your side as so many opportunities to make headway have been lost already.

We want the best results for you but would in no way try to force your hand. It is unnecessary as you have many souls now on Earth who have the knowhow and experience already. They will rise to the surface for everyone to listen to their proposals and it is nothing to do with politics but good common sense. Humanity is crying out for help and it is waiting to be called forth, it is primed and ready and has been held up as their urgent needs go unanswered.

These are by no means easy times to live in but all experiences are of value and will help you through the coming period. How long it will be is partly up to you as there are many souls desiring to help who have the right credentials and experience to see you through such challenging times. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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