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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 17, 2023

Mike Quinsey

Please note my new Email address: michaelpquinsey@gmail.com. According to insiders the Illuminati as represented by Netanyahu’s plan is to totally destroy Gaza and make it their Headquarters.

17th November 2023. Mike Quinsey.

A world in turmoil is not a safe place to be as the possibility of Israel’s war with Gaza drawing in other nations could easily take place. At a higher level it is being controlled within limits applied by those who oversee your actions, as for example their edict that the use of nuclear weapons will not be allowed. We for our part stand by to ensure that those limitations are adhered to and not ignored. There has always been a greater plan for Humanity to ensure the ultimate Ascension.

These are such testing times and those of you who are the Light bearers are called upon to keep calm, and not drawn into any arguments put forward by the dark Ones. They are losing out in the battle for supremacy and prepared to go to any length to hold onto their position. In reality they know they are fighting a losing battle, but are prepared to go to any length to avoid defeat. However, greater powers than theirs are on the side of the Light that is destined to win it.

Many people who are less aware of the truth see only what appears before them, and understandably are extremely worried as to the likely outcome. Please console them and assure them that future is assured, and a period of unrest will be followed by restoration of a new Earth upon which the dark Ones have no place. Already you are leaving the old energies behind and your path to it lies ahead. With this in mind find the strength from within to maintain your position, and by so doing you will be a good example to others who will be uplifted by it.

It is to be expected that there will be much grief and sorry upon Earth, as conditions for some souls are appalling and causing much suffering, and as much as we would like to ease it we must allow karma to work itself out, as otherwise needed lessons will not be experienced. Understand that there is no punished involved, it is simply the outworking of a system that requires souls who experience it to learn lessons as to how their actions affect others. In fact we give much guidance and help to those who have undertaken to experience the consequences of their own actions.

You can be assured that there is much love being sent to those dear souls who have turned to the Light. We want them to succeed so that they never have to experience such things again. The rewards for success are beyond your imagination so we never relax our encouragement and are always urging you on. You have come long way to get to this stage in your evolution and we want you to keep going as the end is in sight. You have had so many incarnations over a very long period and they have prepared you for the final test of your staying power. It is too easy to feel you are not getting anywhere fast, but we say be patient the end is in sight.

We have to remind you that for each incarnation you are “equipped” with the necessary links and knowledge that are needed by you to successfully carry out your life plan. It is usually discussed with you prior to your birth as a human being. Also as we recently pointed out you are helped all along the way as we are keen to see you successfully meet your life plan. At this time it is more important than usual because you are at the end of the cycle, and with all of your experience you should stand a very good chance of achieving Ascension. After all that is the object of your many incarnations although the Illuminati would rather you were unaware of it, and try to keep you in the dark.

Deep down in your consciousness you know what is expected of you and your Higher Self is also urging you on. You have the experience and subconsciously you know what is expected of you and we also stand at your shoulder to guide you on your way. Talk to us and we will do little things to catch your attention so that you know we are there with you. Put your trust in us and we will be able to do so much more for you and you will know it.

The future is bright and for many it signals the end of a long period covering many lives, that have brought you to this opportunity to end your incarnations in the lower vibrations. You are ready for greater experiences that will come to you when you have ascended into the levels of Light that are beyond the reach of the Illuminati. The changes will be so pronounced that you will be greatly overjoyed. You will meet those souls who have been your mentors over thousands of years as you grew spiritually. So whenever you feel overwhelmed by the experiences upon Earth, remember that you have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and successfully raised your vibrations to leave the lower ones behind.

Do not be concerned about those souls who do not appear to be ready to rise up, they are gaining the experiences they need to move on and also have wonderful Guides who look after them. They will lack for nothing and get every attention and help necessary to make progress with each lifetime upon Earth. Every soul has a life plan especially suited to their needs to ensure they continue to make progress. So do not feel isolated or lacking help as it is always ready to assist you when needed. Knowing it will lift your spirits and enable you to sense or feel Guides when they come close to you. That little voice you “hear” in your head is helping you to make the right decisions and work to your plan for experiences that will lift you up.

As time passes there are likely to be revelations that will place more facts before you relating to your time and activities upon Earth. In the past it has been the lack of understanding the reasons for your experiences that has sometimes resulted in unsatisfactory endings. That has all changed and as you head for the final thrust to maintain your upliftment as we still stand by as always, sending you the high vibrations that also give you that “feel good” factor. We are cheering you on as you put all your effort into ensuring a satisfactory ending to your present experiences.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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