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SaLuSa, March 28, 2011

For a long time you have asked to see action and although we cannot allow you insight to everything we have done, you are becoming more aware of our part in what is happening worldwide. Along with our allies we are pushing hard to get really started on bringing some matters to completion. We know that once things start there will be no stopping the onward surge. As you can see and as was predicted, your ever-increasing levels of consciousness are bringing results as evidenced in the changes taking place in the Middle East. It will not stop there, and you will see other countries subject to pressure from their inhabitants. Freedom is the flag that everyone flies, and it is such a powerful energy that it will carry all before it. With it will come truth and a great reconciliation will occur between both people and their countries, where previously they have been set apart.

Separation was played upon by the Illuminati and everything done to foment the differences, whether they were true or false. The hatred and anger caused has gone deep into the earth, and there will never be true peace until such energies are cleared away. That is why Mother Earth is anxious to get going and why her activities will be more frequent. However much you see a threat where your safety is concerned, bear in mind that you agreed to take your place on Earth for this particular period. Whatever happens you will find yourself exactly where you were meant to be. It may be difficult to contemplate, but some souls have planned to leave before Ascension and are directly involved with the changes. We of the Galactic Federation already do much more than you are aware of, and the results of the earthquake in Japan are one example. Be assured they could have been so much more serious without our intervention, and you will not necessarily know exactly what we have done.

Sometimes it is intentional that you see our craft and become aware of our activities, as for example where we have openly disabled nuclear weapons on their missile sites. We made it clear to all governments that nuclear weapons would not be allowed to be used, and it is quite pointless in having them primed ready to launch. In the course of time we shall call a halt to all war activities, and if that is ignored we shall disable all types of weapons so that none can be raised in anger. Peace is coming and our role is to ensure that it is achieved well before Ascension. This is why you must have the right people leading your governments, and those at present representing you will by and large be replaced. For you at present a politician that speaks the total truth is a rare specimen, but there are souls who are with you who come especially for that purpose. Some you already know by their work to bring changes about for the benefit of the people.

There is no turning back to the old ways and whilst some aspects may survive you are taking a great step up, and will make good the period of time that you have been held back. The upliftment you will experience will far outweigh any difficulties you go through, and many of you have still not grasped the immense importance of the time you are in. We have told you previously that it is a unique occasion, but just as important is the fact that mass ascension only occurs at long intervals. It is an opportunity that will not come your way for many thousands of years, so take it with both hands and do not worry yourselves with what is necessary to achieve it. With great love for you all God planned the end times of this cycle, so that every soul would have an equal chance to ascend. It is not forced upon anyone and neither will you be coerced into doing so, but nevertheless you will be given every encouragement. Many feel the pull of wanting to “go home” as they know that the lower dimensions are not their real home. Set your sights firmly on Ascension, because it is your pathway back to where you originally came from.

We will be with you when circumstances permit, and then we shall have a wonderful period of getting to fully know each other. In many instances we are old friends of yours and your true family from the stars. The Greys have been on Earth for a long time, and have been working with many Earth representatives of their family to help save their civilization. These are in the minority but in gaining permission to have bases on Earth, were responsible for the early exchange of advanced technologies. Regretfully the Illuminati never intended that it should be used to everyone’s advantage, although some of it did make into the commercial markets. There have been other Space visitors but none in recent times have stayed upon Earth, but have carried out exploratory missions. The Universe is full of intelligent life, and it is the way of things that when a civilization reaches the point of being able to Space travel, they travel their Universe in search of knowledge.

Clearly you are rapidly approaching the time when you should trust your intuition, and see beyond your eyes, and outside of your mind. All that is happening now or due to happen is in your best interests. The planet is being swept clean on many levels, so that it is in a rejuvenated state in readiness for Ascension. You too will be registering changes within yourselves, as you cannot really go through this period of upliftment without being aware of it. Get plenty of rest and do not give your energies to any articles or individuals preaching the fear factor. There is still disinformation being given out and it can be confusing, but by now you should be able to discern the difference. There are some recognized sources of truthful information, so stick with them and do not be distracted by others.

Week by week there will be startling bits of information, as slowly but surely the truth is coming out. The world has come alive with the realization that people power is real and can after all “move mountains”. Hitherto as happened many years ago in Hungary, any demonstrations against the authorities would have been totally crushed without any consideration to loss of life. Now that approach will be stemmed, as the people’s demand for change has resulted in a powerful surge of energy that is carrying it onwards.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on the one hand happy to see the outward showing of your success, but tinged with sadness at the cost in human lives.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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