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SaLuSa, May 15, 2009

We appreciate what you are up against, and understand the pressure that you face day to day. It is difficult for you to apply yourselves to your spiritual wisdom, as other demands take you over and deflect your attention elsewhere. It is perhaps in your private moments that you are able to relax, and contemplate why you are here and what you desire to do with your life. We know that you face conflicts because of family commitments, and also have to act out your roles in whatever profession you are in. However, through thick or thin you will always maintain your level of spiritual understanding. It can be used to see you through whatever challenges you face, and should if possible be used to measure your actions. We notice that many of Man’s actions are spontaneous and often emotionally charged. It is this area of your life that now needs to be addressed if you are to bring peace and stability into being.

Whatever is happening in your life, your focus should be on reaching out to your Higher Self and creating a link that unites you both so that you become as One. In that way you will have all the guidance you need to see you through the testing period ahead. It will also serve to expand your consciousness as you head for Ascension. Whilst that is not everyone’s choice at this time, it will nevertheless help others see how developing a higher consciousness is beneficial. The more you progress the easier it becomes to hold on to your level of attainment.

Naturally you are at varying stages of evolution, and some of you do not feel at all attracted to the idea of Ascension. It comes down to how comfortable you feel in your present dimension, and those who do not feel at home search for the fulfilment of their desires without necessarily knowing what will satisfy them. Many of you sense that you come from the stars, and can be found wishfully staring into space on wonderful clear nights. Naturally such souls have already accepted that life abounds in the Universe. Life will no longer be a mystery once we can meet you openly, as part of our mission is to bring the truth out regarding your history and connection with us. Each of you willingly came to Earth to experience duality, and in spite of the darkness that is associated with it have remarkably found your Light.

The God of your Universe takes divine instructions from the Creator, and is your channel to and from the Source of All. God is Omnipotent and nothing exists within it that does not carry the Light of God. The magnificence and radiance of God is beyond reckoning, and yet even at your lower levels of vibration you can feel it. God is All Love to all life everywhere, and therefore has not the slightest measure of judgement where you are concerned. Any other claims to be God are false and such Beings not to be worshipped. Your history talks of such gods, but that is Man’s talk of those that have shown powers beyond his ability. Man has in the past been superstitious and easily led, and given his power away, and it has gone on ever since and others have taken full advantage of those situations. Now you have reached a turning point and promote changes that will restore your rights and your sovereignty.

Everywhere people’s eyes have been opened to the gradual enslavement of Man. Education and vast worldly communication systems have bridged the gap between the different countries. With it has come a better understanding of Man’s place on Earth and his right to freedom. Now the fight between the dark and Light has come out into the open, and a distinct division is occurring between the two groups. The power is with those of the Light and the truth of recent events is being uncovered. The dark no longer enjoy anonymity by hiding behind others, and those who comprise of the Illuminati are being revealed. Once identified, their activities are curtailed and their power weakened.

We of course watch you and give you encouragement, but not to the extent that it would endanger your life. You are the army of unknown soldiers who carry the truth instead of swords, and your armour is your Light. You are spreading the word as you go about your daily tasks, and people see in you the power and determination that comes from living your truth. You are the Lightworkers that carry the flag of freedom, and yours is not to conquer but free people from the dark forces. You are confident and certain of your success and sense victory is not far away. This is why we have such fondness and love for the people of Earth, and their potential to overcome all adversity.

Our arrival will quicken your endeavours to speed up the changes, and also clear your path so that your time can be fully given to your own preparations for Ascension. So much is happening beyond your Earth that is directed towards speeding matters up, and it is in the form of higher energies that are manifesting some of the changes. Mother Earth also benefits from them, although they cannot totally alleviate the need for physical changes. Your scientists are becoming more aware of the scale of what is happening, and realise that there are fundamental changes throughout your Universe. They are of course more concerned with what is happening on Earth.

Our Ascension is not unlike yours, but we do participate with full knowledge of what is happening. As it takes place so each dimension co-ordinates its actions with all other levels, and it flows in compete unison. Your dimension is the exception, but we assist you to avoid as much difficulty as possible. Our help will become evident when we can come together, and we are hoping that there is not too long to wait. That partly depends on your collective growth in consciousness, and how quickly you can establish the framework for world peace. First Contact is too important to rush and we must be sure of a friendly welcome, and genuine acceptance.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as a spokesman for the Galactic Federation I feel very privileged to address you. In time we will not need channels to speak with you, but appear on your television networks. We could do that now, but that would be an imposition without your approval. Remain fearless and know that we are nearer than ever to coming out openly to meet you. The meek are the peacemakers and will surely inherit the Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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