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Mike Quinsey - My Farewell Message - June 14, 2024

Dear friends,

It is with a sad heart that we have to announce Mike Quinsey's retirement as a channeler today. After the little discussion that arose after his channeling last week, he wrote us that he feels the same and that the tone of his channelings seems to have changed lately. As he's already approaching his 90's, he feels that the time has come to call it quits.

Although we respect this decision of course, we also deeply regret it. Mike Quinsey has been with us for so long and his wonderful messages (in the beginning three times a week, later once a week) have been a beacon of light for so many. And in our personal communications with him he was always such a gentleman. We will miss him very much.

Of course he isn't leaving without saying goodbye to us all, so you will find his Goodbye Message below. We asked him if he would be open to receiving messages from his readers, to thank him or just to stay in touch, and he said that he would like this very much.

This can be done through sending him an e-mail @ michaelpquinsey@gmail.com or a personal letter to his home address in England. You will find the specifics in his message that we will place underneath his Farewell Message.

Also, in collaboration with our friend Steve Beckow who always published Mike's channelings on his wonderful site "Golden Age of Gaia", we decided to open a YouTube channel for him. If you would like to upload a personal video for Mike Quinsey there, please feel free to do so. We think it would be very nice for Mike to receive messages from his readers from all over the world. I (Kees) already uploaded the first one myself :)

The channel is this: https://www.youtube.com/@ThankYouMike

The logins are:

Name / Email Address: info@spiritmail.nl
Password: LoveAndLight-24

Leaves us nothing more than to just say a huge word of THANKS to Mike for all the wonderful lightwork that he did. Personally, I always enjoyed those comforting, loving messages a lot and I'm sure that goes for many.

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, dear Mike. We will miss you, but we will certainly never forget you.

In Love and Light,
Kees, Margit, Luisa, Rob and all our beautiful translators who came and went over the years to spread Mike's channelings to all corners of the world through GalacticChannelings.com

Mike Quinsey

Mike Quinsey:

My Farewell Message.

With the general turmoil in the world and threat of world war, the tone of the messages has changed and I have thought for some time that it was the appropriate time to cease sending them out. The end times are so near that I believe events are now somewhat predictable and Ascension can be taken for granted, as it will be a cosmic event over which we have no control. My messages have already given the most likely time for it as 2029/2030 also suggested by others.

Future events are to some extent predictable although the outcome of a World War could be disastrous, if nuclear weapons are used as threatened by Russia with China not far behind them. However, I confirm that our E.T. friends are closely monitoring the situation and will not allow then to be used also having the power to neutralise them, and if necessary include all forms of weaponry. So the position is somewhat delicate and lives will continue to be lost unless the means can be found to bring about a peaceful conclusion.

I have been connected with spiritual group’s, running my own one, writing articles and giving talks for some 50 years and will be reaching the grand old age of 90 years the 27th of November. Perhaps it is with retirement in mind events have turned out very conveniently in my personal interests.

I have made many good friends on my travels and have nothing but praise for my “Team” of Kees, Rob and Luisa for their superb support and friendship. Their loyalty to the cause has been wonderful and I have never been let down – well done all of you and many blessings and thanks. I also include Galactic Channellings who spread my channellings far and wide. I feel sure our combined efforts have helped so many people find a path to the truth.

Old acquaintances will not be forgotten and I know we will eventually meet again when we all return to the higher realms. What a great time it will be meeting family and old friends that I look forward to in due course, and what stories we will have to tell.

I hope to be around for a while yet so feel free to contact me if you wish.

I wish you all every success in your spiritual journey.

May God be with you.

Mike Quinsey.

Here's Mike's message on how he can be reached:

"I am quite happy for you to give out my Email address: michaelpquinsey@gmail.com
Obviously if I get some interesting news I am not against sending it out.
If people want write to me I have no objection to them doing so: my address is: 17 Holmwood Road, Sanderstead, Kent TN23 5DJ.
Yes, I want to stay in touch with people.
Regards Mike Quinsey."

Finally, we would like to ask your attention for the wonderful retro that Steve Beckow wrote on Mike Quinsey's retirement as a channeler. You can find it here. Thanks, our dear friend!

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