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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 24, 2024

Mike Quinsey

Matters of concern are coming to a head and your Leaders are well aware that world peace is at stake. Countries are having to decide which side to support to ensure they have some form of protection. It is an ugly scene that will have a direct effect on so many of them who are already feeling the problems created by world shortages of essential produce. We cannot tell what the outcome will be but will use our influence to prevent it escalating into something more serious. What is happening is typical of the end-times when that which was hidden is revealed. Most worrying is the deliberate intent to change countries borders for gain, and at the expense of the people who will be directly affected.

However, out of all negative actions we can see opportunities for advancement in many ways as the old system is shown up for its weaknesses. Regardless of what happens there are usually positive aspects that will continue to help Humanity to evolve as will be seen in the near future. We would much prefer a peaceful period of change but that seems almost impossible given that many countries are being led by tyrants. Unfortunately that is the way of the world just now and there is little hope of it changing. It seems that Man is incapable of realising that Humanity is one great family of brothers and sisters.

At heart human beings are of a peaceful nature but are being led by those who believe that might is right. Yet your history shows that it is short lived and no answer to the desire to live in peace. The dark Ones would rather have total control over the population who only exist as in an open prison. However do not worry about such an issue as they will never have the opportunity to do so. Man was given freewill and we assure you that it cannot be taken away from you. You have learned so much from your many lives having been able to follow your own inclinations where your future has been concerned.

Life at times has been very testing but it has made you stronger and able to withstand the difficulties placed upon your path. Most souls seek a peaceful life but as part of their experiences they often have to face tremendous challenges. It tests your ability to rise to the occasion and handle it with care, and consideration of how it may affect other people. Know that absolutely no soul can abuse another one without having to accept the consequences. Often it is by experiencing exactly the same as you have treated another soul.

If for one moment you had full memory of your many lives during the last cycle, you would be amazed at the progress you have made, and here you are now prepared for a wonderful change that will leave behind all that has been a negative part of your experience. You have no further need for it and proved that you raised your vibrations as a result of your experiences, and intent to raise yourself up through your dedication to your life plan. We have been with you all of the way and pleased that you have accepted the task of overcoming the negativity around you. You have been deliberately misled by it as to your true purpose in life, but efforts to prevent you finding out the truth have failed.

Your success has made you strong and able to ignore the negativity around you, and help other souls understand the true purpose of their many lives upon Earth. You will never have to again go through such testing times and a wonderful future beckons. You will choose what your next experiences will be and they are certain to be very satisfying and uplifting, remember that evolution is an ongoing experience to be enjoyed and often exciting. Naturally you will finally meet us and we look forward to that reunion.

The question often arises as to how you could help other people through the difficulties that are presently being experienced. Convincing people that there is no question of a nuclear war is not easy when living in a world that is at war with itself. However, those forces that oversee your existence will impose their demands upon any country that is prepared to use them against the people. As previously stated, we have the means of making such weapons totally inoperative. So do not fear the threats being given out by those who use them to carry out military operations.

Understandably people question what the future will bring that will lift them up so that life can continue peacefully, and we say again that changes will take place that will bring about a peace you have not experienced for a long, long time. It will need many changes and result from entering the higher vibrations and Ascension. We have often referred to them as game changers that will bring the new Earth into being and will have no resemblance to the old one. It will be paradise compared to your present experiences.

We do our best to lift you up but realise that at the same time so many are suffering a harsh existence. It is difficult to throw off your pain and suffering in such circumstances, but if it is of some consolation you do not have much longer to go before matters improve. Already as some of you have noted, many changes are taking place that will clear the way for immediate improvements. As always we are ever present to help you along and fulfil the plans for the great upliftment that is starting to take place.

More than ever the many souls that have no idea of what the future holds except it looks very bleak and needs your help to get through the present times. Even a few words of encouragement can work wonders as things are not as bad as they first appear. Behind the scenes much is being done to overcome the threats of an escalated war so that it does not develop into a World War. There are already so many deaths directly or indirectly attributed to the enforced changes taking place and we try to prevent a worse scenario. You learn through experience and the Earth at present is a hotbed of happenings that cover all extremes. As an individual you will as far as possible be kept to your life plan as agreed by you prior to being rebirthed upon Earth. So do not fear the worst as by giving energy to such thoughts, you are attracting negativity to yourself.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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