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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 18, 2022

Mike Quinsey

As time passes it is becoming obvious that the period you are going through is bringing about changes that will affect your whole way of life. Most of them will be seen as bringing about very acceptable changes that will make life a lot easier. However, it is relationships between the different countries that will need to bring about a greater coordination that is beneficial to all concerned. Bear in mind that as one Human Race there must come a time when you work as one unit where the benefits achieved are open to everyone. The population upon Earth is growing very rapidly and will become unmanageable unless there is a coming together to share the resources of Mother Earth.

For too long you have had different levels of existence from the very poor to the very rich, and it is necessary for the riches of the Earth to be shared in such a way that all may live in comparative comfort. Medical issues also need adjustment so that all may have at least health provisions that ensure people have a decent standard of health. You already know that it is necessary if you are to have a population that has the means to deal with medical needs to ensure they are healthy. You already have the knowledge and means to achieve it so there is no real problem preventing you going ahead. The expectancy of life varies from one country to another and is largely down to medical issues that can be overcome by raising living standards.

You have all experienced various lives at many different levels and deep down you know what it is like to live in deprived countries where even life expectancy is much less than elsewhere. You are all brothers and sisters and need to care for each other and help those that often need help just to survive. They are rarely responsible for living in such circumstances and their quality of life is very poor. Until recent times they had little in the way of education and clearly that is a stumbling block to making progress. We really do not need to emphasise the point we are trying to make, but until these problems are dealt with you cannot really claim to have made much progress.

Your technological advancements are massive and should be used to generate a better standard of living, whereas much is kept secret and used for ulterior motives. When you are given help by us to progress we intend it to benefit all souls upon Earth and not be held back for a privileged few. We say again, you are one family and should live accordingly so that all people have a reasonable standard of living, as upon Earth there are sufficient resources to achieve it.

As the vibrations continue to lift up you will find life will become easier as the negative influences will begin to lose their power. Those souls of the Light will be empowered and able to do good works without as much interference as previously. It will enable better opportunities for those who are involved and progress will be much faster. Clearly there has to be what you would call a parting of the ways and ultimately that will occur through Ascension. It should be the aim of every awakened soul so that they are ready to ascend and leave the lower vibrations behind.

Your path is beckoning and as long as you keep it in your sight you should not have any problems in achieving completion. You have incarnated at this time for the very reason that Ascension is due to take place very soon. The exact time is only known and controlled by those higher forces that oversee the events on Earth. However, an approximate time has been given that is around 2029/2030. It is obvious that this time scale means there are many changes to come in the near future.

However, there is no need for you to worry or be concerned about your immediate future as it is set to help you achieve completion. Indeed, there is so much help available you cannot really fail unless you go completely off your life plan. We will always do what is permissible to keep you on the right path. Your success will give us great pleasure to greet you in due course and there will be great celebrations at your wonderful achievement.

We have been with you all of the way and at your elbow so to say, and your success is shared by us. You have had a hard journey but to your credit have stayed the course to arrive at this point in time. We know the tears you have shed and enjoyed the good times with you but the best is yet to come, so keep going and never look back as you have nearly completed the course much to our delight.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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