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SaLuSa, July 16, 2010

You hear from many sources that your reality is an illusion, yet for you it is quite real as you experience the physicality of the 3rd. dimension. Yet it is an illusion inasmuch that it is not your true reality. For that reason it has been correctly referred to as an experiment, which you willingly offered to take part in. The consciousness of All That Is which you refer to as the Creator, desired to know how its godsparks would deal with separation as experienced in duality. Your part in it is drawing to a close as the cycle ends, and unless you wish to continue experiencing in the lower dimensions you will be lifted up again. Subconsciously you have memories of your time in the higher dimensions, and that is why for most of you that idea of Ascension is welcomed. Some souls have become so used to your present dimension, that they cannot imagine anything better and are fearful of change. Problems arise about what will happen to your family and friends, and naturally you have concern for their wellbeing. Be assured that each soul has its own path to follow, and whilst you may come together in families that is not a permanent arrangement. You attract each other because you have certain experiences you desire, and all of you benefit from the family set up. Of course there are some beautiful loving relationships, and it is most likely you will meet again in subsequent lives. Even in those that prove volatile, there are often souls that already know each other and because of the love they have, will sacrifice it for the purpose of helping each of them to evolve. Believe it or not, once you return to the “other side” your earthly experiences can be put aside, and love returns between those who were at loggerheads on Earth with each other.

What we are trying to do is get you to see how little your time on the Earth resembles your true abode. In duality it is of course a challenge most of the time because of the absence of Light, although that is quickly changing as you create a pathway of Light to Ascension. However, because of the contrast between the dark and Light, you do have some illuminating experiences that can be most ecstatic and uplifting. The Earth is certainly the place to test yourself, and indeed that is the very reason you took the challenge on. If you wish you can sit on a cloud and play your harp for all eternity, but there is so much you can do to bring knowledge and understanding to yourself. You are naturally always seeking and expanding your Light, as you make your way back to the higher dimensions. As ascended Beings we are also still searching, and we have the Galaxy within which to have new experiences. Join us and we shall travel far and wide, and home will be wherever we station ourselves as we take it with us. We refer of course to the gigantic Mother Ships that are like enormous cities, and provide for your every need.

We want you to be excited at the thought of becoming Galactic Beings, because that will be your future selves when you have become fully conscious Beings. The plan already exists for your growth into such a Being, and you will be overjoyed at the prospect once you know the details. We will participate in your advancement, and Ascension is the first real step towards it. In time your lives in duality will seem so distant, that the memories will soon be forgotten. After all you are ascending with the new Earth in all its beauty and fully restored to its pristine condition, so why indeed would you want to think of her in other way. There is of course beauty on Earth now, but it is a pale reflection of what she will soon be, so you have some idea of what splendors are in store for you.

There seems to be so much aggression on Earth, both of a physical nature and in words and gestures. Some of it arises from people being “disturbed” by the higher energies coming in, as they cannot handle them. They become disorientated and strike out in anger and confusion. In contrast those of the Light become more serene and joyful as they continue to be lifted up. The Light is sorting out the wheat from the chaff, but there is no shame or guilt attached to the slow developers. The sorting out is unavoidable, but it is necessary so that souls finds themselves where they are best served for their evolution. It happens all of the time, as evolution is a progression of steps that take you onto levels that are right for your experience and development.

Now you are seeing out the cycle of duality, and at times there will be mayhem, but it is the end of an era that has taken you to the depths of darkness and you have survived. At last the Light has broken through and there is only one way forward and that is upwards. Leave duality behind and try not to let it influence you, as your sights should be on whatever you need to tread firmly on the path to Ascension. The door to your future is opening wide, and it will accommodate every soul that has ambitions to be part of it.

We of the Galactic Federation are totally ready for action and we have the advantage of knowing exactly what your needs are, through our extensive coverage of you and your planet. We respect your privacy, but if needs required it we could see right into your buildings and focus on whomsoever we wished. We can hear your conversations, or even read your minds, which is useful when dealing with the dark Ones. It is why their plans will never succeed, as we know too much about them. We take preventative action and our allies are very active in these roles. We do not like confrontation or threats, and our approach is diplomatic but firm.

Each day that passes brings you nearer to completion, and nearer to our open contact with you. But first the preliminaries, and although the announcement we seek has not yet been made, there are now many individuals making their voices heard. It is putting pressure on the authorities that cannot hold back for very much longer. We would like to get started before next spring, so we will do all we can to assist our allies to this end. We do still of course have a deadline date by which we should have started, and clearly it is not that far into the future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and there is a great feeling on our side because we have traveled far with you, and are pleased that you have reached the end times. It was sometimes in doubt but you have rode out the storm, and peaceful times are coming where Love and Light shall reign.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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