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SaLuSa, March 13, 2009

Dear Ones you are edging along as the coming changes become more apparent, and this year will see the outworking of a number of them. The financial situation will settle into a new system but it will be in stages, and proof of the inadequacy of the old one will become quite clear. As has often been said, you cannot go back to the earlier systems with all of their flaws and lack of unaccountability. In many sectors of industry there will have to be much more openess and honesty than previously experienced. There will also have to be adequate regulations in place to ensure fair-trading, and control over grossly unnecessary profits. All these coming changes are in the pipeline, but just cannot be applied without sensible and correct timing.

Meantime you will have to prepare yourselves for some uncomfortable periods of adjustment and inconvenience, that are unavoidable in the circumstances. Therefore, keep your focus on the reasons that changes are occurring, and know that it will all work out to your best advantage. They will ensure that your sovereignty is restored to levels you have not experienced. If you reflect on what has happened in the past, you may be astonished that you allowed others to take over your governments and the key institutions. However, the dark have long worked at their plan for control, without you hardly noticing the gradual loss of your power and freedom that has gone on for several centuries. Now your understanding is growing, as more details are being brought to the surface that shows where and how your trust has been misused. The dark forces are being revealed for what they are, and cannot now take back their power. People power remains the most potent weapon against the dark, and you are beginning to come together in a concerted effort to have them removed.

The fact is that all of your experiences are invaluable as far as your evolution is concerned. Nothing is ever lost, but nevertheless you do not have to carry forward the precise circumstances of them. Each of you has had lives where you have dropped into the lower energies. There are times that you would rather put down to experience and will erase the actual memory of them. There is no judgement of times where you have gone astray, and that is reserved for your consideration. Thus allowing such experiences to benefit you, so that you can lift yourselves up and put those periods behind you. Duality has been all about the battle between the Light and dark, and therefore you will have touched both sides many times.

Some Dear Ones still struggle to rise up from the lower vibrations, and rather than condemnation they need help to see beyond what they are experiencing. Sometimes they look outside of themselves for guidance, but they cannot always find the right solution to move out of the mindset they are in. They are held in old beliefs that were deliberately put out to achieve that very purpose. Be sympathetic and compassionate, remembering that you too have passed through a similar period. Nothing can take away the God spark that resides within each soul, and that Light can be rekindled. The awakening of their awareness may be slow but once it opens up their mind to new concepts, a true understanding of the purpose of life will emerge.

Certainly in these present times, much emphasis is put on making information available to any seeking soul. There is so much available, but not all is accurate and it does require care to select your reading very carefully. Intuition is still your best guide, and true information will resonate with you. However, an open mind is essential as you may find yourself at odds with it. Remember that your consciousness is the total product of many, many lives and it cannot just change overnight. If you follow your intuitive feelings, you will find that you will be led to those people, books and literature that will set you on the right tracks. Those of you reading these messages are seeking the higher truth, and we view these as vital in the preparation for First Contact. It is an event that will take place regardless of any other happenings, and is a very important step in your progress towards reunion with your Space family.

2012 will remain a key date in the process of Ascension, and highlights a point that will see a great upliftment. Evolution does not of course simply stop as a result, as everything is in a continual flow, but it is the beginning of another stage of your journey into the higher realms. These are you true homes and befitting of the Cosmic Being that you are becoming. Life and everything associated with it will be completely at One with you, and provide you with all of your needs without the necessity to labor for them. Your powers of creation will by then have developed exponentially, and you will exercise your right to use them as you desire. By then, you will also have the level of understanding and responsibility that will ensure that they are not misused.

In reality, what are a few more years even if they are uncomfortable to go through, when compared with the prize that awaits you. Time is in any event continuing to speed up ever faster, and you will look back and acknowledge how quickly those years will have passed. Live now as you would see your future self, and let your love and Light fill the space around you without any restrictions. Each soul it touches will be uplifted, not that they would know from where it came. In so doing you will be helping immensely in increasing the Light upon Earth. Mother Earth also deserves your kind thoughts, and particularly your gratitude for her part in carrying you through this evolutionary period.

Unless you allow it nothing can really hurt you any longer, so face every problem with the strength of your knowing that all is progressing as planned. This interim period is for everyone’s benefit, and even those who are still oblivious to what is happening that affects each of their futures. You cannot be present as such a time without the surrounding events making a difference to your thinking. Even if you are not participating, you will still be an observer and those experiences will carry with you. It is hoped that what will register is the way in which the Light has worked its wonders, and overcome the dark forces ranged against it. We are never far away from you, and will ensure your final glorious victory. My friends, bear with us for a while as matters sort themselves out, and we will blanket you in our love to ease your concerns.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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