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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 21, 2020

Mike Quinsey

Dear friends, I find that a recent video message from Kryon as per the extracts below very informative where the Covid virus is concerned. At a time when there is still much confusion I feel that Kryon’s message will help immensely to clarify matters.

The Broken Media – Kryon 2020.


Referring to our media – all is not what it seems, they want you to watch what they have, to ask you to watch their commercials because they have got something more scary than the next guy. They broadcast fear, where is the news of those who have recovered. ENDED AT 13.55m.


The virus will change history, make fashion changes. There will be a re-calibration of Covid. There will be a peace that passes all understanding Talking about the year 2102 – Looking ahead to the year 2120, some 100 years in the future, there may be a celebration, a memorial day in tribute to those who died in the present time. There will be a release from the old energies, ways that would never have been released without it. All the old ways, the training/habits, the ways of being, the paradigms go away and you come out of the puzzle fresh and clean, and no encumbrances of what was there to keep you from changing - that is the release, that is the main thing Covid has given you Oh! If I could put them together – all those who passed over right now, they would yell and they would cheer and laugh, they would throw confetti and blow up balloons and say to you it isn’t what you think. The only sadness is those that are left, there is sadness for the passing into the arms of God where you belong and you meet the family again, that’s a release. It’s a different way of thinking, indeed it is a mature way, understanding way, and knowingness inside that you are never alone and there is no death. All here will come back and continue the lineage of the old soul and birthright of joy. ENDED AT 36.19m.

“CIRCLE OF 12” STARTS 42.04m.

There is going to be the “Circle of 12” it is the beginning of an energy where it’s time to commence, and it will happen soon. Almost at the last moment you pulled it out. It will be the new normal, the new human, all of those things that are there for you to use, it’s in the lineage. You are a child of the Creator – every single being is placed here. The Masters created an energy so that the humans could do the work, it will happen soon The appropriate colour will be green, a green that surpasses any kind of green you have ever seen before it permeates every cell the “Circle of 12“ are coming. Circles do not come from outside sources, they come from inside from a multi-dimension. Every soul is everywhere at the same time, this means that all of this can be done at a distance yet you are there, that is the promise of having a multi-dimensional reality. Prayer is not an offering to the sky or Creator, prayer is not begging it’s an energy that goes right to the human Being in trouble and says “you are magnificent”, stand up and be healed. That is the “Circle of 12”. ENDED AT 1.00.48m.


You have no idea of what is inside you, if you were a child of the Creator what might there be past 3D, what you have never been told you could do. Every single human being is a multi-dimensional creature on this planet, placed here on purpose – we know your names. You have passed this marker and I will tell you there has been a Galactic Shift, because those out there know what you have done they have been waiting for it. It echoes what many of them have done. Yes, all over there are those are those like you - Children of God. There will be a day when you will meet the family and you will recognise them, much like you. They will have the same story about the love, the kindness, and the compassion and what they have gone through and what the planets have gone through and their transition time and the wars and they will sit down and talk. A whole new world will open to you as you listen to them and see yourself – it is coming. ENDED AT 55.00m.

21st August 2020. Mike Quinsey

It is possible that by now you have seen beyond the disadvantages of living through Covid Virus and understand that the wider picture is one where the Alliance are using the lockdown to isolate the dark Ones. Many have been arrested and so it continues whilst the people have used the free time to re-access what they have been doing with their lives, often realising that their best interests are better served in a different manner. That has resulted in many changes with more still to come, and it is apparent that there will not be a full return to the old ways that are not suited to the new energies. The old Age has no further use in an evolving society looking for an outlet for new ideas that will uplift everyone. Nothing will escape the changes and already some are rapidly coming into being. You have new generations of mainly the younger ones who are arrived with the “know how” that will lead the way.

You are to claim that which you have earned through your diligence and hard work. Unlike the previous Age you are allowed to receive more help from your E.T. friends who await an appropriate time to introduce themselves. For a very long time they have followed your progress and tried to inspire you to take actions that would benefit all souls. They come nearer now and will create opportunities where their help is more direct. Like you they wait for the time that is soon to come when contact can be more open. There will be joyful occasions that will take place on an Earth that has risen up again into the Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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