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SaLuSa, April 15, 2009

Dear Ones, we tend to focus on the spiritual aspects of your evolution, because they are so important to your upliftment and opportunity to ascend as this cycle ends. However, there is not a day that passes by when you are not confronted by some challenges, that are part of your progress to a better understanding of Self. You may eventually rise up with a physical body that has become crystalline, but meantime it is still a great responsibility to keep it in good health and fitness. It is a wonderful creation that you have proved can be capable of overcoming the most difficult challenges. Through many lifetimes on Earth, you have experienced near starvation, serious illness or injuries yet overcome them. For sporting reasons you have pushed your body to extreme limits to see how far you can go, and it seems that it is almost indestructible. Man’s inexhaustible quest for self-power and knowledge seems to be insatiable, but it is part of the learning process.

To some degree how you treat yourself is how you tend to treat others, and clearly self-respect needs to be learnt. All in all, the love of self is important but not to the extent that it is to the detriment or abuse of others. However, many a problem has arisen over the so-called “respect” demanded by those who are ego centred. In the eyes of those who have already ascended no soul is looked upon as superior to another, but recognition is given to those who have a highly developed consciousness. Neither therefore, are any souls looked down upon, as all are considered equal. On Earth you measure status by wealth, power, or title but none have any value away from it. You might ask how you assess yourself, and if you are on a spiritual path it is by the level of your spiritual consciousness and perhaps even more importantly, how you apply it in your everyday life.

Many people are mired in their problems which are often self perpetuated. They seem weighed down with an unproportionate amount of worries, and find little satisfaction or comfort in life. It may sound easy to say that you should try to let go of what does not serve you ay longer, but while you hold on to grievances, disappointments and lack in your life you perpetuate those very conditions. Some simple problems remain for want of knowing the answers, but others are carried around as you continue to believe you are a victim of all that constitutes bad luck. We have stated a number of times that you draw things to yourself, mainly by thoughts and actions. Whilst it is also true Karma plays a part, it is by no means responsible for all of the difficulties in life.

If you seem to spend more time chasing your tail try to slow down and make allowance for time to seek the cause of your problems, and see where you can adopt a different approach and release them. Personal problems are no doubt high on your list, and where these involve family or friends decide to change your mindset to one of allowance and forgiveness. It will serve you well to look for answers to your problems, as if you are one who at the same time aspires to ascend these will have first to be cleared. It follows that when you reach a certain level of attainment, you will have found the answers within and will know that you have overcome them. Ascension does not come without the upliftment of Self, and once you place yourself on that path you will draw upon more spiritual help.

We of the Galactic Federation continually send our love to you, and we simply see beautiful and brave souls bouncing about in the sea of consciousness, often adrift without any particular sense of direction. In your present period of experience that it is not at all surprising, as you are bombarded by so much negativity as the dark try to make a last stand. It is whilst in this mix of Light and dark you need to know where you wish to head for, rather than be tossed around without any direction in your life. Set your sights on Ascension and be determined to set a course that leads you to it. Focus on the positive around you, and let your beliefs became your way of lighting up the path ahead. When you can do this you become quickly uplifted as you are drawn towards the Light. Like attracts like and soon your life will settle into a more peaceful routine free from the worries of yesterday.

Mankind is so near to achieving remarkable success in the quest for positive changes. In most countries you are learning of unrest, and it is because of the awakening consciousness of the people. You no longer desire to be at the mercy of those who dictate how your lives are led. You have glimpsed the future and felt the joy of happiness and freedom, and know that it is yours to rightfully claim. To that end our allies and we are determined to help you bring that about as soon as possible. The stage is now set for the last act to be played out and it is going to plan, in spite of the interference from the dark. No matter how it looks to you at any time, be assured that events have now really taken off, and out of the gloom the Light is gaining in brilliance and permeating your Earth. Remember, Mother Earth is affected by what happens on her surface, and looks to you for help in making good centuries of damage and abuse. That will not fall on your shoulders alone because as we have repeatedly informed you, we are to be a team that tackles the problems together.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish more of you could share our understanding and knowledge about you and your planet. You have been on Earth for many cycles, and mostly during the Lemurian/Atlantean epoch. They have covered thousands upon thousands of years; giving you both high and low points but each have had times of high spiritual advancement. The experiences remain in your subconsciousness even today, and are responsible for many of your attitudes and response to challenges in your life. Spiritual advancement is always ongoing, and indeed what else may you expect to take from your experiences. In the near future you will be able to visit the past, and see “first hand” exactly what it was like to live in those ancient times.

We and other sources of information have been with you for quite a long period. It is extremely pleasing for us to find how so many of you have sought out our messages, that carry our energy signature of Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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