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SaLuSa, October 18, 2010

Dear Ones, you are seeing before your very eyes the fall of the great capitalist empire, that has ruled your world for many years. From the early days when the Constitution became law, it has gradually taken away your rights until today you are almost under the total control of the Illuminati. Having reached such a point in their plan for world rule, they have moved beyond their ability to sustain their authority and now it is breaking down. These times are going to be oppressive and chaotic, before the plan for your future is revealed and instated. You can be sure that the outcome has already been decided, and follows the plan for your upliftment. As always, try to see beyond the immediate occurrences and know that they will not last very long.

Our allies are briefed and ready to take over control in many ways. It will lead to not just your “rescue”, but also a change in your direction that will put you firmly onto the path of Ascension. The clutter and last vestiges of the old will be gradually swept away, and you will learn more about your Space family and how you link to them. Together you will advance much quicker than you would otherwise have done, and life will become a joy and pleasure as Love and Light bring about great changes. Try not to allow material problems to get on top of you, as the answers are known and they will be solved in good time. Much of the first round of changes, are to get the right people into places of authority. This is very much a priority where politics are concerned, and clearly matters will proceed more quickly when those in charge are working for the good of all people.

The hidden truth concerning many matters of importance to you is surfacing, and there is so much more that must become public knowledge. It is important that you understand how you have been mislead for eons of time, as then you will accept the extent of the changes that will bring many new ideas into your lives. You certainly will not want to go back to the old ways, but it will not leave a vacuum as the new programs are going to involve a great leap forward. It will more than recompose you for all that you may have lost in the process, and you will be well satisfied with the outcome. Once we can openly work together the new technologies will speed along the changes, and they will be focused on giving you a happy and comfortable life. In time there will further changes that will uplift you even more, as you enter the higher dimensions. Then life shall become more blissful and peaceful, with beauty and harmony all around you. By then you shall also have become Galactic Beings, with considerable power to create, as you desire.

Individually you have karma to clear, and what comes up will be anything that cannot be carried by you into the higher vibrations. Sometimes it will be merely the direction that your thoughts go into, prompted by the lower vibrations that have become attached to you. It is simply a lesson in keeping your focus on all that is of the Light, and moving out of mindsets that are no longer in your best interests. There are few of you that at times do not have dark thoughts, even if you don't give them the energy to manifest in your life. Think of all that is wholesome and of beauty, and dispatch any others with your love so that they shall not return.

You are all changing whether you are consciously aware of it, and a number of you have symptoms of imbalances that result from them. Feeling off color or lethargic are such signs, and they will soon pass. Rest is what you need so that you do not overtax yourselves, and adequate sleep is most essential. Your physical bodies are being changed and the process is speeding up, but once you have settled down to the changes they will prove most beneficial. You will feel renewed and far more energetic than previously, and you will have one foot in the higher dimension. You are self-healing and physical problems will gradually disappear, and you will enjoy good health. Ultimately your body will be beyond the ills and problems you presently experience.

People are becoming more active, because their awareness has been opened up by the higher energies reaching you from outer space. As a result you are beginning to realize that you have the power to demand your rights, and it is pressurizing your present governments to bring in change. It will probably not get far until after disclosure, when our help will ensure that you are properly represented. The dark still persist in causing fear and they put much faith in the possibility of terrorist attacks, and it is they who are behind most incidents. However, we shall not tolerate another major incident, and those involved will find their attempts come to nothing. We want you to feel strong enough to counter any fear tactics, so as not to give them any power over you. Spread your Light wherever you can, and if you identify areas that lack the Light send yours to it. When many of you do so, there is a surprising amount of power generated that will transmute the dark energies.

We of the Galactic Federation are closely monitoring activity on Earth, as Mother Earth needs to pursue her own cleansing program. She is very much like you in the sense that she also has to shed that which cannot go through to the higher dimensions. However do not focus on the worse scenario, as you may otherwise be instrumental in bringing it about. All changes will occur with as little harm to you as possible, and we can warn you of where the most danger exists. We will be working behind the scenes to lessen the impact of them where permissible. There are minor changes occurring on the Earth’s surface all of the time, and these are quite natural and usually present little danger.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, as many visitors to Earth have also been in the past. Your history contains many accounts of such visits, which are now being accepted as actual happenings. It is often only the descriptions that have stopped you from realizing such facts, as it was difficult for ancient people to describe that for which words did not exist. We have often told you that we have visited you for thousands of years, and they were planned as part of your awakening to other forms of life. We have also helped along your progress by passing on useful information, to advance your understanding of medicine and means of survival. Now you are well beyond those early stages, and we come to give you the benefit of advanced technologies.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Hi Friends,
My wife Cathy will be in London for the next two weeks, and on a fairly regular basis I shall be visiting her and staying for short spells. Consequently the next messages will only be on the following dates: Wednesday 13th. October - Monday 18th. October - and Friday 22nd. October. Thereafter it should be back to normal. My BBS Radio programs will go ahead as usual, and the guest information sent out each Tuesday as normal.
Each week now seems to be bringing us nearer to some real developments, so it should be a very interesting time.
Mike Quinsey.

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