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SaLuSa, June 28, 2010

The countdown has started and one way or another, opportunities will be created to allow matters to advance more quickly. The will to go ahead with monumental changes is being supported by more and more members of the public. Their awareness of what has been happening in the past has greatly increased, as the truth circulates far and wide. It cannot be hidden away as in the past, and you are becoming much more adept at spotting the deliberate attempts to mislead you. Trust is something that has been lacking for a long time, but with new leaders appearing in many countries all over the world it is returning. It has also given you people who are right for the times you are in, who are ready to move on from the old ways. We are behind them and our allies are supporting them where possible. It must lead to prompt changes, as time is passing so quickly that action needs to be taken now. From many different sources your support is known to be growing, and the pressure has been increased on those who are the decision makers.

Our message is that you should keep your minds, eyes and focus on the outcome you desire. The energy produced by your mass consciousness is so powerful that it can shape your future, and is indeed doing so. In fact it has carried you forward since the Millennium, and it is now that you are seeing the changes manifesting that you the people have helped create. You have battled with the dark forces and their insidious plans, and have stopped their onward march. All has been up in the air, but you will see before long clear signs of where you are going. Listen carefully to those who shine out, as the White Knights and are leading you all into a New Age. It is their powerful Light that is clearing a pathway to Ascension, and you will recognize them by the work they are doing. Many dear souls are at the ready to help those who are at the forefront of the changes, and you are assured it will be used. The correct timing is still very much on our minds, and it is your state of awareness that is a key factor where it is concerned. The dark Ones still harbor thoughts of causing mayhem, and you must guard against falling for their acts that are simply to create fear amongst you.

We can and do help in many ways that you are unaware of, but at the end of the day it is you who really call the tune. Fortunately our work and that of your Guides and Masters has well prepared you for the present time. You have made the transition from a set of rigid beliefs to those that are more flexible, and consequently you are more open to the truth and not afraid to move on. Your past history shows how you have been mislead to believe in the ruling hierarchy, who have held you back for their own benefit and power. Now you no longer find the need to be told how you must lead your lives. You are sufficiently aware to be able to go within and speak with your personal God. Take time out regularly to meditate and it will benefit you in many ways, not least of all you will become relaxed and less prone to illness. Stress has been your worst enemy for eons of time, but that is changing as the prospect of lasting peace and happiness is within your grasp.

We say again, that you are sovereign Beings and you have God given rights that will be observed, and we of the Galactic Federation will lead you to the Promised Land. You sometimes talk of desiring Heaven on Earth, and as the changes take place you shall see it forming before your very eyes. It is yours to claim and where you really should be, as duality is not your home but merely a cycle of experiences that were never meant to be permanent. It has served your purpose, and elevated your levels of consciousness to higher ones that are taking you on to Ascension. The plan of the Creator is perfect and with it still allowed your expression of freewill, which has directed your personal experiences in the direction you chose. It is now time to close that period, and the cleansing is under way so that all can eventually be restored once again.

There is still some confusion regarding Extraterrestrials visiting Earth. It exists even where people are more informed as to such activities, and it results mainly from disinformation by Government sources. However, it is also considered unlikely in view of the talk about First Contact. We have pointed out that it refers to open and official contact, but clearly does not mean that it is the only circumstances through which contact or visits can occur. By Universal Law another civilization cannot interfere with the development of another civilization, but can be authorized by us to visit Earth providing it follows certain guidelines. What you often find is that when such visits take place, once the Space Beings are seen that they quickly move away. In the past there have been exceptions regarding actual contact, but these have been pre-arranged with the permission of the contactee.

So you may ask, how is it that there is talk of Extraterrestrials having bases upon Earth. The answer is once again that providing they do not interfere with the people, they are allowed to have such bases as indeed we ourselves have. They are usually deep within the Earth, or under the sea beds safe from any intrusions. They are protected by advanced technologies so as to keep them safe and secure from the dark Ones, who try to penetrate or destroy them. There have been occasions where privileged persons from Earth have been allowed access but these are special exceptions. Where it often gets confusing is because of the Greys, who have had bases on Earth for many years by agreement with the U.S. government. As we informed you previously, since they were invited to stay we cannot make them leave unless they violate the conditions relating to it. Even the “abductions” and cattle mutilations were approved, and this aspect was also confused by the U.S. Military who were also involved. It was further compounded by brief skirmishes that took place between the two factions.

We hope to have clarified this matter and would remind you that Disclosure and First Contact, are necessary to give us the clearance and permission to officially land on Earth, and then we can immediately move into action. The Creator is the only authority that can override such conditions, and when a certain time is reached we have permission to organize First Contact ourselves. These events approach ever nearer, and become more urgent as the conditions on Earth worsen. Fear not, as the Light will be with you always.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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