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SaLuSa, December 22, 2010

As those who celebrate at this festive season look forward to gathering with family and friends, the feeling of happiness and joy is growing. Humans are remarkable at finding the ability to do so, whilst at the same time experiencing difficulties arising from the more mundane problems of life on Earth. It is no wonder to us that you can do so, as your natural state of being is one of desiring to live in peace and create happiness around you. It is fortunate that although the significance of Christmas celebrations is lost upon many people, the idea of creating goodwill and coming together in celebration brings out the best in you. It is a reminder of the Light of your true selves that can emerge and lift you up. The concerns and worries that you usually carry around with you, are set aside and love abounds that touches the hearts of so many of you.

In one sense the traditional reason for your celebration is unimportant, but it does nevertheless remind you of the birth of a World Teacher. Jesus came to show by example, that it was possible to live a life dedicated to the most complete showing of Unconditional Love. He illustrated that when you can find it within your heart to love all life including those who oppose you, it is possible to create balance and harmony. Jesus came not to create Christianity, and his teachings were for all people regardless of their personal beliefs. That his powerful energy of love still remains on Earth, is a credit to his ability to manifest such a high level of vibration when there was so much darkness around. He spoke of the One God that every soul is connected to and conveyed the idea that all were One within that energy.

Of necessity when we can openly speak with you, matters such as religious understanding will have to be addressed. It is so important that you shed those beliefs that have infiltrated the true teachings that are of Love and Light. There can only be the One Truth even although it can be expressed in a number of different ways. In the past the Priesthood have jealously guarded their power, and tried to make their followers captive to their own teachings and interpretations of the scriptures. To counteract such ways there have been further teachings that have promoted the idea of finding the true self within. Each of you carries the truth with you, but because of the struggle to make headway in situations where you are continually facing duality, you are more often than not confused and unable to progress. That Dear Ones is the challenge you have undertaken to enhance your understanding, and still evolve through discovering the Light within. Many paths have led you to your present level of understanding, and with the benefit of being able to incarnate into the different cultures, you have experienced their beliefs first hand. What you have learnt still remains with you at a subconsciousness level, even although you cannot recall it in detail.

You have come a long way to arrive at such an important time as the conclusion of this cycle. You should be fairly well equipped to deal with the final challenges involved, and Ascension should settle quite easily within your mind. Certainly much effort is being put in to help you raise your levels of consciousness, and no one will truly be able to claim that they were denied the opportunity to ascend. There is no intent to force the issue upon you, but once you are interested there is so much information available if you take the responsibility to look around. Your Internet is still a source of vast pools of information, even though it is also open to abuse from those who deliberately set out to mislead and confuse you. This is where your ability comes in to be discerning, and if something does not resonate with you set it aside or let it go.

Life is abundant everywhere and exists on many levels, and you are just beginning to accept that possibility. Since all life originates from the Source it follows that apart from its outer appearance, it has the same capability to evolve. You should expect to find Beings with very much the same levels of consciousness and understanding, albeit that some have evolved much further than you have at present. We of the Galactic Federation and similar organizations such as the various councils are one such example, and having long ago found our godselves are offering ourselves in service to you. Normally we would refrain from direct contact, as it is essential to allow developing civilizations to find their own path to understanding and experience as they choose. It would be quite incorrect if in desiring to assist you we altered your course of evolution, and that is why we often explain to you that we cannot be seen to interfere. It is different when the Lords of Creation give us the authorization to do so, as it is they who plan your cycles.

Everything that happens on a Universal level is set to carry all life towards the higher levels of Light and Love. That is part of your experience as you journey back to the Source, as nothing stands still and all constantly moves forward and upwards in this way. The dark Ones also evolve, and like most souls in duality move from one side to another as part of their journey to gain from their experiences. Remember that you are living out an illusion, and that it is holographic in nature and it is more like a grand game of life. You may come and go as one life after another passes by, but as you have infinite life you will always survive whatever the challenge. All of these matters will be further explained, but we avoid going as you might say, over the top. Your understanding is best served by the release of a steady flow of information. However, with time speeding up and running out where your present cycle is concerned, we have to open you up to the levels of truth that will enable you to shed all of those beliefs, that would most likely hold up your progress.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of a vast team of souls just like you, dedicated to ensuring you have every opportunity to ascend. Our plan has reached a point of manifestation that very soon we will be called into action. Our allies are ready and as your levels of consciousness continue rising, so the time to go full speed ahead is approaching. You sense it to be so and your intuition will let you know, when it is time to be ready for the changes to commence that will start a new era in your lives. Know that we draw closer each day, and we look forward to making ourselves known to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Please note that my next message will be on Wednesday 29th. December. Mike Quinsey.

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