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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 16, 2024

Mike Quinsey

George Hunt Williamson.

“One great cycle of time is now ending – shortly a new cycle will begin. Now you are entering “The Twilight of the Gods” when the final destruction of the old Age will take place, and Man and the Gods will be regenerated and reunited. Man will have revealed unto him a true vision of his eternal heritage – that earthly things may show him the nature of his Spirit.”

16th February 2024. Mike Quinsey.

Matters are moving along at a very fast rate and will continue to do so as time has speeded up. The dark Ones are seemingly in command and going ahead with their plan for world domination, but in reality are the precursors of their demise. They have walked into the trap laid down a long time age when their plans were revealed. Knowing what was planned enabled the Forces of Light to use that knowledge to their advantage and bring everything into plain sight. To be forewarned is to be ready to combat the assault upon the Human Race so it cannot be imprisoned any longer.

The truth has been manipulated to the advantage of the dark Ones who have kept it from the Human Race, so as to exert control over them. Be assured that their plan has been discovered, and so to say “turning it on its head” we are using it against them. Time will tell the truth and it will show the true intentions of the Illuminati. All over the world there is a feeling of despair but when it is realised people will be uplifted. Dear Ones would you really think that the Light would concede its place in your future to the dark Ones, certainly not and soon it will become quite evident.

Never judge a situation by its appearance and know that often much more is taking place than you are presently aware of. The workers for the Light move silently about their work laying down the necessary plan for the final removal of everything that is the work of the dark Ones. You will gradually see the changes for the better and things will clearly reveal what is really happening behind the scenes. The plan is in place for your release from their tentacles that have spread far and wide. Understand that matters are playing out future events that were put in place a long time ago to ensure that the Human Race was not imprisoned by those who oppose the Light.

Do not be deceived by the fear that is being created all around you, there is a happy ending to come when the old Age will no longer have any influence over you. There is so much happiness and joy to come when the vibrations are lifted, and all that is not of the Light left to follow its own path. Another cycle will once again give all souls the opportunity to rise up as none are destined to remain in the dark forever. Think positively and let those who refuse the Light follow their chosen path in accordance with the freewill given you. The Light will always be supreme and is always there for all souls regardless.

In the not too distant future open contact with your Guardians will take place, and then you shall see and experience a wonderful feeling of unity and love. It is what you are working for now and whatever you envisage will almost certainly materialise. Words are insufficient to describe what is coming so be assured that in reality all is well and a great future assured. The dark Ones will have created their own path and in no way will be able to interfere with Ascension. It all takes time to unfold but nothing will stop the final outcome as predicted. The material world is not really your natural home but merely a stop on the way to what some have described as Nirvana.

You were selected for a life upon Earth at this time because you had the experience to see your way through the challenges that would present themselves. You are such an important part of the Army of Light that has faced many attempts to distract you from your work, but you have been resilient and held your place regardless. You are the unsung heroes that over many lives have faced many attempts to unseat you. It is most reassuring that you can stay focussed upon your work and carry out your life plan regardless.

Of necessity you have little idea if any of your true selves and the many times you have served the Light. However, the time will arrive when you shall fully know of your past and also what the future holds for you. The powers that be are fully aware of your contribution to the plan for your release from the lower vibrations and you will benefit from them. You are a great soul who has plumbed the depths of darkness to help others rise up and it has been a difficult task. Success is a reward in itself but be assured that you shall be rewarded in appreciation for what you have achieved.

Have you wondered why so many different languages are spoken in your world as communication would clearly be much better if you all spoke the same one. It is the way evolution has been allowed to grow in all the different countries at its own pace. Hence you have so much variety, customs and beliefs and of course religions that have had a powerful influence. However, all of them would eventually come to a common understanding of the truth, and avoid the many troubles that have developed because of the differences between them.

With your coming “Rising up” you will find that all souls have much the same understanding of the true reality and are closer to it. God/Supreme Creator it matters not which one you use as all souls are One within the energy the Creator emits. You truly are the Sons and Daughters of God whose energy you abide within. The concept is so great it is beyond your conception and is overawing for the human brain, but all understand Universal Love. If you can live it you would be a marvel upon Earth that gives you the most testing times you are likely to encounter. Your goal should be to try your best to be a loving soul to all others regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle and we know it would be hard to maintain and in reality we do not expect it. Kindness and love for all levels of life would be a real challenge as you will see if you put it to the test. In your present life simply doing your best is the most we could ask of you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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