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SaLuSa, August 26, 2009

The heat is being turned up and hastening along events on Earth that are vital to you all, allowing for vast changes that are the precursor to a great change of direction in your affairs. Forget for a moment the inconvenience and disruption that is taking place, as out of is coming a number of opportunities to take some positive steps forward. Your leaders are hampered by the legacies of the past, but changes are already afoot to overcome them and carry you onto the next phase of cleansing. Now that the tentacles of the dark forces are being cut, their power over you is weakening and Light is manifesting what you desire instead. The time has arrived for you to take charge of your future, instead of releasing your power to others.

The stage is set for some encouraging changes, and our allies will be aiding those who are directly concerned with them. What we would like to see is more support for those campaigns that are aimed at bringing out the truth of crimes against Mankind. This will occupy the dark Ones and in their desperation to conceal them, they will draw the focus upon themselves. We know that some people are reluctant to believe that they have been fooled, but eventually they will find the undeniable facts placed before them.

You cannot bury the past without clearing out the energies that are associated with it, as they are still active. It is as important as the physical cleansing, if not more so. However, you are not alone in your endeavours, and our members have been doing such work for many years. Without us you would have been submerged in the dross and negativity well before now. Our brief has been as you might say, to hold the fort until the right time arrives for more direct action. That time is here, and we must speed along your approach to Ascension, as many souls have no concept whatsoever of what the future holds. We trust that with the knowledge of what Ascension means, more souls will open up to it. There will be no pressure placed upon them, but at least they will be unable to say that they did not know about it.

Meanwhile we are mounting a greater movement of enlightenment, to reach more people through our messages. We hold to no religion and promote the simple truth of your source and Godself. How you dress the facts up even if they are distorted is not of our concern, as your beliefs are your expression of freewill. Where there is God involved in them you have the basis for growth, as you must have the foundation that allows for the existence of a Creator. From there a new path of Light can begin to evolve that will take you in the right direction.

Your past lives have often been difficult and usually hard going, and many that have taken place before the advent of technology that has eased them. However, with the experience of stern tests and often pain, you have progressed far quicker than you otherwise would. Remember that the whole object is for your spiritual evolution. Nothing else matters, and your lesser experiences will soon be forgotten. Why look back when you can look forward, as everything you have desired to uplift you and enjoy your life in happiness is coming to you very soon.

Ride the waves with confidence as your reward awaits you, well earnt through your loyalty to the Light. It is how you are now that counts, and hopefully the darkness that may have entered your lives has no further impact. There is not a soul on Earth that has not moved in and out of it, but more important is your determination and success in rising up from it. Experience makes you stronger and you will not have to pass that way again. It is also the same with re-incarnation into the cycle of duality, as it is no longer necessary once you have conquered the dark energies. Your lessons will have been learnt and it is time to return to the realms of Light.

Dear Ones set your sights as high as possible, and you will bring into being the energies of possibilities and completion. You will then reach a point where there is only one way, and that is forward. It is easier to do than you might imagine, but requires application and a sincere desire to be successful. Half hearted attempts will not do, and you will fall away from your objective. We cannot talk of failure, as any experience is going to further your cause. It is you who ultimately decide what you want out of life, and that decision will be honoured.

As you get nearer to 2012 the emphasis will be upon that point, but it will also be a time when the period following will become important. One phase of Ascension is reached and another begins, to continue your journey through the realms of Light. Each one presents you with levels of Light that become increasingly beautiful, when descriptions become inadequate. Also your consciousness expands at the same time equipping you to be a great embodiment of the Light. With it comes power that will make you seem more Godlike, and indeed it is true.

You will understand that fear has no place whatsoever outside of duality, and such lower energies cannot exist in the higher dimensions. Fear is man made and the weapon of those who desire to keep you in their control. However, when you are with the Light it is powerless and is left behind. You can now understand our emphasis on keeping focussed on it, and simply allow the darkness to pass you by. Light is Love and is your most potent weapon and protection against the lower vibrations.

There is no one of Earth who has stood with members of the Galactic Federation who has not experienced anything except our love. We do not have to make a conscious effort to be like that, and it is our normal level of beingness. By contrast that is why we find the vibrations of Earth very harsh, but that is changing and your upliftment continues to increase the amount of Light upon it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you all for your determination to bring the Light back to Earth. Know that our love goes with you at all times.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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