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SaLuSa, September 17, 2010

As you must imagine many events are lining up that will bring you freedom, they will follow in a sequence that will make good sense and quickly open up the path to Ascension. Looking back you will find that our projections of when to expect developments, have been quite accurate. At the time you often do not know what to look for, and it is only later that you can see how certain events are linked together. You are well aware that when you look for results events appear to have moved slowly, yet it takes many pieces to complete the jigsaw. Right now, we approach the well deserved victory that will see the first of many major changes. We are well ready as ever, having rehearsed for this time with meticulous planning. We know about the personal hardships many of you are suffering, but please realize that it will not be for much longer. We can assure you that we have the answers to your worldwide problems. Not only that, we also have the technologies and personnel to carry them out.

We wish to quickly transform your society’s ability to cater for your needs, so that in a relatively short time no one need go short food or water. There are priorities that we will address immediately, so as to lift up the deprived people of the poorer countries. The major ones have a great responsibility to others, and by the time their help is needed they will be under new leadership. The old brigade can hardly be trusted with the future of you all, and they will be kept out of positions of power. Law and order will also be reviewed to ensure it operates in a fair and just manner. We know by name all of those people who have been falsely imprisoned, and they shall be promptly released. Those guilty of crimes will be treated more humanely, and with advanced techniques that will remove such tendencies. From this you will realize that we have given much thought and planning to the upliftment of Man. All shall share in the new wealth which is to be created, and at a stroke it will remove many of the problems that beset you.

We want you to understand how much will done for you as part of the general upliftment. When the changes are well advanced, your reliance upon the old forms of energy will have been removed. No more shall you be restricted and live only on what you can afford, and free energy will supply all of your needs to give you comfort and warmth when required. We are talking about creating a new civilization that will be ready to take a quantum leap into the future. You are indeed privileged to be on Earth at this time, and to be part of such experiences. Many souls would gladly exchange positions with you, to see the end of duality and experience the joys that are yet to come.

There is a great of deal of knowledge to pass on to you, and we shall enhance your ability to absorb it much more quickly. Eventually you will have a perfect memory, but that will come with your upliftment into the higher dimensions. The possibilities of increasing your memory now, are relative to the degree to which you lift up your levels of consciousness. You will find that you grow in awareness, and psychic abilities will become quite commonplace. Telepathy will eventually be adopted, and there will be no need for the spoken word. That is in fact our position now, and with it also comes the ability to read minds. It is not however used as a means to be intrusive, and every soul is allowed to decide who they allow to access to their thoughts.

There will be opposition to our coming, but more than anything that will be rooted in the fear of the unknown. However, we will be doing all we can to allay those fears, and feel quite sure that we can satisfy people that we come in peace and for your benefit. We will also overcome any suspicion that we have some ulterior motive in mind, and our intent and actions will be quite open. Much of our work on Earth will be coordinated with your new government representatives, and as we have mentioned previously, the media will be used to follow our activities. It will not take long before it becomes clearly apparent that we come to restore your Earth, and return you to the status of sovereign citizens.

As quick as we move ahead we must ask for patience where your individual problems are concerned, as we are initially working to a plan to relieve the conditions that are more widespread. We have not promised you more than we can deliver, and the size of the task does not in the slightest way daunt us. While attention is being given to your requirements on Earth, a massive operation will be taking place out in space. It will involve the cleansing of your atmosphere from pollution, and the removal of what you would call space junk remaining from various experiments that have been carried out. Also from above we can closely monitor changes in and on the Earth, and we will advise you when any form of danger is a threat to you.

One most noticeable change will be the freedom accorded to your journalists and television news stations, and when you are given information it will be truthful. Hitherto your media has been so controlled that you have been fed exactly what the Illuminati wish you to believe, and the news has been deliberately fabricated for their own purposes. Truth has been a rare commodity over many years, and your politicians have only themselves to blame for your lack of trust in them. With the new governments that will all change, and it will not take long to convince you that a new and trusted breed of politician has arrived. They will serve the people first and last, and honesty will replace the corrupt practices that have become rampant. Generally speaking the fall of your civilization has come about, because of the low vibrations on Earth that have attracted such souls of a similar vibration. Conversely, when the vibrations lift up it will open the way for higher beings to come to you.

Man may make his own laws, but the Universal Laws are supreme and are immutable. They are based on love, justice and sharing so that each civilization respects the sovereignty of others. The Galactic Federation is one such example of what we mean, and each civilization that is a member works in harmony with each other. In the near future your civilization will reach such levels, and Ascension is an important step along the way. We are leading you in to the Love and Light that will forever change your life.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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