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SaLuSa, October 23, 2009

We see that the good news about the coming announcement travels fast, and it has been received by many with great joy. It is as though a load has been lifted from your minds, and now you sit back a bit easier as you wait for what will be the first of many revelations. The start is always the most important time, and is why the timing has been so critical. The truth about us and other visitors to your Earth, has to counteract the dark forces and their present attempt to bring doubt and fear into your minds where Swine Flu is concerned. You need an alternative subject to focus your attention on, and what could be better than the promise of the commencement of our activities revealing the truth about us. It will carry you forward on the crest of a wave of expectation, and firmly plant in your minds that the first contact has begun. It is then a matter of how quickly you understand how we will work with you, for commencement of the plan, covering the cleansing of Earth and your upliftment. Certainly the picture will be clearly given so that every soul can decide whether or not to accept us. In spite of the completely positive nature of our message, there will still be some who prefer to remain in your present dimension. However, we expect more of you will find comfort and hope in our messages, and the answers to the problems that wrack Earth at this time.

Our venture lies in your spiritual progress, whilst at the same time ensuring that your physical needs are met. It is to be a quick conversion from the restraints of the dark Ones, by removing them from power and ensuring that as soon as possible your sovereignty is restored. You are to enter the last phase in your preparation in readiness for Ascension. Remarkable times are so to say just around the corner, and once we can openly address you the details will be made known. These are the moments we have all been waiting for and have meticulously worked at over many years. To change your mindset after such a long period of domination and deliberate manipulation has not been easy, but you have responded well to the wake up call.

There will be a hundred and one questions arising in your minds, but we will deal with many of them through our series of presentations that will reach everyone upon Earth. We can arrange it so that each of you hears it in your own language, and no one shall be left out. Be sure we have a great understanding of your needs at such times, and we have covered all aspects of them. The homeless and the hungry will be at the top of our list, and once they have been satisfied we will deal with health issues that concern so many. It will require a close look at your way of life, which needs to reflect the needs of your body, and the sustenance for your soul. We call for flexibility in your beliefs so that a new paradigm can be accepted, as the old will be inadequate for the new Human that is emerging.

The truth has to be brought out no matter how difficult you may find it to accept. It is not our way to be other than truthful, but we shall handle it sympathetically and with respect for your individual freewill. We can but lay the truth in front of your eyes, but we will back it up with irrefutable evidence where it involves your history. You are to enter the final straight leading to Ascension fully informed and spiritually ready to take the final upliftment. Gradually let your attachment to the past move into the background, and let the love and Light occupy your minds as you rise up in your vibrations. The attraction for you will be the promise of a fulfilling and happy future, where peace abides and you are no longer subject to the attention of the dark forces. They cannot follow you into the higher vibrations; indeed they are being left behind now as you cut your ties with them. Deny them your attention; yet send out your Light wherever you are aware of their dark energies. All of the time you stand fast within your Light, you are protected.

You are being given everything you need to grow in awareness, so that you may make an informed choice as to whether you are prepared to accept the promise of Ascension. It will sound attractive, but those souls who cannot detach from their earthy ties will fear the changes. Clearly you will need to have reached a certain level of conscious awareness to understand the implications. However, once you accept that life is ongoing and your evolutionary path is in the direction of the higher dimensions, you will not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to leave this closing cycle. We would say that you would intuitively know what is best for you, and allow others to make their own decisions. There is no pushing or pressurizing of souls from us or their Guides to move onto the Ascension pathway, and either way it is so important that it is a totally freewill choice. Do not be too concerned about friends or family, as there is still time to have a leap in consciousness. The incoming Light is causing a stirring amongst many souls, and they may yet respond quite suddenly.

Soon we can start our final stages of the plan for your upliftment. It will be the consequence of the announcement that is coming about the reality of our existence. Following it, only the most hardened skeptics will bury their heads in the sand. No one readily likes to admit that they have held wrong beliefs, but of course given time they will soften their resistance to the truth. Religions are going to be faced with great challenges, and unless they bend with the wind of change they will be left behind. Again we stress that the truth is not forced upon anyone, but you cannot remain in a state of imbalance indefinitely. The coming Ascension is a major change in your evolution, and too important to leave entirely to your own ways of seeking. Any soul that has declared the intent to search for enlightenment, will attract help and they can be sure that they will be directed to find those opportunities that will fulfill their needs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with each message the excitement grows at the thought of becoming so much closer to you. We have so much more to pass on to you, that will prepare you for the massive changes that are waiting to go ahead. The decline of your civilization will continue for a while and it is a natural result of the end of this cycle, and when the new one is ready to emerge. Keep a positive outlook and let your happiness light up the lives of others.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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