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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - December 18, 2020

Mike Quinsey

Dear Friends, Thank you for your great support, and I hope the messages have helped you through the year, it has certainly turned out to be much more than we could ever have anticipated. We have yet to understand the direction Humanity is going in but one thing seems certain, that we will not return to what we knew as “normal” and will have to accept many changes to our way of living. Matters are now moving at such a fast rate we can barely keep up with them. Undoubtedly change is at the heart of what is taking place, and the good news is that it is to speedily take us into a New Age that has little if any reason to carry forward the “old ways”. The New Year looks like being a roller coaster ride, so be prepared for many changes to the way you are used to living.

I wish you all a happy festive occasion that will help to lift you up from the troubles and trauma many have experienced. Think positively and be pleased that the future is golden even if it is not yet apparent. We have a very good team who work so hard to ensure the messages go out every Friday, and I thank them for their dedicated service to the Light.

Happy New Year to you all and my next message will be on Friday January 8th 2021. In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

18th December 2020. Mike Quinsey.

It has been a traumatic year and it has not yet finished, but we perceive a “happy ending” so do not be downcast as without a doubt better times lay ahead. I will tell you again that “change” is the keyword and a lot will happen in this interim period before it becomes clear what it is all leading to. There are certain preparations that are necessary to put you on the new track that sets you up nicely for the final thrust to Ascension. For some of you it will happen when you are back in the etheric realms between incarnations.

You have yet to fully understand what a great achievement you made passing the 2012 Marker, as it was not expected yet you achieved it against all odds. From here on your level of consciousness will increase more quickly than any previous period. Not out of sight but not far away as you measure time is the future Earth in its pristine beauty waiting for you to become part of it. Naturally many souls will move on to it from other locations, and all will have made the progress necessary to take their place in the 5th dimension, from the darkness to the Light. This degree of evolution is assured and is in the greater plan for Mankind, and cannot be altered by their actions.

Life never stands still even if you cannot yet perceive it as we do from a greater perspective. The dark is now in retreat and the Light is the dominant force and so it shall be until the Light becomes the supreme force. We wish we could conjure up the words that would convey the beauty and harmony that beckons you, as it is literally Heaven upon Earth. However, you are starting to become more compassionate and caring where your fellow travellers are concerned. Hitherto, you have been more self-centred but that is changing as you begin to comprehend the Oneness of everything. In many ways you are your Brother’s Keeper and there is a glimmer of Light in that respect. You only have to look worldwide to see the vast differences between nations from one country to another, when some are so desperately poor whilst the richest ones are “swimming” in money. It has to change so that you can work towards a level playing field where all have the same opportunities in life. In reality there is sufficient wealth upon the Earth for everyone to have a satisfactory life.

So few of you get glimpses of an old life that may have seen you in quite different circumstances to the present, yet consider that most of you have already experienced lives in many different countries. Because you do not recall them you tend to see others as so different to you in your present form, yet your consciousness can relate to them because you “feel” a connection with them. See yourself in others and appreciate what they may be going through in the course of expanding their consciousness. If you come down on a particular Race because of their colour or religion do not overlook the possibility that you have also been a member of it, and in any event you must be able to accept the differences that make up such a cosmopolitan group as yours.

Until you can accept the differences from one nation to another you cannot make good progress without creating harmony wherever you go. Often your reactions are embodied within you from a very young age and of course you do bring some with you from previous lives. Clearly you need to have to been born with the skills and qualities that enable you to follow your life plan, and sometimes these are enhanced by tuition from your parents hence you follow in their footsteps. Evolution can often be a family affair so guidance is available to you. The fact that you normally choose your parents is a privilege given to those souls who are making progress. Some of you will throw the idea out based on your own experience, and that is possibly because you have been placed with people who can give you the lessons you need to learn that are hard to accept.

Life is much more organised than you might imagine and you are “directed” in a way that ensures you learn from your experiences however unpleasant they may seem to be. If life was not so and instead unorganised, there would be no guarantee that you would make any progress at all, and your time upon Earth is too precious to waste. Of course you have freewill and it is possible you may avoid what is planned for your life. The problem you create is that you will have to return to Earth again until you accept what has been planned for you. Your helpers are loving patient souls who understand you and will help in any possible way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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