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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - April 12, 2024

Mike Quinsey

Dear friends, considering information from at least two sources, it seems that there is a likelihood of a major development by the end of the next two years. It is considered by our ET friends who are presently in our Solar System, that the time will be right for them to make an open first official contact. Following that it is likely that in 2029/2030 there will be the expected Flash from our Sun that in an instant will complete the present Solar Cycle that finished in 2012. Those souls who are of the higher vibrations and already prepared for it, will find themselves immediately in a new higher dimension. It is not clear yet exactly how the result will affect those souls of the lower vibrations.

12th April 2024. Mike Quinsey.

Matters around the world are progressively getting worse but before they can engulf the whole world, higher forces than those on Earth will intervene and disable all weapons of war never again to be used to destroy maim and kill. Mother Earth is already cleansing the lands and seas, and has warned mankind of the inevitable problems resulting from such actions. We again suggest you move inland away from the coastal areas because as you are already experiencing, there will be flooding from time to time not forgetting the changes in the land itself.

You are becoming more aware of the rapidity of the changes that are occurring much quicker than anticipated, and you are well advised to take action in readiness to deal with them. You already have your hands full and delay will make matters much harder to control. Do not delay taking action any longer to circumvent the problems you have already identified, as the longer you take they will prove more difficult to deal with. If we give the impression there is urgency to deal with upcoming changes then we have achieved our aims. You do not have the time to sit on the threats you face and should be taking immediate steps to prepare for them. For our part we stand by your side trying our best to get you to understand that action is needed now, otherwise you will be overwhelmed.

We do not wish to cause panic but preparations for what is coming will reduce the effect and time you spend handling it. As you no doubt understand in the long run the changes are going to be beneficial, clearing away that which no longer serves your purpose, and preparing the Earth for its Ascension. Knowing what is coming should enable you to carry out your work with care, as much help is needed to do so because of the many changes needed. Be assured that we are ready to help you once you have made the decision to act.

As we have told you on several occasions our role is to oversee your actions and give help as and when it is appropriate. We commend you for your fortitude and determination to succeed regardless of the obstacles placed upon your path. Working together we assure you that your efforts will be rewarded and your journey made as smooth as possible. We have knowledge well beyond your present understanding and it will be used as and when applicable. Together we are a force to be reckoned with that will not yield to the tactics used by the dark Ones.

Many other civilisations are watching events upon Earth but from afar so as to not interfere with your activities. After Ascension many will be eager to meet you and show their admiration for your determination to achieve your goals. They are similar to humans in appearance but more advanced in matters of space travel. They have much to offer you so that you advance much quicker than you would otherwise have done. The higher vibrations are full of joy and happiness, and negativity of any kind is unheard of and cannot exist in those higher levels.

Many of you have waited eons of time for the opportunity to return to what you call your real home, having volunteered your services to work in the lower dimensions to help others rise above its limitations. You have your real family eagerly awaiting your return and great celebrations will be in order. Can you imagine what adventures you have had and also the most joyful experiences and will soon forget the less memorable times. You have travelled the world and experienced life in most civilisations, having been man and woman and carried out a multitude of tasks that have tested your resolve to be a success which you have.

Realise that the souls around you are carrying out their agreed life plan just as you are so never judge another soul because you do not know it. Sometimes they lead simple lives with no outstanding experiences yet others could be action packed, you just cannot know so be careful when you judge another soul. You will meet many older contacts that you made and no doubt will have plenty to talk of. Can you imagine being given a free hand to decide what you do next and being able to travel outside of Earth and in the Universe, and do so by your power of thought.

However, meeting your Earth family again and the many good friends you have made will call for a celebration for sure. They will in fact be waiting for your long awaited return although you will have met at times out of the body when sleeping. It would be true to say that that you are leading double life. It gives you the opportunity to help plan your future actions that are arranged to help ensure they happen.

If not already aware you will no doubt be surprised that so much of your life is so highly organised, and it is to be expected as each one offers a chance to progress spiritually. Things are organised very carefully so that opportunities to evolve are taken, as after all that is the point of taking lives upon Earth. It offers so many opportunities to help carry out your life plan and serve in whatever capacity you are capable of doing. Some souls take on much work to not just enhance their progress but to help others with theirs. Perhaps you now understand what a busy soul you can be at times, but it does depend on your life plan. You are never called upon to do more than you are capable of, as the speed or otherwise of your progress is really up to you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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