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SaLuSa, November 18, 2009

Very soon and out of the gloom of yesterday, shall come the first positive signs of the changes you desire so much. It does not require an earth-shattering event to do so, but nevertheless what is planned will bring the truth about us into your lives. It will remove long held beliefs that are not truly reflecting our place in your lives. The acknowledgement of our existence, will not surprise those who have been involved in matters relative to our sightings and previous contacts. It will however make the subject more acceptable, and openly spoken about without fear of ridicule. For the first time many people will learn about our intentions over the coming period, and how we will join forces with you to put many problems right that are preventing you from evolving. You have been held back for far too long, and you are to benefit from advancements that have been deliberately held from you.

We wish to share with you many advanced technologies that you have become aware of, not just because of what you have seen of our abilities, but your own governments. They have developed technologies gained from other extraterrestrials for their own gain and power. There have been spin-offs for you, but free energy is for example of one that should have entered your commercial markets by now. With all of the existing problems and the coming shortages, you need to be assured that all of the basic living requirements are made available to everyone. When allowed to we shall distribute the knowledge, and provide the needs to satisfy these requirements.

In a society that was based on fairness and sharing there would be no hunger or deprivation, and certainly no one would suffer from hunger or shortage of water. Neither would anyone be ill equipped to withstand the elements, or die for the want of medical attention. Everything you need to form a society that functions as intended, with the promise of a happy and fulfilling life already exists. Poverty could be eradicated now if the means were given to those who can already solve them. There are many Dear Souls whose hearts ache at what they see taking place, yet know how easily problems could be overcome. They have come into incarnation at this special time, for the very purpose of giving their knowledge and abilities for the good of all. With our coming we can quickly motivate groups in readiness, to go out into the world and achieve what they came for.

God does not sit idly by and allow the dark forces to go against the will of the people. There is God’s plan that has reached the point where duality is being balanced, to allow the Light to determine where Mankind goes next. Nothing can remain static forever, and your evolution must necessarily take a giant step forward. Ascension looms ever nearer, and it will not be allowed to be prevented from giving every soul that so desires the opportunity for upliftment. Of course as has happened at the end of many of your past cycles, there have been almost total disasters with great loss of life. This will not happen on such a scale this time, and we are taking steps to minimize the effects of the Earth changes that are inevitable. Some souls have made the decision to leave prematurely, but that will fit in with their life contract. We know that some find such plans difficult to accept, but death is simply a means of bringing a life to a close. Be assured that after such a transition, there is very little time before such souls are released from any trauma experienced. They are quickly healed and reconnected with their loved ones, who have arrived before them.

Dear Ones, know that there are so many souls working with each of you, both off and on Earth. Trust them to know what is best for you, and that they are helping you to complete your life plan successfully. Every soul is on Earth for a specific purpose, and some set goals for themselves that are extremely high, but you will never take on more than is humanly possible. Guides always attend your discussions prior to incarnating, and decisions are made based on your achievements, or lack of achievements as the case may be. You will not normally be aware of the lessons your life experiences are going to lead you into, but they will be set up to ensure they take place. Freewill is still yours to use, but you would not wish to go back on arrangements that are for your spiritual evolution. If you did, they would only come up again in another lifetime. It is best to allow your experiences to unfold, knowing that you have been party to the plan.

Naturally you are not always the key figure in your experiences, often your part is to partake in another souls plan and the likelihood is that they are close to you. You will take whatever role the situation demands, and can be the leading light that shows the way. You all have a lot to thank each other for as nothing is really happening by chance. Therefore, think carefully of the responsibility you have undertaken, and always try to see a situation from all angles. Do not judge another soul who crosses your path, as you know no more about their level of consciousness or life plan, than they know about yours. Do what is necessary to help anyone in need and you will gain through such acts. Compassion is vital regardless as to who requires your help, and do not let an opportunity go by where you can express your own Light and Love. Evolution comes with finding your spiritual self and exercising your love for all other life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is guided by Higher Beings who reside at levels of pure Light. They have the wisdom and the power of God, and oversee all that happens in your Universe. Their decisions are all based on a total understanding of life, and an immense love that enfolds it all. Should they appear to you, you would believe that you had met God; such is their magnificence and majesty. They are the Masters of the Universe that carry out the Creator’s plan.

We have been with you and followed your progress for millennia of time, and we are not going to fall away now. We will go hand in hand to the end of the cycle, and victory shall be yours as decreed, We are of the Light, and you are of the Light, and so it shall remain forever. Together we shall overcome all obstacles, and achieve upliftment to the higher dimensions. We Are One, and it has always been that way and so it will remain for all Infinity.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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