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SaLuSa, May 17, 2010

With the feeling that you never have sufficient time each day to do everything you want, it is not surprising that Man is generally seen as being impatient. Considering that your expectations have been lifted many times without seeing the predicted results, we commend you for exercising great fortitude and looking ahead to the time of completion. All said and done, the whole purpose of all that is taking place is directed towards a satisfactory conclusion to the cycle of duality. Your time in it has all but finished and yet in the remaining period, you will see the most rapid succession of events that at times will take your breath away. In truth you have been steadily making your way towards Ascension for many, many years. The recent ones have promised much without visible signs of progress, yet all of the time you have been edging nearer to the inevitable changes that must take place. Now you are experiencing the chaos that comes with the cleansing of the old systems, and at times it has unfortunate consequences. However, it is the prelude to the introduction of new ways of handling the problems that have developed. Be assured that all will turn out to your satisfaction, and in many instances far exceed your expectations.

We stand at the ready and are urging our allies to push on, and they do so having received assurance of our assistance at every turn. We do far more in this way than may be evident, and a most important function is the continual monitoring of Mother Earth. We ensure there is an ongoing balance to avoid extreme consequences, and are particularly concerned with the areas subject to earthquake activity. We can accurately predict where and when they may occur, and although we cannot interfere with necessary changes we can lessen their effects. We have for many years going far back into the last century, dealt with many problems arising from pollution and nuclear fall-out. We have limited contamination to avoid as far as possible genetic damage to the future generations. However, Man uses various energies to power his inventions that radiate out damaging rays to your health. Most of this is known to you, but little notice is taken by those who profit from them. Our technologies will deal with these problems, and we will introduce you to clean, healthy and safe devices.

The sad part of your stunted progress where technologies are concerned, is that so many of your useful discoveries have been deliberately shelved. You have been denied the inventions that would have tremendously improved your quality of life. You have been unnecessarily placed in a position where you have suffered through the lack of progress, and forced to live at a very low level of sustenance. However, all of that will be changed once we can openly arrive on Earth. A number of opportunities are opening up that will hasten the event, and we wait with interest to see who will be the first to announce disclosure. It is close to happening but if it is stalled once again, we have the authority to intervene and bring it about ourselves. We would prefer you to front the announcement, as we have no desire to appear to be forcing the issue. However, the Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required. The Universe is ascending and all progresses well and as planned, but we cannot allow little Earth to dictate the timing. As important as you are to the whole, you are still a relatively small cog in a very big wheel.

We note that the pressures are rising for a complete financial appraisal, with a view to introducing a totally new system. We encourage such moves as the old one has proven to be inadequate, and not operating to the benefit of the people. Your banking system has been gradually eating away at your hard earned monies, and has had little regard if any for the hardships that result from their avarice. That power is being removed, but only a complete change will serve your real interests and establish a fair and honest system. You will be recompensed, as abundance will see the return of prosperity and a fair and equitable sharing of your wealth. You will gradually move into a new phase of life that will be a prelude to Ascension, and bring you nearer to the Oneness that you will enjoy. Dear Ones, we have no requirement for money as everything is shared, and each souls requirements are provided to ensure they have the best standard of life possible. When you have no such needs the quality of life is idyllic, and allows for ample time for the pursuance of personal interests. The labors of life as you now experience them will no longer exist, and you will not toil and work your knuckles to the bone to exist. It has only been the greed for power and wealth by the richest families in your world, that has limited your progress towards such a society on Earth.

You have been allowed freewill at all times in experiencing duality. You may therefore reflect on the fact, that you have innocently allowed yourselves to give it up to those who are the power behind virtually all decisions that effect your lives. This is the faction you know as the Illuminati, and they are no longer as powerful now due to the grand work of our allies. We have of course as always guided events along that have been beneficial to them, and that support is perfectly acceptable as the Light is allowed to confront the dark Ones. On Earth the battle is becoming more obvious, and is a reflection of a greater one that continues in the higher realms. The dark energies permeate the Universe, and are attracted to the lower vibrations wherever they exist. It is as though you signal your readiness to engage with them, and that is what has happened on Earth. For eons of time you have been under its influence, and in consequence Beings of low vibration have infiltrated your Earth. Now the vibrations have risen considerably, and your Earth is no longer a suitable place for them. As it continues to rise, so their influence is weakened and they lose their power over you. Eventually they will have no option but to leave the Earth, and that time rapidly approaches.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is no wonder that we have so much admiration for you. You have been in the thick of the battle between the Dark and Light for so long. Now your victory over them is nearing completion, and the Heavens are rejoicing. Let your Light beam out to everyone, even those who you recognize as dark Beings. Be generous in sharing your love with those wayward souls of darkness, they need you to help them on their way back to the Source, a journey that every soul takes.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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