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SaLuSa, August 12, 2009

How are you are spending your time as it quickly passes by at an ever increasing speed. It is wise to keep your sights on the end times, and in whatever way you visualise the outcome. One thing is for sure, that the old ways are due to end having served their purpose, and shown you the future that lies ahead for those who are ready. As this year runs out so the manner in which the changes will occur should be much more apparent. It is the final attempt of the dark forces to hold onto their power, which will in any event be unsuccessful. So you have little if anything to fear, as your lives are in the hands of the higher forces of Light.

There will always be some confusion even amongst Lightworkers, as they try to interpret events and apply their own understanding to them. Your problem is that whilst time is passing quickly, progress as far as the changes are concerned is rather slow. Also, you are not necessarily aware of worldly events as they happen; so do not have the full picture. However, we can monitor the whole world and there is nothing of major importance that passes us by unnoticed. Even where meetings are held in secret, we are there noting what is taking place. It does not mean that we can interfere, but we can use any information that helps our allies. Sometimes we have to appear to our allies, but normally we can impress our thoughts upon them through telepathy. It is something you will gradually find becomes commonplace, and it is just one of the many abilities you will acquire over the next few years.

The more you raise your consciousness levels, the more you will find long lost psychic abilities returning. It is all part of your upliftment to levels of higher consciousness that will see you return to Mastership. When you allow for such developments they will return much quicker, as to deny yourself such abilities has the affect of stopping them manifest. Believe in your latent powers that are yours to claim, and part of your higher consciousness. You are without doubt great Beings on the verge of wonderful achievements, and can put them into practise now. Your visualisation of a peaceful and happy world will hasten that condition into being. Your Light is a potent power that will continue increasing, and eventually takes you into the highest realms beyond the physical manifestation.

Dear Ones, you have no doubt read many messages from the Masters, and have marvelled at their great knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Yet in time you too will be able to tap into the Universal pool of All That Is. The Masters St. Germain, Kuthmi and Hilarion are but a few of the names you recognise, of great Beings of Light that are closely linked to you. Their time is solely devoted to the love of Humankind and their upliftment into the higher dimensions. They have been with you since days immemorial, and you will find them in ancient times although their names may not be the same. They come to Earth periodically as teachers, and your greatest and best known example is the one called Jesus Christ. Some were revered as Gods and worshipped, but unfortunately some priests distorted their teachings to exert control over people. That has not really changed over eons of time, yet the truth is now more evident than any previous period. As individuals you have taken it upon yourselves to seek your own answers, and following your intuition have established a basis for identifying the truth when you come across it. Naturally you will continue to expand your understanding as you rise up into the Light.

Know that it is quite in order to follow a respected teacher, as you take knowledge and wisdom from whatever sources that feel right to you. A teacher of Love and Light will not demand your allegiance by placing you under any threat, and if they do they are not truly followers of the truth. Your freedom of choice is highly respected by us and members of the Galactic Federation, and indeed by any Being that has progressed to the higher levels. You do nevertheless have to be on your guard, as some Beings that appear to be of the Light are not what they seem. If in doubt, always challenge them to reveal if they are of the Light, and if not command them to leave. By Universal Law they must comply with your request. Not many of you will have such confrontations, but it is as well to be aware of what you must do to protect yourself.

Our objective in telling such things is to make you aware of what you may experience. The Light is always more powerful than the dark energies, and dark entities are unable to withstand it. This is why if you are doing psychic work, it is necessary to protect yourself. As some workers in the lower realms have discovered, the Light actually attracts Beings that are held at those levels. Before you ever have such experiences, you will be versed in the correct way of conducting yourselves. Some of you know about these matters and serve as Rescue Teams, that work to save those souls that have become mired in the lower energies. Only special ones do such work, and even so they are protected by the presence of Higher Beings.

Usually your lives are spent quite normally without problems, however, it is as well to know about them and what the dark energies and lower Beings can cause. Drugs and the excessive intake of alcohol are responsible for many bad experiences, and caused by the effect of being unable to stay within your physical body. Illness and severe cases of exhaustion can also have a similar effect, as can excessive pain. Some real experiences are put down to hallucinations, and that can of course apply in some instances. The moral here is to avoid putting yourself into such a position, and lead a healthy life without excesses. Your physical body is your temple and should be treated as a holy place of residence for your soul. It is your “home” for the duration of your life, and will serve you better if you look after it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will say that we have long overcome your frailties. We live hundreds of years without the disease or the mental problems that sometimes beset Man. It is our higher vibrations that take us to such levels, and you too are moving in that direction. Nothing that is attributable to the lower vibrations, can exist in the Light of the higher realms. The energy of love is the balm that heals all and brings about perfection.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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