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SaLuSa, January 14, 2011

We can talk now of the months to come that are set to raise your levels of consciousness, as so much energy is being beamed to Earth. This is wonderful as it means that even more Light than previously will be grounded, and bring nearer the time when it will empower you to bring the sought after changes into being. It is your collective consciousness as much as anything else that is the key to success. It also means that the Light will be so well established upon Earth, that no amount of dark activities will stop its progress. As we have told you before, there will be many distractions and genuine concern where you are the focus of their attention. However, it is part of their final fling to destroy what has already been put into place. Simply allow it to take its own course knowing that it will only have a minimal affect on your future. The collapse would come anyway, as what has proved unsuitable for you as you head for Ascension, cannot remain.

No matter what Mother Earth or you suffer, there are plans to restore everything to a pristine condition. The old ways were entrenched in duality and only possible because of the extremes that it allowed. Your future is bound in balance and harmony through the restoration of your sovereignty. It comes with the establishment of a society based on justice, honesty and loyalty to those of the Light, some of who are yet to take the stage in your lives and lead you onwards. They have always been with you seeking the opportunity to step forward, and that day comes nearer as the pressure mounts for the truth to come out. The Divine Plan is perfect and it shall deliver the many promises that have been made. Trust your inner feelings, as you knew that this period of time would move you into the Light. The truth is to be made known about every aspect of your evolution, and particularly regarding the more recent period that has played a part in all of your lives. Such revelations will bring you all much closer together, and the differences that the dark Ones have created and played upon will disappear. It will most importantly explain our own role both in the past and for the future.

Your worries and concerns are understandable but again we stress that everything will turn out not just satisfactorily, but in the most wonderful way. It will all happen in a relatively short time, and the final period before Ascension will be a beautiful uplifting experience. You will soon throw off the yoke of duality that has caused stress and lack in your lives. We can state quite emphatically that you have nothing to worry about, as powerful Beings of Light stand over you and will ensure that you receive all that has been denied you in the past. The illusion is being broken and once you understand the truth it cannot hold you any longer. What you consider real is the unreality created by you, and those who have seized your power. The Light has always remained with you, but clouded by the veils you have drawn over you. You have dwelt in them until you believed that they were all that there was, but the Light has crept in and allowed you to glimpse a much greater opportunity to lift yourselves up. In fact the Light cannot ever be extinguished, and it will always overcome the lower vibrations.

What is happening is not intentionally meant to move you out of your comfort zone, but greater times are ahead that will more than compensate you for accepting the changes. Accept the inevitable, and view it as the hand of God, stretching out to lift you up and out of the darkness that you have lived in for far too long. As an experience it is irreplaceable for it is the pathway to a greater understanding of duality, and a wonderful way to spiritually evolve into the higher dimensions. You always knew what you were letting yourselves in for, and the promise of a happy ending has kept you going. What can be written down as thousands of years of experience, is but the blink of an eyelid where your Higher Self is concerned. Indeed in time only what you have learnt from those experiences will remain.

Meanwhile each day on Earth seems a separate experience, although it is all ongoing and continuous and the threads run through many lives. It is the hard road of experience that often places you in the same situation time and time again. Yet progress is gained in a manner that is difficult to achieve when you are without challenges in your life. Take heart from the amazing opportunity you are now finishing, having achieved such a great step forward that you are ready to ascend. View life in this way and you will see it has been a great success, and as a unique soul has in fact been orderly and planned for you. What you are taking forward with you is a mountain of experience that will help others some time in the future.

There is so much happening just now, but unless you are in our position to see the broader picture it will not make too much sense. Random events fit together to tell us that you are responding to the input of Light, and assured of great results very soon. We cannot be clearer about the timing as we have to make our decisions quite quickly, and be able to change our approach at short notice if necessary. The dark Ones are now fragmented and no longer follow a recognized pattern of activities. They have become opportunists and we have to monitor them much more closely.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and assure you all that we are in control, but even so cannot stop events that are allowed according to the freewill accorded to you. However, we have responsibilities for you and Mother Earth, and we will not let matters get out of hand. We urge our allies to push on because the opportunity to obtain results has never been better. We wish those in positions of political power would accept their true responsibilities, and now serve the people as intended. Anyone stepping forward in the Light will receive our protection, and unless there are karmic reasons for it being otherwise will be able to carry out their work to completion.

The way you can help your fellow travelers is to keep calm and spread your Light as far as possible. Assure people that everything is planned to ensure a happy future, and no matter what happens now will not be long lasting. Indeed, we say once again that when we can speak with you all, we will tell of the plan that will safely carry you forward to the end of the cycle.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Mike,
Thank you for SaLuSa's message today! A recent happening here in E Tennessee shows me how on a local level that the Lightness you speak of is happening even in small things compared to world events. A local shooting range intended to have a shooting event that benefited Second Harvest Food Bank. The event was to allow people to shoot at leftover bobble-heads of Lane Kiffen, a coach who quit UT. The proceeds to go to the charity.
With the shooting in Arizona, and the one at the Knoxville UU Church, many raised their voices in protest of this event and Second Harvest backed out of being the donee of this event. The event may still take place, I'm not sure, but it is now no longer attached to a charitable cause and local people are raising the amount of money the event would have raised so the charity can go on with it's work.
More and more people are realizing that we are all connected and responsible for what we say, do and even think. There are many here locally that think one event has nothing to do with another but ripples happen and everything is linked.
Right now I am not popular in my family over this issue but I believe some in my family are beginning to see what is happening and taking note, changing their minds or at least listening to the other side of things. Blessings and keep sending the Light message out there,
Cathy" (01-14-'11)

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