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SaLuSa, May 27, 2011

Your progress continues to delight us, and our interest is in your collective levels of consciousness. How they have grown in a relatively short time compared to last century. It is this success that has placed you firmly upon the path to Ascension. It means that you have overcome the intent of the dark Ones to prevent your onward progress. Now you have realized that the power lies in your own hands, and it has largely removed the fear factor that was so essential to the dark Ones success. Their control over you is ebbing away, and there is no longer any way that they will regain it. That is an absolute promise from us to you, and very soon there will be actions that shall back it up. Needless to say, the last half of this year will be a great turning point in your lives.

Suddenly worldly matters are indicating a positive move towards peaceful settlements of old differences and wars of recent times. That is how the new energies bring out the Light in those involved in such issues, and it is getting progressively harder for those who would rather perpetuate the old ways. It will go further when the governmental changes can proceed, and then you will see real action combined with our coming. Because we are meticulous in our planning, what to you may seem impossible tasks to complete in such a short time to Ascension will present no problem to us. You asked for help and we are here to answer that call, and we have been divinely authorized to contact you. Our coming together was always planned and is a natural step upwards, as your consciousness grows and rapidly rises towards our level. We were One in the past, and it is your destiny and right to join us to renew your journey through the higher dimensions.

Sadly but nevertheless by their own choice, there are numbers of souls who are insufficiently awakened at this time to even grasp the significance of the coming times. However, they will be cared for and given great love and care to settle them into a new environment. It will not be far removed from this present one, so that they can continue to incarnate into familiar surroundings. Then due to the cyclic nature of life, there will yet again come another opportunity to ascend. If your heart and love are with these souls, then you can serve them as we have served you for many thousands of years. The last time we walked on Earth with you in a peaceful period, was in Atlantean times long before its downfall. High states of spirituality were reached and many of you were there to experience it, and now you are at a similar stage but this time you will ascend.

The Universe also rejoices at your success, as it will complete the picture so that every part of it can ascend. Believe us Dear Ones, that your future is followed very closely, as the experiment you have been involved in has resulted in wonderful advances in your evolution. Each one of you has been where many others would not wish to go, and endured tough and often wretched lives to experience duality. You did however know what a wonderful opportunity it presented to become a mentor to other souls, who might desire to tread the same path. Service to others becomes a natural ambition once you reach the higher dimensions.

Having been earthbound for so long you have acquired a strong affinity with Mother Earth, which is why so many of you chosen to stay with her. It will be a grand experience to ascend together, and wonderful to see Mother Earth once again in all her splendor. If for example you decide to join us, then your life will be largely spent on board our great Motherships. In fact some are so large that they can easily replicate the surface of any planet. So it is like home-to-home and complete with other forms of life such as animals. They are no longer wild and have completely lost their primitive instinct for survival, as they live in perfect peace happiness. Such peace is a feature on all of our craft, and life is as satisfying as it could be anywhere else. The comradeship and partnership also includes families, and they have all that they could need for a happy and contented life.

The Earth has been referred to as a prison planet and indeed that is what it became. However, it was Man who allowed the insidious tentacles of the dark Ones to gradually bring you into a state of control, so much so that you relinquished your power to them. Fortunately you woke up just in time to take back your power to decide your own future. In the space of just forty years you have brought so much to Earth it has re-created the grid around it, and it is soon due a great input of energy that will draw the new Earth nearer to manifestation. You are certainly not alone when it comes to preparing everything in readiness for Ascension, as there are legions of souls helping that are even from other Universes. It will be a memorable occasion when it occurs and many wish to be present to witness it.

Tucked away in your homes it might seem that all of our talk is but a dream, but you will physically experience Ascension albeit your bodies will have been suitably prepared by that time. As so many of you have already found, the new energies are powerful and are affecting you in a number of different ways. That is your assurance that things are happening as we advise you, and we expect even more of you to begin to experience greater levels of consciousness. You will find a peace settling upon you that enables you to keep calm whatever the circumstances, a sure sign that you are making good progress. It will be like your experience of time speeding up, and be quite substantial as you edge your way towards becoming a Galactic Being.

There are many wonders awaiting you, and the guarantee of world peace will set you all at ease. Then you can get together to appreciate the differences between you all that make you unique. With the understanding that you are All One the racial tensions and disputes will disappear, and religion such as you know it will reform to be based upon the new truths that will be revealed. The One God will be accepted for all followers, and at a stroke remove what has proved to be the root of many problems and wars over the centuries.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and guide you to the truth that must surface and be acknowledged if you are to unite.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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