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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - June 26, 2020

Mike Quinsey

Remember that nothing happens by chance and whilst your experiences may seem that way they often involve many other souls, some because of karma and others who will simply join them. The Pandemic has given many people ample time to reflect on their life so far and decide where they are going from this point in time. It is a chance to reflect on your life so far and whether it satisfies your ambitions, because in many ways time is running out and a new era will come into being. The old ways have served their purpose very well, but a new way forward is beckoning for those who have set their sights on Ascension.

Everything that is presently happening is calculated to ensure that progress is maintained that will avoid any interference from the dark Ones that could cause undue delay to your progress. Do not despair regardless of what happens in the present circumstances, as it is a time of clearing away all that has no place in the future. At the same time we are encouraging those souls who have set their eyes on Ascension to try as far as possible to ignore the chaos that may be happening around them. It is in part caused by the negative groups who still believe they can obtain power by killing off their rivals. They fail to understand that the future has already been written and no mortal will have the power to change the outcome.

The fact that major changes are taking place can hardly be ignored, particularly when worldwide weather changes are occurring that have brought out some extreme circumstances. The sea levels are rising and a number of inland areas will disappear, but there is usually ample warning to allow people time to relocate to safe places. Everything is on the move in readiness for the final change that will see the promises of a new Earth fulfilled. Perhaps the most significant changes for you will be the many that will result in you having more freedom from your present everyday tasks. It may be a long way off but eventually you will have everything you need at your fingertips and much more time to fulfil your personal ambitions.

Think big and know that what we have often asked you to do, and focus on what you envision for yourself because your desires will be met but as always you can get advice and help from your Guides who are there to help. They do much more for you than you could possibly imagine and are always close to you and on hand when needed. For example they do their best to ensure you stick to your life plan as it covers experiences that you need to advance further. The whole object of your incarnations is to help you experience in a way that advances your evolution. Be assured you are not alone when you tackle the challenges that confront you and so to say – point you in the right direction.

We know it is hard for you to understand your make believe world because you have thought it into being, and having served its purpose it will soon “disappear” as Humanity moves on and prepares for new experiences. You have earned the success that will ensure you leave the third dimension behind as it has served its purpose. Mother Earth will be pleased to lift up into the higher vibrations and create a beautiful Earth for you, one free from all of the present negativity that exists.

Outside of your Solar System are so many advanced civilisations very much like your species with minor differences and some that might well pass for humans having very similar features to yourselves. Indeed, there are so many that bear a resemblance to you we feel sure you would enjoy meeting them. They have much to offer you and a very exciting time awaits you all. There is nothing to fear and the negative Reptilians will not be allowed to interfere with your progress as they have done in the past.

As usual your Governments keep the real news to themselves while they leave you still living in a bygone Age. Some secrets are becoming too big to conceal much longer, and it is likely there will be some revelations in the near future, but at a time when.it is safe to do so. You see strange craft in your skies, yet not so strange as they are part of your Space Fleet. They have been long developed mainly by back engineering crashed craft that go back quite a long time. With it came a great leap in your technology, although in real terms you are way behind those civilisations that have existed for thousands of years and have inter-stellar craft.

There is also the question about Man’s intentions as so far there is no suggestion that their Space travels are to create peaceful relationships, although you trade with many civilisations. Some advances have crept into your field of knowledge which is why you have advanced so quickly in a relatively short time. However, you have not been given the benefit of them all otherwise you would for example already have been using free energy. It will come but not until the dark Ones have been removed and no longer represent a threat to you.

You live in unprecedented times when little seems straightforward, and there seems to be no real direction or purpose where world events are concerned. You face years of sacrifice as governments struggle to come to terms with the problems they see before them. Nothing could have prepared them for what has happened and it shows the weakness of your monetary systems that have struggled to cope with the demands upon them. There is always a way out of trouble, but the result of the pandemic has severely disrupted your monetary system. We recognise your plight and will do our best to help you, but the onus is upon you to take the first steps to start restoring your society. We cannot say more as there are many factors involved that even we cannot yet see which way you are going.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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