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SaLuSa, April 20, 2009

Many of you are waiting your opportunity to contribute to the manifestation of the changes that will lead you on to Ascension. You have talent, experience and knowledge that can be put to good use, and some already visualise what is needed to transform your society in readiness for the New Age. It is a matter of taking your opportunity as and when it comes your way, and being alert to it. What these inspired souls are doing through the visions they hold, is to help create the very situation that will allow them to manifest. We for our part continue to support you, and will use those Dear Souls to encourage others to look to the future. As we have told you previously, there will be much work to do and although we could handle it ourselves, it is important that you are also involved. It is to be a combined effort, and with our technologies a successful partnership.

Our approach to the cleansing of the Earth is one that has also taken into account the necessity to remove waste, redundant machinery and equipment. You have already deposited nuclear waste on your seabeds, and in deep holes or caves and it will have to be removed. Our technology will neutralise such dangerous materials, as will our approach to pollution in general. Much of our work can be carried out directly from our craft without the necessity to land on Earth. As these projects are carried out so the introduction of new methods and equipment will also take place, so that there is no recurrence of the old reasons for pollution. Where your atmosphere is concerned we have always kept it cleaner than it would otherwise have been, as we have been allowed to deal with nuclear fall-out. Even so, it has still caused much illness amongst you, and has impaired the health of future generations.

Man was been given the chance to govern his own lives, and create his own version of his highest ideals. Unfortunately, they have been curtailed over a very long period of time, as those of the dark have created a structure of power that has enhanced their plan to control the planet and its inhabitants. But for a recent change in your collective consciousness, they would have achieved their aims. Now it is the turn of those of the Light to see their visions manifest, but first the old must be changed or removed. Duality has served as a great testing ground, allowing freewill that has applied to both the dark and the Light alike. It is worth mentioning once again, that each and every soul volunteered to experience the challenging times it presented. The ultimate prize is a great advancement in spiritual progress, and the opportunity to permanently leave the cycle of duality.

Whatever you are involved in including your family and friends, the object is to apply yourself to situations in such a way that it will further your spiritual evolution. By all means enjoy your physical experiences, as they give you great understanding of the laws that apply in the lower vibrations. Such experiences are valuable, and you will carry the lessons learnt with you into the higher dimensions. We of the Galactic Federation have not all evolved along the same path as you, however we can gain an understanding of your experiences through tapping into your consciousness. It clearly helps us to work in harmony with you, if we can respond as one who can resonate with your experiences.

Our way of life is not that far removed from yours, except that we do not have to spend the best part of our life working to survive. At some stage money becomes unnecessary and what you consider to be your necessities, are made freely available. On Earth you are far from such a set up, and would for a start need to reach a state of harmony and sharing. Greed has no place in advanced societies, and is totally unnecessary. Equality is accepted as being a worthy goal, and there are no class distinctions as on Earth. The key is love for your fellow traveller, as all are on a never-ending journey. You wish for others exactly as you would for yourself, if not indeed more. On Earth there is a different culture, encouraged by those who possess the power and control the wealth. You are brought up to accept the different classes as in some way superior, and that there is some right to place one above another. The fact is that opportunities are not equally available to everyone, and money is often the only path to success.

Of course there are leaders, and Beings that by spiritual advancement are above others because of their levels of consciousness. However, it is not used in any sense of feeling superior. Naturally other Beings look up to those who are more evolved, but there is no self-adoration involved. You will usually find that they are extremely humble and have no illusions of grandeur. Imagine how you will find it when you too move into the higher dimensions. However, by then you will have progressed through your own upliftment, and will take your place with ease. Is it not wonderful that souls of a like kind find each other quite naturally, and those who are at a different level also come together in the same way.

Considering what lies ahead for you, can anything that you are still to experience on Earth make any real difference to your resolve to ascend? In real terms there is so little time left before you see dramatic changes, and you will know for certain that you are leaving duality and all that means behind you. There is still a great deal of fear around you, but as people begin to see the way out of them a change of feeling will replace it. We say at all times, keep fast to your vision of what lies ahead, be consistently calm and far sighted to see the beautiful occasion when a wonderful upliftment takes place. You have yet to fully realise what a great impact Ascension will have upon you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share the task amongst many others to enlighten you as to what to expect where your future is concerned. It has been taking place for many years, but has not been as clear as now. There were certain factors that had to be seen out, to know exactly whether you would be able to reach levels of consciousness that would carry you beyond the millennium. Now you are moving into the Love and Light and deservedly well on the way to Ascension, and nothing will stop that process being fulfilled.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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