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SaLuSa, June 21, 2010

The Summer Solstice like many other special occasions is one that brings with it a powerful out flowing of energy. It is particularly important at this time when you are being prepared for Ascension, as if you can integrate it into yourself it will uplift your level of vibrations. With each input of this nature you are increasing your level of consciousness, and cutting your links with the lower vibrations. With each step, your desire to reach the point where you can ascend comes so much closer. Those souls who see changes all around them, struggle to understand why it is happening. The incoming energies from many sources tug at their heartstrings, but often it ends in the creation of more confusion. However, nothing outside of you can force you to move into any particular direction, and it is your choice entirely. Some will prefer to remain where they are in spite of the negativity around them, and find solace in that which is familiar to them. Should a spark of love touch them deeply, they may nevertheless awaken to the sleeping giant within them.

Each soul has a Higher Self that endeavors to bring the truth to you, and is what you sometimes refer to as that little voice of your conscience. However, once you recognize your potential, you can tap your source of knowledge and understanding. If you so desire, the way will open for you to expand your consciousness, and before you know it your mindset will change. People often look outside of themselves for guidance, and it is appropriate when you first open up your mind. It is however advisable to check your understanding with your Higher Self, and do so when you have the opportunity to find those quiet and peaceful moments. Ultimately you are destined to again become a part of your Higher Self, which is the highest expression of the beautiful soul you really are.

Everything you have experienced still travels with you, and is reflected in your beliefs and understanding of life. At different times you have chosen to live a life in whatever culture or religion, that would give you the experiences necessary to expand your evolution. You have been black, white or any color that went with it, and that too has been an important part of your experiences. Do you not find it odd that you could have entered your present lifetime, with some bias against another being because of color or religion? Let us suggest that perhaps it comes about because you have had unpleasant experiences in an earlier lifetime. Ones that remain deeply etched in your subconsciousness, and need to be expunged so that you can move forward. If you identify with such problems for which you can find no apparent reason, try to analyze your feelings and consider that you may be looking at a reflection of yourself. Often in life your own shortcomings seem to be magnified, when you see them in another and you can be their sternest critic. Sometimes it is useful to see for yourself how you may appear to someone else.

Life is a learning curve where you look to find your path back to the enlightened Being you were, before you dropped down into the lower vibrations to experience duality. Separation from your Higher Self has left you exposed to the lower vibrations, and as a result some of you have lost your way. However, help is always on hand to reveal your true self, and awaken you to the love and Light within you. In the present period of time help has increased tenfold, and you will rise up again if that is your desire and intent.

Earthly matters move on even if very slowly, but there is now a sense of urgency where the Gulf Oil spill is concerned. It represents a world threat, which if unchecked and not stopped would leave you with repercussions for many years to come. Fortunately that will not be your experience, as other matters will take priority, such as Ascension. Therefore you can expect some action that will put a stop to the leak, so that the plan for your final upliftment can get under way. Have no doubt as to the outcome, as nothing will be able to stand in its way. We are an integral part of it, and you have our backing to ensure that disclosure and all that needs to follow it happens as planned.

As expected the people are more aware than ever before as to how they have been deceived. Now you are wiser and able to determine more easily when the truth is not being given to you. As a result the dark Ones get enmeshed in their own lies and are seen for what they really are. The worldwide financial problems are also a blow to their plans, and they know that eventually a total collapse will see them lose their power in the market place. The controls they had over many aspects of your life are being removed, and their future looks bleak. We see a time coming when our opportunity to remove them looks most likely, and rest assured we shall take it. The dark Ones can resign at any time, and are aware of the terms of surrender that give them some protection from the anger that people will feel. We of the Galactic Federation are not a lynch mob, and our ways still offer love and compassion to those who have been sucked into the mire of evil and negativity. Our view is that there is always hope where the spark of the soul Light still shines, even if it is but a glimmer of its true potential.

We have shown time and time again that we have moved beyond being judgmental, and there is no feeling whatsoever of wanting revenge against those who have controlled you and Mother Earth for so long. Duality does in fact allow expressions from both the dark and the Light, and that has formed your challenge to be overcome in the lower vibrations. Many have done so quite successfully, and they are leading the way for others by their example. Look to your spiritual leaders both past and present, and where you find those that preach love for all life you will find the perfect example. Is it not ever true “that by their works ye shall know them”. It has not changed over millennia of time, and you only have to look at teachers such as Jesus and the Buddha to see what we mean.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, motivated by love and a strong desire to see you all ascend, but I know you must be allowed your freewill choice, but there is no urgency as you are all in the Now. However, for the period that remains before Ascension, there is a lot to be achieved. Your troubles are going to distract you from your focus, if you engage them with too much emotion. So try to let go of them, and have faith that all will turn out as promised.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"if we were to make a joint effort (like with the oils spill in the gulf of mexico) to send our love and light to the illuminati would this encourage them to resign?

forrest." (06-21-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Forrest,
Yes, all energy that is put into achieving a goal, helps to get there. Energy is never lost. So I'm sure this would contribute to their resigning. Let's do it!
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (06-22-'10)

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