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SaLuSa, July 28, 2010

As one individual you can at times feel your presence extending far beyond your physical body. It can be so powerful that you can link with nature and understand its song. It is the desire and belief that it is possible that opens you up in that way. Certainly nature loves to communicate with you, and it can shift from a level of simply feeling, to one of direct contact at a conscious level. There are no boundaries where it is concerned, and some of you will know that there are Beings who can for example communicate with Mother Earth. Everything has a degree of consciousness, and it is not uncommon for some people to talk with trees or plants. Have they not reported that when it is done with love, that there is a response? To others without that experience or belief, it is not understood and even looked upon as silly.

When you ascend such matters will be fully understood, and you will be able to communicate with all life around you. Once you can accept that you have such capabilities try using them, and in time you are sure to get results. Could it be that your gardeners who have so called “green fingers” love what they do, and love their plants? Think about it, and realize that every soul is seeking love and is uplifted by it. Some feel unloved and believe that they are separated from God, yet it cannot be so as you are always enfolded in Unconditional Love. You have an expression that “love makes the world go round” and this could not be truer. Love is Light and it is lifting up every soul and also Mother Earth. It is the powerful energy that is breaking down the lower vibrations, as they cannot continue to exist in its presence.

Love is really all you should be concerned about, and the more you can create together the quicker you will progress to Ascension. As has often been stated, Love is the glue of the Universe, Love is God, Love is the Creator. The lack of Love allows the darkness to creep in, and causes separation and eventually the breakdown of matter. It reaches a point where it can no longer hold its form and disintegrates. If you have ever heard reports of what it is like in the lowest astral levels, you will know that the vibrations are so low that it is almost completely devoid of Light. More to the point matter is unable to hold its form and tends to fall apart. Imagine being a soul who has dropped to this level through their lack of Light. It is a miserable existence and is their Hell, because they have allowed their godsparks to become so dim. For those of you who are concerned about what happens to such souls, we can assure you that Angelic beings wait for them to express the desire to return to the Light. It is then that every assistance can be given to help them climb that steep hill that faces them on their journey back to it. Remember Dear Ones, no soul is left to flounder or without guidance no matter how far they have fallen.

Entering the end times everyone one of you has some attachments to clear up, and these will come to you at some stage for cleansing. You will know when it happens, and if you accept what it is you will be able to transmute them. They might be wayward thoughts that impinge on your consciousness, and no longer serve you. Dispatch them with thanks, and tell them that they no longer have a place in the new life you are building. In fact when you look back you may well find that you have already dramatically changed. After all, your preset life has been purposefully planned for your upliftment, It has included testing periods when you have been challenged to show, that you have put the attraction of the lower energies behind you.

We do not want to paint a bleak picture of events occurring on Earth at present, but it is our duty to present it as it is. Clearly we cannot always give you the complete picture, as sometimes our knowledge of events is best kept quiet to protect people involved in them. Furthermore with our advanced methods of collecting information we know far more than the dark Ones are aware. We do not want to alert them to exactly what that is, so we work with a degree of necessary secrecy. When you also consider that we have computers that have a great deal of accuracy in predicting the future, we have to be guarded as to what we give out. Our allies are aware of this and by and large they too operate this way, and it would not do to identify them. In fact, just at present there are some disturbing possibilities that give us concern, but having said that they are closely followed by us. We will step in where it is allowed, and will always lessen the outcome of actions that threaten your safety.

For the majority of people in your world, life will seem to be moving ever onwards much as it always has. It is the greater picture that shows the changes taking place, and your media is often reluctant to mention them. For example your Sun is changing and that is having a big impact upon your Earth. It may well reach a peak very soon where your electrical equipment may malfunction. There are powerful energies striking the Earth and communication channels may suffer. Eventually there will be such profound changes of this nature, that electrical systems based upon your present knowledge will no longer function at all. Be assured however that in anticipating this change, we will have provided you with alternative sources of power. It will of course bring changes in nearly every type of communication and transport you presently use. These will be much more to your liking and be totally environmentally friendly and clean.

The positive aspects of your Sun are many, and it acts as a conduit to channel the higher energies coming to you from outside of your solar system. It will play its most important part when there is a powerful alignment with the Central Sun of your Universe, and you know this as your Winter Solstice of 2012. It is the point at which a quantum leap forward takes place, and propels you into the higher dimensions. It will truly signal the end of your cycle in duality, and by then you will have been fully prepared for such an upliftment. It is what you have been excitedly waiting for, and will be the crowning glory of your present life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you all for such great determination to raise Humanity to a higher level. Your success is a credit to your passion and intent to bring Love and Light back to all souls, in readiness for Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Dear Readers,

Mike Quinsey informed us that the next channeling will be on 6th August.

In Love and Light.

The Translator Team

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