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SaLuSa, March 23, 2009

Do you know that your Guides and Angelic protectors have contact with you all of the time? Not in any intrusive way, but ready to come to your aid if you ask for it. They also join you when you have those quiet periods, when you are contemplating life and perhaps the problems that beset you. Michael is realising that we often talk to him, and pearls of wisdom that seem to come from out of nowhere are from us. We find that if you do not make a point of remembering them they are soon forgotten. Often these take place shortly after you have risen in the morning, when your mind is free from the clutter that you normally collect during the course of the day. Our presence is one of continual contact with those who are our allies, or have a vibration that is sufficiently lifted to ours to make it possible. Think upon these points and perhaps you too may find it possible to link with us.

When you finally move into the higher dimensions, you will openly work with those Beings that are linked with you. They are one and the same that have followed you through many lives, protecting you and guiding you on the path of Light. Such service to others is something that you will apply yourself to quite easily when you have ascended. Time will be yours to follow exactly what you desire, and life is therefore much more fulfilling. Having to toil for a living will be behind you, as you will be able to use your power of creation to cater for all of your needs. Nevertheless, your needs are little as in your new lighter body you have the ability to live almost entirely from the energy of Light. You will come and go from your home planet as you require, and use various modes of transport freely available. Life becomes a glorious adventure as you move around unfettered and free from restriction.

Matters move on to our approval and will lead to all of the benefits you have been promised. There is no longer any alternative as you have reached a point of mass consciousness, that has established the levels of energy that are required to enable it. Remember also Dear Ones, that there is still a specified date by which you must have progressed to First Contact. If by any chance it has not commenced in good time, there will be intervention on our part to ensure it can go ahead. That has been divinely decreed and is our authorisation to do so. We would say that this year is going to be intense where energies are concerned, as it is planned to take many opportunities to uplift your consciousness at a far quicker rate. With it will come a greater awakening, which will take Humanity to a new level.

Our contact with you is gradually being accepted as a friendly gesture, and we have won over the hearts and minds of many of you. Our patience has been never ending, and we have maintained a dignified approach to you at all times. Our friendly approach has helped remove those fears of the unknown, and it is being seen that we are in no way a threat to you or your way of life. We offer you an introduction to life as it will be for you, and we have many visitors to our ships. You do not always remember your trips, but subconsciously have a feeling of acceptance and friendliness towards us. It is something we have nurtured for a long time, knowing that we needed to win your confidence and trust. When you first stand in our presence, it will be the final proof as you will experience our energy which is quite different to yours. It is of the finer vibration and creates a feeling of harmony, love and balance.

After First Contact we will be able to freely come and go from Earth, and you will see us involved in many projects. All of this will be agreed with your official representatives, and we have no intention of overwhelming you with our presence. However, since you are destined to join us it is only natural that we shall work together. Our coming is to change your lives, and you shall adopt many of our ways. As we have told you already, we are your future selves and at some stage we shall become as One. Let go of attachments that you know will have no place as the real you comes back into being. The greatest changes are being made at consciousness levels, as these are so important to your successful Ascension..

Dear Ones, regardless of which stage of evolution you are currently at, you will always receive help and be accompanied by your Guides. Never feel that you are alone, particularly in your times of need as that is when they come closest. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with looking after Mankind, and your upliftment and safe journey through to Ascension. For us that is a great responsibility, and one we take very seriously. We would rather work openly with you, but for the time being that is not an option. However, open contact gets ever nearer, and we look forward to a wonderful time as we get to know one and another well.

Our craft are as ever becoming seen on a more regular basis, as we monitor your Earth. The threat of war has diminished, but we are well involved in keeping a watchful eye on your planet as it badly needs our help. The cleansing is well overdue, but once we start it will not take long to start seeing welcome results. Our technological knowledge can overcome any immediate problem, and there are times when we have to intervene where human lives are at risk. That does not mean that we can help out on every occasion, as Mother Earth carries out some changes herself.

We liaise with other galactic groups as there is co-operation between those of the Light. In this Galaxy we are the biggest single grouping, and it is dedicated to maintaining peace throughout it. There will be many opportunities for you to become Ambassadors to other planets, and your experience of duality will be eagerly sought. You were already Light Beings before you set out on your journey into the lower realms. Therefore, the idea of returning to them should seem quite natural to you, and not in the least strange.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speak for all of my companions when I say that we have the greatest admiration for you all. Regardless of how you see yourselves, or whether you are ready to return to the higher realms, we have an undying love for you all. How else could it be when we are all from the Source of All That Is. We are All One, seeking out the answers to all of the mysteries around us that extend into Infinity.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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