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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - March 22, 2024

Mike Quinsey

Matters are progressing in a way that we expected, and you could have hardly failed to notice that the changes you are experiencing are increasingly affecting the population of Earth. The problems for Humanity are still mounting up and stretching you and your resources to a maximum. Unfortunately much is unavoidable as the old ways are no longer adequate to bring in the required changes that will take you into the New Age that has already started to show itself. Meanwhile the dark Ones see the chaos as an opportunity to establish their idea of how life should be led. They are ready to enforce them to bring about peace upon Earth, with draconian measures that rely upon their ability to control the population upon it. They will not succeed as greater forces than theirs control the outcome that will see the people of Earth lifted up and beyond their reach.

Behind the scenes greatly evolved Beings are directing events always taking into consideration your freewill. However, you are on course to see many acceptable changes that will point the way forward, and achieve the ultimate release from the negative energies and their cohorts. It may be difficult to imagine better times in the face of so much destruction and turmoil, but there is a plan not just for your survival but also your freedom and release from the control of the Illuminati. At present you may find it hard to envisage better times, but already the foundations are being built. In the not too distant future it will become apparent which way things are going.

Go about your daily tasks knowing that there is a bright future ahead and that all of the good work you put in will reap its rewards. The important thing is to keep spreading the light and not allow yourselves to become disheartened. You are on the path to victory over the dark Ones who eventually have to answer for their activities and see the result of attempts to overcome Humanity and control their future.

Do you not feel the surge of positive energy that is gradually growing that will finally sweep away all of the negativity upon Earth. You may be assured it will and nothing shall stand in its way. That same energy will carry you into the New Age with all of its beauty, peace and happiness. So do not give up now whatever your experiences as they come your way for a good reason. You never stop learning even in the higher vibrations as after all you are in a manner of saying “the new kids on the block” You are ready to move on and the opportunities to do so will come your way.

Know that there is so much more for you to learn and once you ascend the opportunities to do so are endless. Indeed, you will have much more say in your manner of progress and will have much advice from those who have gone before you. Old friends from many incarnations ago are looking forward to meeting you again and many have followed your progress with great interest. The friends you have made will always have that link with you and wait to greet you with loving thoughts. Naturally your memories of them will return and a joyful reunion take place.

So Dear Ones, the future is not as dismal as it may first seem to be but clearly some experiences may not be to your liking, but all are necessary to help you overcome the negativity that seems to be all around you. Never forget you are overcoming the challenges that confront you and should never again give you concern. You may not realise it but you are a powerful Being and not aware of your true potential whilst being on Earth. Imagine how much experience you have had through your hundreds of lives and how much you must have learned. You are to be honoured for your devotion to your tasks that have seen you climb the ladder to success. You are now ready for greater things once you ascend from the lower vibrations, never again to have to return to that level.

You have made so many friends on your travels who are only a thought away from you, and you will be able to meet again in the near future. Some have followed your progress mainly because of your lasting friendship through many lives. Many are old family members that have been with you on Earth numerous times and often in different relationships. As you must know by now the links have always existed so you will have some old friends waiting to meet you when you return to the higher vibrations. You may have met someone and felt a bonding and familiarity with them.

If you have a pet animal you almost certainly talk to it and it does understand you and your tone of voice. They can be very devoted to their human “owners” and dogs will guard them with their lives. By living with you they become individual souls and independent of the hub of animals that they would otherwise join. An animal’s devotion to their owners is remarkable and never goes away regardless of how they are treated. Animals do not become humans but can so to say, experience in what you would judge to be a greater experience. Humans can learn a lot from animals and likewise animals from Man.

Do you feel that you have learned something from being a human because over many lives it is impossible not to have done so. It is of course directed by you when you decide what path to follow to expand your experiences. It can lead to you becoming more focussed on what you want to be as a human being, and have a succession of lives that achieve your goals. Again as with all experiences you will have your Guides on hand to guide you along. Be assured that what you prove to be good at will be used to help others on a similar path.

There is of course no reason why you should not aim for a number of different goals. It obviously gives you a greater choice when you decide to follow one particular path that you can expand. Again you get the advantage of having guidance from those who have gone before you. Life is about helping each other to evolve and souls have a natural urge to do so. When families come together many times there is an ongoing development between them that hastens their success and it is not unusual for such an arrangement to take place.

Much of your life is planned in advance and necessarily so if you are to be successful. It is arranged to give you the maximum opportunity to get the experiences you need to do so and inevitably means meeting some souls who can be useful to you. The most important event is meeting up with your partner who would also have been prepared for their part in your life. It is an involved affair to get things together as planned but it usually works out unless the person goes against the plan even so that they agreed with it before incarnating.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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