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SaLuSa, July 18, 2011

With so much waiting to come into your lives for the better, you can view any attempts to interfere as quite pointless. Everything is set up in readiness and we wait for the signal that will allow us to go speeding ahead. Your faith in us and our allies is not misplaced, and we will as you might say, deliver the goods. We have been in a state of readiness for quite a long time, continually making adjustments to account for changes taking place on Earth. Even in this year so far you have seen some remarkable happenings in uncovering the activities of the dark Ones. It will continue and this time those who are arrested will face justice. Unlike many earlier occasions people will be unable to buy their way out of it, and that will serve as a warning to others who fear for their own freedom. We are totally aware who are the principal players on the dark side, and their activities are closely monitored by us. There is absolutely nothing that has occurred on Earth, that cannot be “replayed” should the need arise. That is how those who leave the Earth after leaving their physical body on death, can have a review of their life. Looking in from the outside is often a sobering thought, as humans seem to have little appreciation of how they appear to others.

Ascension will in fact be covered by the Law of Grace where karmic situations are concerned, and whatever you needed to experience to clear it should have taken place. Your present lives are likely to bring you immediate karma, rather than as before and allow you to put it off. Completion of your last life in duality should see you proceed to Ascension without the baggage of any outstanding karma. It does not mean that in the higher realms there is no karma, but it would be rare and more a question of judgment than actions taken. Bear in mind that by now you will have full consciousness, and be a Light Being. Criminal activity would be totally out of place, because there would be no point in it as you want for nothing, and money does not exist. In any event those souls who might otherwise partake in negative activities, would not have a sufficiently high enough vibration to reach such a high level.

It is only on Earth that you will find such a multitude of souls all at different levels of consciousness. That is why living in amongst them in duality is such a hard challenge, and why there is always a danger that you can get pulled down. It is the ego that can often get in the way, and wealth and stardom are often the cause. Sometimes you are born into such circumstances, for the very reason of being tested to see if you can do so without being full of your own importance. Many of you dream of wealth, but it carries far more responsibility than you might imagine. Such dreams are no longer necessary in the higher dimensions, as all your needs are either readily available, or you can use your own power of creation. Your lives could have been much more satisfying and rewarding but for those of the Illuminati and their minions. Poverty, death and destruction have always been their bed fellows, and you have been severely kept down. However, that will soon change, and already their influence is waning very fast.

If all goes well you could be just a few months away from a major advancement, that would really get things rolling. We refer not to 11.11.11 but that is certainly a major event that will affect every soul on Earth. It might well be the first time that many of you will actually experience a lifting up. It is another reason that your destiny is assured, and illustrates just how much help you are being given. It could be looked upon as the real commencement of Ascension, and as the trigger for many more events planned to carry you forward. We expect to be more active come this particular time, and it should be the precursor of an exciting time when your wishes start to become fulfilled. That elusive world peace should be a lot nearer, and even now few have an appetite to continue the wars that rage at present. Behind that of course is the rising consciousness levels of the people who have stated loud and clear, that enough is enough.

We know that the Lightworkers are pressing on with their efforts to prepare people for what is soon to come, and we can say that more of them are awakening to the possibilities of changes for the better. Instead of seeing the changes as bringing disaster, they read the writing between the lines and accept that out of it will come good. The cleansing must go ahead, and our presence upon Earth will hasten the activities much to your delight. For too long people have lived amongst the ruins caused by the agenda of the dark Ones. Instead the rubble and all that serves no further purpose will also disappear. The beginning is a means to an end that will exceed your anticipation, and you will be well pleased with the results.

Dear Ones, we cover much about the coming times, often repeating our message but that is necessary to ensure that it is remembered. People can easily lose heart when things in their lives go wrong, or are not fulfilling their needs. We know exactly what will lift you up, and it is waiting ready for you and shall be yours as soon as it is an appropriate time. Keep yourself occupied and see the dark Ones as souls who are beginning to withdraw, as they know their time is up. Yes, they will still make noises and attempt a last ditch stand, but it will be to no avail. They cannot compete with the masses of Light Beings that surround them. It is their turn to know what it is like to be in fear, and see no future for themselves. Their life plans are playing out the end times for them and they still live the illusion, but it is entirely different for those who walk the path of Light to Ascension.

You are Beings of unlimited Love and Light, and we simply ask that you use it unsparingly and equally to all souls regardless. Remember that on a higher level you will know you are all One, and at some stage you will come together again. We go to some lengths at times to explain that you are connected, and what happens to one, happens to all Beings. Do as you would where any soul was concerned that needed bringing back into the Light – give Unconditional Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, assure you that the end is in sight, and events will get underway before not too long.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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