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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 13, 2021

Mike Quinsey

As you adapt to the changes that are being made it has become obvious that some are here to stay. It is acceptable as you have much lost time to make up because you have been deliberately held back by the actions of the dark Ones. However, you have broken loose from their control and are making up for lost time. The changes are making the way you do things somewhat different, and for many who have got used to the “old ways” they do not come easily. But as with any changes you do eventually get used to them and can benefit from them. However on a worldwide basis many countries are so backward or live in poverty it is almost impossible to make up for lost time. Yet if the quality of life is to improve the beneficial changes must come in and quickly before you are overtaken by the climate changes that are already causing havoc.

These are difficult times but you will eventually get through providing adequate action is taken now, and you will be very pleased at what the future holds for you. It was inevitable that you had to make good a situation brought upon you by the way your progress was delayed, preventing you from gaining advantage of new ways that would have saved you time and money. Instead you were held in a time lock. However that period has finished and as soon as practical and knowing that the dark Ones can no longer impede or prevent your progress, you will get help to evolve at a much faster pace. It is all waiting for you so do not feel downtrodden or forgotten, you will get everything that was due to you and more, and the plan is Going to succeed and although the dark Ones were confident of their success they were fooled into a trap from which there was no way out. Take heart from our news and know that we shall continue to guide and follow your progress to ensure it goes smoothly.

So it is even more important than ever that you keep on the path of Light knowing that all is well in spite of what is happening around you. You may say that you have been through the wringer and that would be true, but you are all the stronger for it so be assured that every experience has its benefits. It will not be too long before the playacting ceases and then you will be seen in your true colours. What you have experienced is but a small blip on your life path yet it is one of the most important so far. Most of you have had hundreds of lifetimes gaining experience but you have not necessarily had to call upon it to get through this one. You were however well equipped before you incarnate so as to be able to handle your life plan.

You have learned so much about other ways of life simply because the different Races brought with them their own laws and beliefs that have expanded your own understanding. You too have had lives in all of them and it has added a rich vein of knowledge and understanding to your own. It is for this reason that you may feel strongly attracted to the ways and beliefs that others have. In fact, such influences often show themselves in fashion and food preferences. That should make you feel better about yourself and possibly explain your attraction to the people in other countries.

So what is happening now is an adjustment to the changes that are here to stay. Some are beneficial and others for the convenience of those who have businesses that cater for your needs. It will clearly take some time for them to come back to anywhere near normal, but when they do things should run more smoothly. A shortage of labour is affecting some countries and again it is going to take some time before the difficulties are overcome. The shake-up has been much more damaging than you may think but in the long run it will be seen as necessary changes. All that is happening will in the long run be seen as necessary and useful to enable things to settle down.

Be assured that in the long run life will become more acceptable and more time given for leisure pursuits. Without the sudden need to make immediate changes it would have taken much longer to reach the same level. Because your activities are overseen by us we can help to ensure you move in the right direction. Without it chaos would reign and it would have been difficult to find your way out of trouble, after all we are looking at a worldwide problem. We can see the wider picture and are able to visualise what is needed to ensure your time and efforts are not wasted. Our influence is always to keep you on the right path without interfering with your freewill.

Your weather is giving cause for concern but be assured that the outcome will be more settled and acceptable. Mother Earth is wiser than you may think and quite able to manage the changes required to give you a more moderate weather pattern without the extremes you are experiencing now. It will take time and inconvenience many but it has to be carried out. In the end you will be pleased and well satisfied. It all takes time to come out of the dark period and leave behind that which has no place in your future. There is so much being done to resettle you into a more acceptable life pattern and it will come in due course.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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