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SaLuSa, December 17, 2010

It is darkest before the dawn and you have reached the point of no return for the dark Ones, as the Light is blazing its way into your lives. You have now recognized the changes for what they are, and as being essential if you are to fulfill your dreams and desires. It is necessary to overcome the unsatisfactory way of life, that restricts your free expression of who you really are as sovereign Beings. It is also necessary that the cleansing continues both within and without, until the last remnants of the lower vibrations are removed. For the present your concern should be with Self, and focusing on whatever you need to raise your vibrations. We of the Galactic Federation are handling the bigger picture, and working to change the very foundation of your society. To remove a well established system is not easy, particularly as we plan to do it with as little disruption to your lives as possible. However, the care we have taken to prepare you for the changes is proving successful, and our allies are near to total readiness and go ahead.

We admire your patience and hope that is because you understand what is involved in taking you forward. It will be ongoing until the very end of this cycle, and it is only with Ascension that we will be able to fully relax. There is so much to do and we are clearing the way of obstructions and interference from the dark Ones. Not every one that rejects the plan for Ascension is being negative, and your freewill choice is still the most important decision you will make regarding the end times. Clearly those of you who have an open mind are more likely to see the benefits, of putting in the effort required to take that quantum leap into the future. However, it is your divine right to evolve at a speed that suits you and there is no forcing of Ascension upon anyone. Yet you need to know what it means and be able to make an informed decision. The Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not, and through it you will find yourselves following a path that is suited to your needs.

Life is so much more than what you have been allowed to experience. You have been kept in the dark about your true selves, and your potential to return to the Light. Yet no matter how much you have been mislead, you have subconsciously known that there is more to life than you have been made aware of. You have never lost your desire for the truth or stopped searching for it, and as more souls of Light have joined you on Earth so the vibrations have slowly been lifted. They have come from various civilizations that have long moved in to the Light, and prepared to experience the darkness that you have dropped into. It has been what you call ”a rude awakening” to leave the uplifting energies and harmony that exists on their home planets. That is in service to you as fellow travelers seeking your evolutionary path. Ascended souls are well aware of your great sacrifice in accepting the opportunity to experience duality. They recognize your Light and treat all souls the same without prejudice or judgment.

Even now if you could all see each other’s auras, you could read the signature that indicates the level of vibration that they are at. Clear and bright colors are a sign of someone who carries a higher vibration and are more of the Light, whereas dull and murky colors are a sign of a lesser-evolved soul. Each color has a specific meaning, that those who understand them can tell much about that souls personality. The aura changes with emotions and can light up with love and happiness, or become ragged and distorted from anger or hatred. This is the explanation for having a “feeling” about another person when you pick up their vibrations. You will see from this that you are naturally attracted to other souls that carry similar vibrations to your own. You will equally be repelled by someone who is so different to yourself.

Once you have ascended you will be so sensitive that you will “read” each other and only the truth can be spoken. You will automatically know when you are being told anything less than the truth. The point is that at these high levels, souls are naturally truthful and not out deceive each other. Furthermore you will have moved beyond the desire to judge others, and all souls are accepted for what they are. Such an understanding comes with raising your levels of vibration, and many on Earth can comfortably live their lives accordingly. Very few of you have the freedom to know the inner soul and life plan of another person, and it is therefore impossible for you to know what prompts their choice of experiences. It is why you are often urged not to judge another soul or condemn them. On Earth you have your own laws, but they are not necessarily helping those who are effected by them, and are often only concerned with punishment.

In your hearts you are such loving Beings, but not always able to freely express yourselves. You have so many taboos in your societies, that even showing love for someone else can be misinterpreted as having ulterior motives. Such problems will not exist once you have ascended, as you will know that at that such a level all is of Love and Light. Everything about the higher dimensions is within the love vibration, and it creates a totally happy environment that resonates with everything else within it. It is the peace that your soul strives for that does not exist upon Earth, where happiness is often only a fleeting experience. The promise of Ascension is something very special and if you fully comprehend what it means, you will apply yourself to making sure you do all you can to be ready. It really is more than the chance of a lifetime, as it is a unique opportunity to permanently leave duality. It is earnt and not given regardless of a souls progress or personal desires. It is the recognition of All That Is, and the Oneness that exists amongst all life forms. It is Unconditional Love that crowns you with your Christed Consciousness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope we have helped to awaken many souls to their true selves, and inspired them to make the effort to lift out of duality. Many will stay with Mother Earth, to be with her on the new Earth that is taking form now. Like you, she is preparing for Ascension and will lovingly continue to take you with her. There is so much love accompanying you on your journey and ours is no exception.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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