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SaLuSa, May 14, 2012

There is evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal, and you need to be on your guard. They will try every possible ruse and disinformation to make a last attempt to create doubt and fear. Be aware and ignore anything that feels other than the Light, and focus on all that is pure and harmonious. There is nothing to fear any longer, as your future is absolutely assured and nothing is going to prevent Disclosure and the arrival of our Space Friends. The opportunity to ascend is the natural conclusion of this cycle, and although you have missed out on earlier occasions, this time if you are ready you are absolutely certain to ascend. Mere mortals cannot stop what has been divinely decreed, and bear in mind it applies to the whole Universe.

There are many people of good heart and compassion who are unaware of what is coming, but that will not preclude their opportunity to ascend. It is the many human traits that are accepted in society that holds one back. However, providing your life is one that is full of good intent, and that you value and respect all forms of life you are still of the Light. God desires that as many souls as possible rise up and leave the lower dimension, and are rightly restored to their place in the higher ones. Yet you are the one who makes the decision as to your future, and you are totally free to decide what you do. Anyone who is in doubt can trust their intuition/Higher Self, as you may not necessarily have finished with your experiences in duality. It comes down to what you feel comfortable with, but please do not fear change as it is happening quite naturally all of the time. The impulse is to drive onwards ever consuming more Light, that is in any event going to raise your level of consciousness and awareness.

So many people have low opinions of themselves that are keeping them in the lower vibrations. For whatever reason that occurs, find a way to love yourself and forgive yourself for having gone astray. All souls have elected to experience duality to speed up their evolution, and all at some time will have dropped into the dark recesses of the mind. You will as you see it have made mistakes, but it is human to err and you must move on and benefit from them. If there are additional lessons to be learnt, then you will pick them up at some future stage or in another life. Concentrate on the Light within because even the most hard hearted persons still have it, and it can be developed. Shake off those undesirable attachments that you have carried around with you, and once you vow to do so you will be helped by your Guides.

Much of what we give you is unfortunately associated with religion, and we know some people totally reject it. It must be said that spiritual knowledge has nothing to do with organized religion, as it is Universal knowledge that applies to every soul whether they are aware of it or not. Religion has helped many souls but it reaches a point where it cannot advance any further, as it is largely based upon false concepts. To move beyond it one has to assume responsibility for their evolution and work from within. Each of you has the truth within even if it is held subconsciously, and when you find those quiet moments in life you will be able to find it. Trust in your own guidance and you will not go far wrong.

The Earth is a wonderful entity of Light who has become your planetary Mother to help you evolve. You are One with her which is why you are to ascend together and take your place in the higher dimensions. It will move you nearer to your true reality, but in essence your are Light and will eventually reach levels where all souls become as One. It is the Oneness that you are striving for, as you have found that separation from the Source is not fulfilling your needs.

So Dear Ones you near the time of dramatic and welcome change, as at last your civilization has progressed sufficiently to ascend. The battle between the dark and Light for control is taking place in front of your eyes, yet very little about it has appeared in your media. That will change before long and you will appreciate how much we have been doing on your behalf. Our reunion is not very far away, and it shall be a joyful occasion that shall be suitably celebrated. We are your family and we shall join hands and move into the Golden Age, where we will do so much together to ensure you are made at home. Life will be so different that you will soon forget the trials and tribulations of evolving in duality.

As you are aware, you are to experience a new way of living before you ascend. It will prepare you for even greater changes, that will settle you into a way of life that will see you happy and satisfied. Everyone will be content and able to enjoy a freedom not experienced on Earth at present. Your time will be largely yours to follow whatever pursuits give you happiness. You will not have to cope with tiredness that often afflicts you now, as the higher vibrations will keep you energetic and also healthy. Illness and disease will also disappear for the same reason.

Try not to mourn the passing of much you have got used to as in every respect you gain, and life will become so much more fulfilling. We could jokingly ask if you have ever seen an unhappy Space Being, because we epitomize all that you are to be. Our technologies are to be used to raise you up, and will restore each one of you to a totally healthy Being. We use sound for healing, and you have not always understood how powerful it is, and without realizing it have damaged your bodies through misuse. It can be a two edged sword, but we can also use it for other purposes that are all positive.

As we have mentioned we are very active now, stepping in where further danger threatens your existence. It will not be long before your cabal realize that they cannot go on any longer, as their plans are now in total disarray. They also face up to the inevitable end of the cycle, and their own responsibilities for so much criminal action against Humanity. There is no escape as you will see in due course.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ever happy to greet you with my messages. We wish to inspire you with hope and joy as you enter the last days.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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