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SaLuSa, October 19, 2011 Thrive

Matters move on as the pace of development increases, and will continue do so until the energy for change is manifested for the purposes intended. Your expectations may differ and not all of you can be correct, but in principle all will see acceptable changes that will at least fulfill part of them. Debt is the over riding problem in virtually all countries, and it may yet see the fall of Europe. As it is anticipated it will not come as a shock, but will offer the long sought opportunity to completely re-shape the economy and financial systems. So you know what is likely to occur over a period of some weeks, and can prepare for the outcome.

If you are a Lightworker you will sail through the fall out from the changes because you know no matter how events work out, they will ultimately be for the benefit of all people. There will be a leveling up that allows for individualism, yet puts people into one category where all are treated fairly and equally. As a result there will be no jealousy or judgment of another, as all will be treated according to their needs. As a new society your pleasure will be in seeing that everyone is looked after, and sharing will become quite commonplace. Trust will be taken for granted, as you will be aware that behind the plan for you are spiritually defined reasons based on Light and Love.

For a time you will be like a swimmer treading water, using a lot of energy but going nowhere fast. Then all of a sudden the floodgates will open and everything will take off. So it is case of playing the waiting game until it is your time to get involved. It will give you the opportunity to ensure that you are ready for whatever is asked of you. We will need plenty of helpers when matters start to involve the people of Earth. You all have some kind of talents to offer, and remember that you are here at this momentous time by choice, and we do mean everyone.

We of the Galactic Federation keep our eyes on the dark Ones, because although they are weakening it does not take many to create a disturbance. The chain of command is fragmented, and they are confronted by our allies at every turn. The military are nowhere near as cohesive as they were, and their black operations are more difficult to control. All in all, we are pleased at the progress we have made, particularly as we play the game by the rules. Yet we have no complaints as we have the blessing of the Creator, and know that we are the Light Bearers that carry the Torch of Truth.

All over the world, what you often refer to as the working people are waking up to what has been happening around them, and seeking answers. Their strength lies in their numbers, and they will not go away until they get answers. They may be demonstrating in many different countries, but their energies are becoming as one giving great power to their demands. The peaceful revolution has really begun now, and there are many more people who strengthen it by sending out their thoughts for victory by the Light. As we see it the victory is already yours, so do not falter for one moment with your intent to bring the changes about.

We foresee some turmoil upon Earth in the next few weeks, but in part that will be seasonal although your weather patterns have been interfered with. Even that is controlled by us, but we can only go so far in helping to keep it balanced. There is only a small margin between help and interference, and we act with all care. We abide by the rulings and Laws that cover karmic responsibilities, as it is possible to slip up even with the best of intentions. Have no fear as we are old hands at dealing with the dark Ones, and your needs to achieve Ascension. You keep your eyes on your goal, and we will keep our eyes on you for your protection.

Short of the Creator changing the plan for the end-times, nothing will alter the outcome and that is your assurance of Ascension. Bear in mind that we are talking about the whole Universe and not just your tiny Earth. We know it is hard for you to imagine the magnificence and power of the Creator, and we stand in awe of the incredible changes that are taking place. Even we of the Galactic Federation are but a small part of the action, although it must be said that those on the higher dimensions are able to handle their own Ascension. We are here for you because you need help and guidance, otherwise you might not have achieved success. However, you have come such a long way in comparatively recent times, that you are now a major contributor in maintaining your path to Ascension.

We do not act in the name of destroyers as that it is not our way, but sometimes that which is a gross insult to the plan of the Creator will be removed in that way. It means that matter is returned to its basic components to be used again. In fact nothing can be totally destroyed, but is simply "re-cycled". The same applies to souls that are returned to Source because they refuse to recognize their godself and their link to it. They will be part of the next breathing out, and travel another journey for their evolution. Be assured that very few souls fail to recognize the truth of their origin, or refuse to acknowledge the Light. Every soul has continual help through every life, and much planning ensures that their lives are progressively lifting them up. Souls that succumb to the darkness, rarely drop so low as to become completely absorbed into the lower vibrations that they find it difficult to rise up again.

In the midst of everyday chaos, as Lightworkers you are part of the great army that assists in bringing more Light to Earth. If you do nothing else you will be doing much as many of you do at present, to help others who see no immediate future for themselves. Young people in particular are most vulnerable, yet many have come into the world with a greater level of consciousness than earlier generations. They can pick up more easily on the outcome, as they came into life fully prepared for the difficulties of this period. They will probably have more to offer once the changes are advanced, and they are aware of what is needed. You will find that you will be looking towards your young people for the answers, and they will have them.

Meanwhile, we continue with our plan to get the dark Ones out of positions of control, thus allowing the people nominated to take over and take up their place. Eventually the tables will be turned and souls of Light will head governments, and lead where the banking fraternity is concerned. There will be changes from the top down, and it will result in your rights being restored. Prosperity will return through the distribution of funds, and much that you are entitled to but have been denied will be given to you. Debt is created deliberately and that would be your demise, if the Illuminati had their way. That is not to be so, and if any one act is destined to change your future, debt forgiveness will be the one. You are not responsible for it, but presently bear the burden of having to suffer the consequences.

Do not worry about any of the current problems, the answers to all of them are known by us, so they will be but a passing phase. As always keep your eyes firmly on the future that promises to lift you out of your present difficulties, as it draws nearer each day. Think Ascension, and all it represents that is beautiful and re-assuring, and feel the joy that will accompany it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who wear your heart on your sleeve and share your Love and Light with all souls - you are truly awakened to the truth.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Mike,

SaLuSa seems to be saying that we may be expecting more than what reality will be brought, in the beginning. It appears to me that the Galactic Federation, in general, has a hard time translating what will happen into our real time life. I understand that there will be a period of transition, where everything may be quite confusing. But, one has to wonder, will that transition be a few days or up to 10 years, which I'm not sure many of us could take. Although, many of us want to believe with our hearts, it is difficult when talk of dimentional changes, or at least changes for the better have come and gone with nothing much to notice as done.

Last night, as I was falling a sleep, I was trying to count the things I noticed that were changing. I hardly notice any chem trails in the sky anymore. How wonderful just to see the blue sky and natural clouds again. Of course, the world protests are growing every day. Oh, and I read once in one of the channelings that one of the symptoms of the extra light energy is the feeling of insects on your head. Well, I'm feeling that sort of thing on most of my skin. But then one tries to rationalize these things, such as is my skin extra dry with the seasonal change or am I allergic to something. Still, it is hard to rationalize the protests of peopel all over the world, as we have never seen anything like it.

Karen" (October 20, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi karen, thank you for your comment. i agree with you. the explosion of demonstrations in over 1,000 cities all over the world is an irrefutable sign of the times of change that we live in. and like you say, there are more. personally i find the change in attitude of people on the internet a very noticable one. they used to follow fear stories promoted by the government, like global warming, dangerous viruses, nuclear threats etc. obediently, but now they hardly buy them anymore. people are beginning to see through the system.
i was following the live streams of the protests in greece yesterday, with a chat box next to it. i was stunned by the amount of people who knew that the rothschild family is behind the corrupt banking system. 5 years ago, NOBODY knew about the rothschilds! so that's a good sign.

but all in all, change is a slow process. and some channeled messages are more uplifting than others. personally, i was a bit disappointed by the word "eventually" is this message from SaLuSa. we're almost at the end of 2011, and he says "eventually" we'll see changes in government? well, i know that the opinions of the channeled beings, and the people following them, differ on when exactly the big changes will happen. but i do remember that SaLuSa said that ascension will happen in 2012. and that matthew said that all evil will be removed from earth by that time. so personally, i'm sticking to that. i know that i was born to be a lightworker, but i don't plan on doing this work forever. 2012 is the year. if it doesn't happen then, i will have some deep thinking to do, about what to do next. and i don't think i'm the only one.

but for now, i remain confident that everything will turn out alright. sometimes i get the feeling that god loves a little drama, and he waits until the very last moment to solve things ;) let's just wait and see. anyone can see that this financial system is in its death throes now, so maybe a breakthrough will come out of that. let it be!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (October 20, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I really enjoy reading all your messages, I look forward to them every other day, THANK YOU, very much. One thing that has me wondering, I read somewhere that Obama was cloned. First I thought that he had the light of protection around him and his family, so how can that be? If he is cloned, wouldn't that be why he has made some of the decisions that doesn't seem to resonate with the light?
Thanks again, waiting for your answer.
Georgette" (October 20, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi georgette, thanks for your kind words, and your question. as far as i know, obama is indeed protected and he hasn't been cloned. there is a lot of disinformation on the web. at the beginning of this year, matthew said: "Barack Obama has not been cloned, nor will he be". i think the fact that he has made so many decisions that seemed to benefit the elite and not the people, is because he's so heavily influenced by the elite. when you're surrounded by evil, it's hard to hear that little voice of light inside, i think. we can only hope (and visualize) that this will change!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (October 20, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Mike,

I have been following the situation for a while. There is a natural law our galactic brethren ("They") are invoking. They will not interfere, but when our actions affect them, there is an equal opposite reaction which they must take in order to preserve our galactic neighborhood. The dark ones have put us in this situation. When we awaken and allow the dark ones actions, we betray the promise of a future with justice for all. They will interfere only to address the actions of the dark ones knowing that the majority has been lied to and are innocent bystanders.
They are pleased to see our awakening, the promise of a future where majority will rule without tyranny. They want us to focus on the now, the best medicine for the future. It starts with you, "the man in the mirror," and change will flow through your actions. Please thank them for they have been an outstanding source of hope and inspiration. Their work with us will never be forgotten. We look forward to the day we can reunite.


"Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur" (October 21, 2011)

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