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SaLuSa, September 11, 2009

We look to you our dear friends upon Earth to promote the idea of our existence, and where it is accepted to gently prepare people for our arrival. That time is not too far away, but the more there is an awareness of what is planned for you, the easier it will become to present ourselves to you. Because of the revelations that are yet to come out regarding our craft and earlier contact with you, an atmosphere of acceptance will prevail. With your leaders blessings and welcome for us, we see a quick relationship being formed that will enable the tasks in hand to proceed quite quickly. In no time we expect to have the full backing of almost everyone, as it will be seen that we come to speed up your journey on to Ascension. We bring the solutions to your ongoing ecological problems and they will be overcome at an accelerated pace, simply because we are far more technologically empowered than you are. Time is of the essence but do not be alarmed, as all matters appertaining to your needs are safely in our hands.

For a long time we have been allowed to lessen the effects of covert operations, that have been directed at you with total disregard to your lives. There is truth in the claims that the dark Ones have always planned to drastically reduce the population numbers, but they have been severely set back through our actions. Clearly we cannot run your lives for you, but as a civilisation that is awakening we were given the responsibility to ensure it was not held up. The dark Ones may appear to have a free hand to do as they like, and within certain parameters that is true, but equally those of Light are entitled to protection. The line is drawn where the Law of Attraction is concerned, as interference with that would deny you your freewill choice.

The problem on Earth has been that because the Illuminati have set up a powerful system of control, you have not had any choice in the matter. Through fair means or foul they have repeatedly manipulated voting all over the world, and disposed of people that have stood in their way. They are not to be underrated but at the same time we know their plan, and can direct matters to lessen their impact. They are fearful Beings that live off your fear, but the tables are turning and it is they who are in fear of the consequences of their deeds. No one is so big or clever that they can avoid justice, and of necessity some culprits will be tried under your laws so that the truth can come out. Ultimately every soul stands before the Light, and only the truth can remain within it.

On Earth what you call justice is often very draconian, but as you find love within your hearts and recognise the Light that is carried by every soul, you will become more compassionate and caring. It is the Light that that is clearing the dark shadows that lower your vibrations, and as you anchor more Light upon Earth you are helping to clear them away. The more you move into the Light the less affect the lower vibrations can have upon you. You will feel safe and secure and enjoy happy and peaceful experiences. Obviously there are dangers around you, but your path will not lead to them unless there is a karmic reason. The Light is your protection and it will serve you well, if you use a visualisation exercise to keep it securely in place around your body.

Everything is about the energy of Light as nothing would exist without it. As you evolve it grows exponentially, as you will find when you pass through Ascension into the higher dimensions. You can take a step backwards or sideways, but eventually you will move forward as nothing can become permanently static. You will in fact always have the urge to seek the higher dimensions, as there is an innate desire that carries you ever onwards to the Source of All That Is. What you are experiencing now is a low point that has placed you in duality. You knew what to expect, and when you have finished with this experience you will rise up to be a far greater soul than when you started out. It will be your choice as to where you go from there, and there is no reason to return to the lower dimensions unless you desire to serve others that remain within it. Service to others is a natural path to follow, and you will find that those who have gone before you are always ready to lift others up.

Love and Light permeates the Earth as many sources outside of your solar system beam higher energies to you, and they do so as part of the Creator’s plan for Man. There is interest in your evolution because it is important to the future of your Universe, which is why there is so much attention given to you. The Plan for your Ascension cannot fail, but it is the focus for many civilisations that have connections with you. These are already in the forefront of plans to bring about First Contact, and it is a reunion that will bring joy to you all. Each of you has connections with other civilisations, as after all you are as much Space Beings as those who wait to make contact with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and of the Galactic Federation that is just one organisation of many that are involved in the whole process of Ascension.

All that is coming to you is for your upliftment and joy, returning you to levels that are more in harmony with your aspirations to move into the higher dimensions. When we are able to openly speak with you many aspects of the changes will be fully explained. Our combined efforts will bring many people the opportunity to use their skills in conjunction with advanced technologies. It will become a great period of bonding between us all, and with trust and confidence in the future there will be rapid progress. We have a timetable to guide us and have absolutely no doubt that all will be completed as intended.

There are spiritual considerations that must bring the truth out about your past, as the future period cannot give credence to false teachings that must be eliminated. We have no wish to deny you your beliefs, but without the truth it will prove to be a stumbling block to your progress. There is but the One Truth, and that will bring people together and eliminate those differences that cause so much dissension and conflict at present.

Know that all continues to progress well, and we can now talk more openly of the changes that are manifesting. Much work is always going on where our allies are concerned, and they are ready to move into action. Go about your work with a full heart and as always share your love with others.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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